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  1. I am looking for Low grade TOS #39 and a ASM #1 Low grade slabbed or raw. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hey everyone! if this is in the wrong place then please feel free to point me to the right direction as to where to post. I have a coverless JLA #1 and i have seen where people have gotten them graded even coverless. My question is is it worth it? Will it increase the value at all? Or should i just leave it be and sell it as is?
  3. Looking for a Fantastic Four 48 Mid grade. Raw or CGC does not matter either way. Please let me know what you have!
  4. Post a to win Shipping will be standard USPS unless otherwise specified or agreed upon. Payment method is Paypal. Shipping is $8 No probates or reprobates I think that covers everything! I am clearing out some more space! These are all raw and all of the books are in tact. Unless otherwise stated. I can provide High Res scans upon request via PM. I am by no means a professional grader but I try to grade low. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. All offers accepted, all i can say is no! Thank you for looking! Amazing Spiderman #14 G $350 Nice copy presents well small tear on back page by the top staple. The staple and cover are still attached. [/img] Amazing Spiderman #32 G+ $45 Would grade higher except for small hole in the bottom right hand corner of the A, and the dark tan mark across the webbing. Other than that this book would be VG/F
  5. Thank you! My goal is to get one signed by Stan lee and get it graded
  6. Hello Everyone I have 2 copies of ASM #14 and was looking to see what everyone things they grade. Thank you! A A Back B B Back