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  1. I am actively on the hunt for one. Moon Knight is my fav marvel character along with Ghost Rider and Falcon.
  2. I paid $2100 for a 9.4 WHITE OVER 2 years ago. Best purchase of my comic collecting life!
  3. So New Gods 1 is on my radar. Going to try and grab a raw. Another book on my radar is Hawk & Dove # 1. I noticed there is a CGC 9.4 WHITE Hawk & The Dove 1 (60s) for $350. There are 142 on the census, 4 9.6 & 10 9.4. So so wait for a raw NG #1 or grab H & D # 1 now?
  4. Did you know CGC recommends you get their slabs be cracked open and re-slab bed every 7 years? Is this true? I was told it's because the gas they use in the slabs deteriorate every 7 years