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  1. I've recently sold all my Batman artwork with the exception of Batman #1 — and this piece. I am marking this LOW ($4K USD) with the caveat that full payment is required by tomorrow (Friday, July 31st) as I need the funds, thus the steep discount. For reference, the Grim Knight one-shot cover sold instantly for 8K on Splash Page. I would throw this on auction, but I need the funds in my account tomorrow. — Info: Final cover of BATMAN WHO LAUGHS. Cleverly mirrors the first cover's design, playing off the story's conc
  2. Currently on ComicLink, low bids. Cheers. White Knight Page 1 - Joker VS Batman White Knight Page 2 - Rogues Gallery Superman/Batman 2 Cover by Ed McGuinness
  3. Fabok's first DETECTIVE cover: Beautiful inkwash by Duncan Fegredo, Batman V Superman cover:
  4. Raising funds for a large piece. Various pieces – including a Batman: WHITE KNIGHT splash – for sale with prices here, priced to move: Cheers.
  5. Raising funds for a big piece. Various covers and splashes posted for sale, priced to move. Message me for any NFS pieces. FS gallery here:
  6. To clarify, is this exclusive to pieces we've acquired in 2018?
  7. I don’t think the comment had malicious intent. I also don’t think a comment should affect how you use CAF or appreciate your art. To answer your question, if from an auction house, right away as you did it is fine, to me. If a transaction with someone else, once in hand is probably best. I’ve had multiple people back out on pieces I’ve paid for in full, have signed up for timed payments on, they have committed to buy or even put a deposit on. I find the people in this hobby generally nice, but I’ve also had my fair share of bad apples. Twice this year I’ve sold pieces to cover new ones
  8. CAF FS gallery available here: — GONE - Batman: HUSH / Huntress, Batman / Issue 609, Page 9 by Jim Lee & Scott Williams — Jason Fabok - Detective Comics #13 Cover (Batman, Penguin, 1st Appearance Emperor Blackgate) $2750 USD + Shipping. Timed payments spanning a few months available. 11x17 pencil and ink on two boards. First appearance of Emperor Blackgate (Ignatius Ogilvy). Jason's first-ever Detective cover. The published cover is the pencils with digital inks; the inks below are
  9. I’ve already hit two of my 2019 goals, and will take delivery of those in 2019. The first is a series of covers while the other is a piece from my favourite artist. The remaining goal would be a Curse of the White Knight cover, I suppose. Outside of acquisitions, trimming the fat.
  10. Both eBay and PayPal are riddled with scams which almost always side with the scammer. Yuck. Not a fan of auctions personally. CAF messaging for the win.