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  1. I'm doing a viking funeral and a couple of my books are going with me. It's in my will, and everything goes to charity unless this is done.
  2. Detective Comics 567 "The Night of Thanks, but No Thanks" by Harlan Ellison Detective Comics 704 "Rocket Scientist"
  3. I don't think Joseph Gordon Levitt would be a good Nightwing. Anne Hathaway back as Catwoman would rock, though.
  4. Robert Pattinson is a good actor, but he seems off for this... Oh well, I can see Batman books getting cheaper.
  5. For most people, no. For a select few on these boards, very much so. The best thing is to ignore them, like a child throwing a tantrum.
  6. This has been cracked out to be enjoyed, but still it was a coverless, incomplete slabbed book.
  7. I'd say one of the best. He needs to appear on the Doom Patrol show.
  8. MODERN FAST TRACK Delivered 4/18/19 Received and Scheduled for Grading 4/24/19 Grading/Quality Control 5/1/19 Images emailed 5/3/19 Finalized/Imaged/Shipped 5/6/19