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  1. People are being harsh on Ray Fisher, but I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but guilt by accusation is just as bad as brushing the allegations off the accuser.
  2. I've got a projector and Bose speakers, so I'm good not going to a theater again.
  3. Looking for RAW copies of the 90s Nightmares on Elm Street 3-6 by Innovation in VF or better. Message me if you have one or all for sale.
  4. As much as I love Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark is my all-time favorite movie) please Disney, let it die. I pray to Shiva, let it die.
  5. Isn't 53 also the one where Corrigan "becomes" The Spectre?
  6. Don't. I can spot restoration removal easier than restoration. Especially if it was C-1 removed. They have to scrape the paper, taking some of that with the color.
  7. I'll admit, this went about $1,000 more than I thought it would.
  8. Bill Murray would make a pretty good Doctor, if they'd go with an American.