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  1. Thanks, I'm another that hadn't heard of this. Hopefully I can give it a look this weekend. I spent way more time with comics, but D&D art was much more impactful for me.
  2. I'm not going to lie, batman_fan, this was some top shelf work.
  3. One day she'll move that fern and find 30+ years of Garfield strips and turkey pastrami onion rolls. "G-Nutz, dear, I reverse mortgaged the house and bought you 10,000 Garfield strips since you're such a fan!"
  4. Some people only want you to sign it two times? Some of us want a show of total dominance if an artist is going to sign a piece. Five times!
  5. I'd go with Tijuana Donkey Shows & Muy Bueno Comix
  6. That offer isn't available in Canada, but it did turn up a nice hair drying bonnet.
  7. I haven't read the article that headlined this discussion, but I'll throw a couple of points out there. I bought Super Hero Squad cardboard books for my kids, and they could name them all before they were two. They don't care about superheroes now (6 and 8), and it doesn't seem like their friends do either. They'd watch the movies, but they don't care and don't ask for them. They don't care about Star Wars. Maybe they'll change--who knows. They never cared about Mickey Mouse, but we didn't have the Disney channel so that may be the difference. They want to go to Disney World, but not for the characters. They prefer to watch people playing kids video games on YouTube and forgettable shows on Netflix. We went cable free a few years ago. The first time they saw commercials at a friend's house, they cried because they couldn't understand why their show was interrupted. I tried introducing them to the Charlie Brown specials we grew up with. They didn't sit long for those. I don't know who is going to be buying Peanuts strips in 20 years at these price levels. I'm friends with a couple: the woman is about age 33, the guy about 28. A year ago they said they'd never own a house because they wanted experiences. The woman is pregnant now. They're planning on moving away from Vancouver and buying a house somewhere cheaper. It's easy to not worry about financial security when you don't have responsibility, but having a kid changes things.
  8. I agree. How did they miss authenticating those signatures?
  9. I am essentially starting from scratch, though I have been watching the market since a little before 2016 (and occasionally participating on a low level). I saved up enough cash to have a crack of some of the nicer stuff that I might want, but instead just plunked it down on a house on a mountain with ocean views. The housing market has already sagged in the area, so I couldn't turn it down. The same can't be said for art yet, even though my tastes aren't exactly mainstream (I'd go for GA before most anything else). The only down side is now I have three times more wall space and nothing to hang!
  10. #1 EQ #2 Silver Warrior #3 - I put Sea Witch but barely. Even my wife likes EQ! but not for $5M. The DDs never meant much to me.
  11. Am I the only one that's looking at the Flash standing on top of the logo and seeing an that's worthy of a performance in Tijuana?
  12. The glasses in the picture represent the glasses that he should have been wearing while he was counting the pages before he got that signed.
  13. Is this anyone else's opinion? I thought everyone generally thought that the comic buying population had cratered--especially from 1993. I can see some old buyers coming back, but have that many come back/been added due to investment potential or movie popularity?