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  1. You should be keeping them anyway for tax reasons. I'm assuming everyone here is reporting their losses.
  2. Until I saw Malvin's hint I thought Frank was1) harvesting poppies, 2) cooking heroin, 3) dozing, 4) going out for more poppies.
  3. That's already happening, and it's happening with more than just jerseys. I saw a cheque or a contract signed by (I think) Ty Cobb/Cy Young/etc. Anything related to a big name that can be cut up is being put on cards.
  4. There's already been blockchain Beanie Babies. They're called CrytoKitties and their price peaked in the low six figures from what I remember. I don't buy sports cards, but I did fall into that rabbit hole on YouTube a few months ago. Some of the highest end (as far as I know) new boxes are retailing for $25k. Some of it can be pretty cool, but if you pick a bad box you can be out a lot of cash in the 5 minutes it takes to open everything.
  5. This is the one that I have. Gift from the kids. Just another thing no one needs. Imagine dying and leaving nothing behind but Funko Pops. The idea should fill anyone with dread.
  6. I haven't watched any of the casts yet, but I would definitely check that one out.
  7. It's also a cover on in the listing title on ebay while a splash on CL.
  8. Big Yubiwaza fan here. I love the pretty Japanese wife on the right and the 7 second self-defense scenario on the left that reminds me of something Dwight Shrute might say.
  9. The leading indicator that I'm keeping an eye on to chart the health of the comic and comic art market is Pink Floyd The Wall t-shirt sales. When that drops off, the end is nigh.
  10. Thanks, I'm another that hadn't heard of this. Hopefully I can give it a look this weekend. I spent way more time with comics, but D&D art was much more impactful for me.
  11. I'm not going to lie, batman_fan, this was some top shelf work.