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  1. Squeezy McSphincter

    WTB: Doom Patrol #51 art

    I did, through his Facebook page, but unfortunately I didn't get a response. I had previously tried contacting him about a commission through an email address, but I didn't get a response there either.
  2. Squeezy McSphincter

    WTB: Doom Patrol #51 art

    I'd love to get my hands on a few pages from Morrison's Doom Patrol #51. If you have any, feel free to shoot me a note.
  3. Are you suggestion that someone might get them for a... steal?
  4. Squeezy McSphincter

    Have you sold all of your comics to buy art?

    I have 7000 comics that I've moved from Winnipeg to Toronto to Vancouver. At this point, I'm definitely interested in selling all or almost all of them and putting the money into art. I don't like the idea of dumping them and leaving money on the table, but I really don't want to waste countless hours selling them--especially when I basically have as much work as I want to take on right now.
  5. Squeezy McSphincter

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    That Watchmen 12 page has gone for $33k in the past, so I imagine it'll go for more this time. It was the only page I was interested in in this sale, but not at that price.
  6. Squeezy McSphincter


    Supafly_K has changed his ID.
  7. Squeezy McSphincter

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Unlike many of you, I see some real progress being made here.
  8. Squeezy McSphincter

    The Official Comiclink Winter Featured Auction (Ends Mar 9)

    I was only interested in the Pierce Rice Speed Comics story, but $7k outstripped my level of interest. My wife was okay with the price, but too much opens up at that price level for me.
  9. Squeezy McSphincter

    Favorite "jilted" romance cover

  10. Squeezy McSphincter

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    The potential Gorn also kind of looks like the picture used to suggest that Obama may be an alien space lizard. Further proof of infiltration?
  11. Squeezy McSphincter

    investment opinions

    I'm going on the assumption that today's mid tier will be tomorrow's bottom tier. There will be top tier stuff in every era, but that stuff is a very slim portion of what's available. The nostalgia bump and hope eventually washes out of everything. Overall I think prices will decline just because I can't imagine that the interest in comics will last forever. What happens in 10 or 20 years when the guys that bought in the 80s sell their stuff off? I'm buying, but factor in a 75% loss on anything I hold long enough.
  12. Squeezy McSphincter

    A Dealer's Pricing

    The most recent one I remember was the New Mutants 87 fake cover thread, posted probably in 2017.
  13. Squeezy McSphincter

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Ya, thanks for the heads up. I had heard that mentioned here before, unfortunately. I don't really expect anything, but if it comes up I'm primed and ready to be outbid in spectacular fashion.
  14. Squeezy McSphincter

    2018 Collecting Goals

    After spending my first full year (2016) on the sidelines, I bought four minor pages in 2017. There was one piece that I missed out on due to mistiming the auction by an hour, which was a bummer. I’m hoping to sell off a good chunk of my comics and roll the money into art this year. My income will also increase substantially starting in January, so some of that will likely wind up as new money into the hobby. My macro-level, long-term goal is to not wind up with hundreds or thousands of pages like some have. It's a different beast, obviously, but after lugging my comics across the continent twice, and holding onto them for 20+ years, I want to keep things managable. A few things I’d like to acquire in 2018 are: At least one page from Doom Patrol 51 (and other Morrison DP art, in general) A Bisley cover Something by Bolland—maybe an Animal Man cover. TSR art! I don’t anticipate being able to pull in more than one or two of those, at best, but we’ll see. The list above had too many honourable mentions to go into, but will provide opportunities if the above don’t materialize, I’m sure.