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  1. I am essentially starting from scratch, though I have been watching the market since a little before 2016 (and occasionally participating on a low level). I saved up enough cash to have a crack of some of the nicer stuff that I might want, but instead just plunked it down on a house on a mountain with ocean views. The housing market has already sagged in the area, so I couldn't turn it down. The same can't be said for art yet, even though my tastes aren't exactly mainstream (I'd go for GA before most anything else). The only down side is now I have three times more wall space and nothing to hang!
  2. #1 EQ #2 Silver Warrior #3 - I put Sea Witch but barely. Even my wife likes EQ! but not for $5M. The DDs never meant much to me.
  3. Am I the only one that's looking at the Flash standing on top of the logo and seeing an that's worthy of a performance in Tijuana?
  4. The glasses in the picture represent the glasses that he should have been wearing while he was counting the pages before he got that signed.
  5. Is this anyone else's opinion? I thought everyone generally thought that the comic buying population had cratered--especially from 1993. I can see some old buyers coming back, but have that many come back/been added due to investment potential or movie popularity?
  6. I'm striking out here, but I'm okay with that. DP 51 - I haven't seen anything come up. Bisley stuff is achieveable at any time. There's a few "must haves" but I haven't seen any. I'd still like a Bolland cover but I haven't seen the one that I'd really like. There's a few that are pretty good out there, but not worth the money to me. TSR art - ya right. I have bought a few things and even made my first five-figure bid (five-figure Canadian, anyway). I've unexpectedly put an offer on a house more expensive than I'd ever thought I'd own so we'll see what happens in 2019!
  7. Marwood & I's instructions here are great. But if you're looking for something less nuanced and just want to ensure that no one ever sees your journal, then I recommend posting it in the new journal area and not worrying about the details. I've confessed to three murders in mine.
  8. I've only submitted twice, but there wasn't much mystery to it. I submitted via Canada Post. You have to declare the nature of what you're sending. I'm not sure if that part matters. They always return via FedEx, if I remember correctly, and haven't had to pay any unexpected costs on the return.
  9. Look at the last two pages of feedback that he's left for others--you may have dodged a bullet.
  10. I came for the nostalgia, but stayed for art that I have no connection to. My prime comic buying years went from about 88 to 95, but my favourites of the time don't generally appeal to me now. Especially when you factor in the cost. The last bid that I made was on a romance page for about $6k--I never would have predicted a year or two ago. I guess you could say that I grew to appreciate craft over the other listed factors, though my taste could be questionable. I mostly appreciate GA art now, though my most recent purchase was through Felix's site. Nostalgia will still be a big factor when it comes to overpaying to FMV (the right pages from Doom Patrol 51, for me). One of the things that surprised me the most when I found this site was how popular BWS still is. I worked in a suburban comic shop with a largely young demographic from about 89-95, and no one cared about BWS (or The Studio more generally). Weapon X was popular, but no one bought it for the art that I recall. I've never thought the prices on BWS were sustainable for that reason. I think Neal Adams (who PhilipB2k17 mentioned earlier) would already be in the same boat if it weren't for his Batman run. This stuff will have a market, but I have thought that it would sag over time. I echo the opinion that Wrightson art is different and has a better chance of sustaining itself. BA comics are a big dead zone for me though, so I am really not the target audience. I also wonder how much effect the auction houses and Gene's cabal have on pricing. I would think over time that price sustainability and accelleration have been influenced largely by the big players most interested in proving the investment potential of the art. Price resistance has been diminished over time.
  11. I bought a copy of Temple of Elemental Evil with the coupon, but I think I like your purchase better!
  12. I did, through his Facebook page, but unfortunately I didn't get a response. I had previously tried contacting him about a commission through an email address, but I didn't get a response there either.
  13. I'd love to get my hands on a few pages from Morrison's Doom Patrol #51. If you have any, feel free to shoot me a note.