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  1. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    I was considering going--primarily to get comics submitted for grading--but decided not to. I'm sure my kids would have loved it. Maybe next year. One of the kids' daycare teachers told me that she went for the first time and enjoyed herself. Her friend wanted to go meet the Flash, and that was a big success. I can't imagine paying $90 for a photo and a chance to say "big fan", but if people buy that I can't blame someone for selling it.
  2. The official Comiclink September Focused auction thread

    There was only one page that I cared enough about to put a tracking bid on, and that was just barely. It may have just been an auction that didn't inspire many to hang out and get caught up in the action. All I do is low end, so that wasn't the issue for me. The selection, and, as RyanfromOttawa said, auction fatigue may have been factors. It's incredible, to me, that demand still seems to be there when there's so much supply on all levels. It helps nullify regret that I could have missing out on almost anything. Friday may have been a factor, but aren't most of the people buying OA closer to getting senior's discounts than being out partying? Maybe CL should have scheduled the auction between nap times.
  3. ComicArtTracker.com

    As others have said--nicely done! CAF's for sale section is 90%+ "please enquire" with some searches, which made it only useful if I felt like punishing myself. A vast improvement. I'll also join the choir and say that Spencer has a lot of stuff that I hadn't noticed before.

    Not a big deal since the pics are linked, but your link in the first post goes to a restricted page.
  5. Sounds weird to me! Obviously he could have intent other than nefarious (cold feet, for example), but it isn't worth the risk.
  6. Nostalgic era top 3

    Probably 88/89 for me, so I chose books dated to this time. X-Men 101 should probably make the list as it was my first wall book ($6!). I discovered X-Men fairly early in my comics buying career, thanks to the shop owner. It took me two or three years to decide the writing was excruciating. 251 was just a great cover. Hopefully I can get a nice Silvestri one day, though the cost may already be too high. Any of the Inferno covers could have made the cut, as I think this is when I started buying it. She Hulk 1 came in (for me) with little fanfare. I didn't know it was coming out, and wouldn't have cared if I did. The rest of the customers seemed to feel the same way, but everyone walked out with a copy. It was pretty magnetic.
  7. Artist producing low quality work today...

    Has anyone else noticed Scott Williams’ work drop off now that he spends all his time trying to impress young ladies by flexing with his new watch?
  8. A stunning commission and published page by Jim Woodring

    Ya, it's definitely a commission to be proud of. Congrats!
  9. Post your Garage Sale/Flea Market/Antique Mall Finds Here

    My old boss got me a signed copy of that at a Capital City con, from what I remember. It's good to see that the signature on those is just as crappy as it is on regular copies.
  10. The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Adding the cameltoe was an interesting choice.
  11. Name the era

    I may be wrong, but I believe Action 1 probably started the GA. Before that was the Platinum Age. The 50s are sometimes called the Atomic Age. Showcase 4 has been called the beginning of the SA, to make things a little more unfocussed.
  12. Ya, apparently. If I hadn't have received a bill for it I wouldn't have believed it. I won't have a FedEx account, in large part, due to that policy.
  13. This week in your collection?

    A questionable decision by a young Ted Cruz to promote cigarette smoking with John Wayne Gacy in clown attire. It'll be a tough one to overcome during the next election cycle.
  14. I've also never had a problem with Canada Post, plus it was way cheaper when last I looked (which admittedly was quite a long time ago). A while ago I had a bill for $400+ come in at work from FedEx. Someone had shipped a bike from BC to Chicago COD, accepted the bike, then declined to pay the bill. FedEx's policy (as decribed to me by a phone agent) is to bill the closest account by proximity to the place where the package was shipped from in cases like that. We didn't ship the bike, but FedEx expected me to pay the bill. I cancelled the account and told them to send the bill to collections. If they'd have billed the destination, they may have had a chance to collect as it sounds like it was the shipper's place of employment.
  15. For sale- Transformers, Tick, Superman/Doomsday

    Under For Sale Status it says 800.