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  1. That very well could be. I know I don't do as much digging as most, but still, I've never even seen a Punisher 100. Hector has a mitt-full....I'm envious.
  2. Never seen a Punisher 100. Really like it, want begins!
  3. I think the Tec 1000 Jee Hyung Lee Harley Quinn variant is one to look into as well. I am generally not a store variant fan, but just something about that cover made me buy a few. Prices are well elevated for that book now, given the cover, I don't see it crashing.
  4. I think you're being unreasonable. She has it clearly marked, "do not bend" and "handle with care"....
  5. I don't know if he so much as picked the wrong book....he just didn't pick the one that made the most high dollar sales (so far). Puzzling conversation though. Other than one of the great DC B covers that clearly outsells the A cover, almost every recent hot book (I mean contents hot), the A cover is the winner. I'm not talking about ratio variants even, just A and B covers. God Country, TT12, Naomi, Thanos 13, Spider-Gwen 24, etc, etc, etc. Why is everyone so puzzled by this, when this is clearly an established trend.
  6. BAM! I see many, many buyer returns on this book. Good that App is all about accuracy and not shilling....