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  1. I have learned from the best....namely you and a few other wise sages. Fastball is no sleeper either.....I always have one eye on that guy.
  2. I'm actually trying to think of something memorable happening in ASM in the past 5 -10 years and I keep coming up empty.
  3. Not dead....just different, with different collectors having different perspectives and goals. Key (memorable) storylines will always be sought after....even more so if they generate a new and interesting character. I think it's not that easy to do or we would have more examples of it.
  4. Spider-Gwen. Squirrel Girl. America Chavez. Silk. Moon Girl. Etc etc. All are rising....and I doubt any have had deep and/or memorable stories as of yet.
  5. Not sure what CGC will say since she is on the cover of both 92A and B. Joker 80th was a quasi origin story.....although not much.