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  1. 3rd Print cover hasn't been released yet. Perhaps you are referring to the 2nd Print foil?? If so, nice score on that...
  2. You are so right that the $800 sale is an outlier figure and odd given the options available. The amount of shilling or shenanigans isn't going down on eBay....that's for sure. I'm surprised you never picked up a few of these over the past 6 months. Recurring sales at $50, $60 and $70 for a good long while. Regardless, something triggered a lot of sales very quickly. Is this on an app or did someone release info??
  3. Yes. ...and then all of the cheap copies sold in one day, that only left the higher priced books. Why someone would buy one for $800 raw when there was a $500 option is odd for sure. Any sellers that sold one for $100 and had another copy to sell would list it more or less in line with the existing books for sale....and the only books left were priced much higher. I wouldn't think a seller would list it at $150 when the closest book for sale is $500. I personally think the price increase on this book is long overdue. You yourself previously referenced that this book is a ghos
  4. I see your point, but it looks like multiple copies (all of the cheap ones) were picked up on one day. That only leaves the higher priced ones left. This book seems to be following the SIKTC #1 6th print road map.