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  1. Does anyone know if the clink 1.5 Cap1 sold? Was listed for $75k and was pulled or sold in one or two days after the listing.
  2. please pm me if you have one you are willing to sell. Will also consider coverless copies as long as it has the centerfold within unrestored only please. Have done a few transactions on the boards with fellow boardies Link to feedback here
  3. Did this 1.5 brittle just sell on comicconnect? Seem to recall a 1.5 brittle in the recent auctions
  4. Glad the Cap will be going to a good home! It was a pleasure meeting in person and putting a face to a name!
  5. TOD #10 CGC 9.8. white pages only please On the slim chance that someone is open to a trade, I have a Vampirella #1 CGC 9.6 available. Only 7 on census.
  6. I’m the buyer for the cap. Unfortunately don’t have the missing wraps
  7. Some more data points in the other direction... cap 1 0.5 sold for $30k about a month ago on clink. bat 1 0.5 just hammered last night on heritage for $22k A bit surprised at the results but I guess anything can happen
  8. does anyone know what page numbers the two centerfolds are?
  9. No story behind them unfortunately. First one came because a boardie (thanks SAKI) was kind enough to point me to a listing in a Heritgage auction in my WTB posting. That's what I love about this community and everyone helps each other. Second one just came in a few months later and I couldn't pass it up since census count is so low in high grade and the book doesn't come up too often.