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  1. Now on eBay issues 144 thru 399 of the Uncanny X-Men includes high-grade copy of issue 266 (1st Gambit) comics-n-stuff Thanks Phil
  2. I probably missed it, but any word on when issue 13 (or Volume 3, Number 1) will be published ? Phil
  3. Up for bid this week... Marvel Graphic Novel 4 (New Mutants) - 3 copies - 1st print Batman Blu-Ray TV Series Dark Shadows Complete TV Series Monsters Unleashed 1 Tales of the Zombie 1 Planet of the Apes 1 Lots more.... comics-n-stuff Thanks Phil
  4. Very cool! I have a lot of my comics bound, and have considered dressing them up with Dust Jackets, like you did with the Atlas set. How did you go about getting those DJs made? I followed this tutorial for the 1975 books - Dustjacket Tutorial Phil
  5. shameless plus for my site - Atlas Archives Phil Apologies Phil; I love your site and should have plugged it. It's just that my mind was on resources that had not yet been mentioned. Besides your site, those two fanzine profiles are the only background reading of any substance that I know of. No worries... That's exactly the reason I started the site... virtually no information to be found. Here are some images that have not made it to the site yet. Phil
  6. Great set !! and I thought mine were unique...
  7. shameless plus for my site - Atlas Archives Phil
  8. Hey Karl... still cranking out those gorgeous recreations? --Phil
  9. One sold on Heritage for 11,352.50 (includes buyers premium) on November 17. --Phil
  10. I'm currently using eBay's TurboLister to generate my auction listings. I'm curious as to what others use to accomplish this. I'm not to thrilled with TurboLister... Thanks Phil
  11. Looking for raw VF or better copies Captain Atom 83 (Charlton 11/1966) and Blue Beetle 1 (Charlton 6/1967) Thanks! Phil
  12. now on eBay Gemstone EC Annuals Marvel Epic Collections Amazing-Spider-Man lot 296, 297, 302 - 306, 308 - 325 - High Grade lots more,,, comics-n-stuff Thanks!