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  1. I have a CGC graded Preacher #1 (9.8) that has this along the entire spine! I'm guessing that's because they consider it a manufacturing defect? Crazy..
  2. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/166159-REG/Gam_GC1510_GC1510_UV_Shield.html
  3. Anything out there in the $5,000-15,000 range? Preferably action and a restored grade 5.0-8.0. Mainly looking for a deal to hold on to for a while. Not in a rush, but curious what is out there. CGC or CBCS only please. Feel free to PM me what you are selling.
  4. It would help to acquaint yourself with the rules and customs of the forum instead of attempting to overrule them with your own. Discussions with a seller over their item regarding price are best served in a respectful PM. That way you're treating them with the same respect in their space as you would want for yourself. Fair enough. And I do agree with that in most cases. However, when something is priced 200% above market value, then I have no qualms about posting about it publicly, unless the forum rules say that I shouldn't. Anyways, I'll leave you guys to your discussion. I'm only here to look for good deals on comics. That being said, I am happy to follow the rules of your forum, if non-discussion of pricing is in your rules.
  5. It is the essence of good manners that one is precisely NOT thinking out loud! It is also in the essense of good manners to not intentionally try to rip off people
  6. You chose the name Wolvie1. Go buy Hulk 181s or something and leave the Tec 38s for me. Thought about it.. I just don't like the way the cover represents wolverine that much to pay that much for it
  7. If you want to question a person's price send him a PM. A sales thread is not a discussion thread. Is that in the forum rules? If not then, if something is extremely overpriced, and this is a forum, I personally would be happy if more people talked about pricing, to avoid people getting ripped off.
  8. Not trolling at all. Only commenting on sales threads that I would be genuinely interested in purchasing. Sorry if the people running them take offense to someone publicly saying what others potentially are thinking.
  9. I didn't even notice that you're probably talking about my posts here. Sorry if it has offended anyone. I thought that this was a forum where discussion was open. Is it not?
  10. I completely disagree. As long as it is done politely, it is necessary even. This is not eBay, where there is no discussion, this is a forum, and as long as you're respectful, any comments on topic (i.e. from interested parties) should be allowed IMO.
  11. Seems like an undervalued comic to me but i'm newish to this. Either way if I hadn't blown my comic budget I'd be interested
  12. If only the Canadian $ wasn't so low right now.