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  1. It should. Outside my pay grade, but that’s a museum piece. If one were to choose 10 copies of issues on the planet to represent the history of the hobby, that book might make the list.
  2. Frazetta’s Famous Funnies from the collection of “X”
  3. I’m doubtful we see that TMNT pop up for sale here. Didn’t seem like a flip to sell kind of purchase. After tax, $100k barely breaks even. I’d hope it was a keeper purchase for the buyer. Has anyone seen the WWBN 32 9.8 that went for $50k+ go up for sale since?
  4. The only uber high grade SS 6 slab is the Church. If someone with the full run decided it was a good idea to slab the early issues but not the later ones, that would be quite the interesting choice.
  5. I think there’s a strong likelihood that Phantom Lady had a much bigger print run than Seven Seas and earlier issues in a run more copies than later issues. Look at he number of copies of Frazetta’s run in FF, 209 far more copies than later issues. PL 17 was at the beginning of the run compared to SS 4 which was relatively late, especially given the issues that came before. My guess is that’s part of the reason for the disparity
  6. A 3.0 went for $8400, a 4.0 went for $9800 in public sales. Each of those were scooped up almost immediately, no more than 5 minutes. I paid well in excess of either of those numbers for a 4.5. Let's just say less than double what the 3.0 went for, but substantially more than $10k. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And I know I'm responding to the guy that probably has the best Baker collection of anyone on the planet. As for the Seven Seas 4, there are 30 graded copies, but rare to see one come to light in high grade, though there are 16 5.5 or higher, how often do you see
  7. My initial thought would be to confirm with Overstreet what criteria they use to come up with these lists. There are any number of reasons why their lists are way off. Any subjective list will have room for criticism. But in this case, people look to them as a trusted guide. Certainly a list produced from the aggregated opinion of top dealers in brick and mortar stores had a heck of a lot more value in 1989 than 2019. A list equal part GPA and polls voted on on this site would produce far more accurate results. Books are bought and sold online and recorded on GPA, online and not recorde
  8. Break the Suspense Rick! You're killing us
  9. I also paid more than Rick's price for a Ghost 6 4.5 very recently from someone else and am very happy with my purchase and price, which was fair. If you search online, you can quickly find a couple listed by reputable dealers at a lower grade for a higher price than Rick's number. I'm not suggesting Rick's too cheap here, but let's just say...if you're going to price shame, at least pick on a listing where your point has any merit at all, and maybe on someone who doesn't consistently sell more volume and to a wider variety of buyers than just about anyone on here.
  10. I bought $2500 worth of Valiants raw, filtered out non 9.8s, got the group signed and slabbed at 3 cons in Tampa, Baltimore, and Portland. The slabbings cost like $2800. $5300, sold them all 6-9 months later for $15k or so net when I decided to liquidate. Wasn't worth the time or effort. But I'm happy the books exist now for the collectors.
  11. We all know the dealers get big deals done all the time, those that see themselves as brokers do plenty of big deals, but they know they're not doing what the big boys are, and then there's collectors like most of us who have stories just because, but for the most part we're all small potatoes and know it, if that's even a thing. It's also not why we're in it and it's not what we do for a living. I prefer to be net positive on books I've sold just because it means I'm not being dumb and maybe can buy more books, but I don't think many of us if any measure ourselves that way.
  12. I bought and sold 2 Punch 11s within about a week. Not the most money on a deal made or lost or the highest percentage, but interesting enough nonetheless. Both about the same grade, 1 a slab, the other raw. If I take all costs into account, shipping, auction fees, taxes, here's my net, again both same week, probably exact same grade. Raw, paid $250 sold for $900 Slab, auction won $897 plus tax, so say $980, auction sold $685 minus fees say $580 Net, net not much, maybe +$250 I also bought a FF 52 raw for $700 and sold it for $1400 within 24 hours a few years ago.
  13. As a percentage or in dollars? Which one of these is the better flip? $25 to $150 $100 to $500 $250 to $900 $700 to $1400 $2500 to $4000 $10000 to $13500 $20000 to $25000