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  1. I love how Fiction House books have such diverse color strikes. Here’s a red dress rarely so red...
  2. Pleasant mail call, Ken Bald cover, will we see Namor and Namora soon?
  3. Went light on the books at Comicpalooza, better selection than I expected. I do like these though.
  4. BUMP Thread will close today either way. A #47 same grade sold here a few days ago for $1100. Price lowered to $900 shipped.
  5. SOLD to MattnNY via PM Planet Comics #55 CGC 7.0, $700 shipped
  6. SOLD to Goldenacase via PM Price lowered to $900 shipped. One sold same grade for $1100 on here a few days ago, will close the thread if it doesn't sell today, last call. Planet Comics #47 CGC 9.0, 2 of 61 graded higher $900 shipped
  7. Hey everybody, two books for sale. Planet Comics #47 CGC 9.0 $900 and Planet Comics #55 CGC 7.0 $700 US or Canada only please, prices shipped. PayPal or Money Order only. Well packaged, shipped within 1 business day of payment. Returns accepted within 3 days. 1st I’ll take it takes it. Payment due within 24 hours.
  8. Thank you to two of our favorite boardies Rick and Will. I’m grateful 🤗
  9. Really intriguing to hear from someone who has been collecting Planets for that long. The one that has stood out to me is 65. Plenty pop up, but if you're looking for 8.0 or better, there's one 8.0 and one 8.5 on the census, and I'm not sure I know where they are, so I have to figure that's a pretty tough one when looking at high grade. I feel like I've seen most of the others.
  10. ...I answered my own question. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, for the artists that mimic themselves. And copying is the sincerest form of flattery for those that were “inspired” by someone else. I guess it’s all over the place without having to look too hard. Thanks for entertaining my naïveté...
  11. Maybe it’s more common than I thought and a silly question. These are both Whitman, same publisher, but still, such a similar color scheme.