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  1. First of all, you may think your plastic boxes are superior, but they're not. When you have to move a lot of CGC boxes, those plastic boxes cut in your hands. I threw those away a long time ago. Secondly, I don't give a flying F if they're cat proof since I don't own a cat. And your photography skills are really sub-par. Thus I am SUPERIOR!!!
  2. General Rules: No probation list members or hall of shame members. I reserve the right to not sell to anyone. First post in the thread that says they want a book wins it. I don't go by timestamps, I go by post order. Please either quote the book or post clearly with what you are taking. A "take it" in the thread trumps any and all PM negotiations until the post has been updated as sold in the thread. I am not taking offers on both lots listed at the current time. My prices for both lots are firm. Payment: Payment by Paypal only Shipping: DU
  3. Thanks to this thread, my Action Comics #81 was personally reviewed by Matt Nelson and determined to be a Cookeville!! I have 15 or so pedigree books and all of them have silver labels. This is the first time I’ve received one with a gold label and I really like it!!!! Do you have to ask for it?
  4. That is exactly what I did!! Sold my Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 6.5 yesterday on the Board and was able to get a great 8.0 from Reece’s Comics at a very fair price!