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  1. Although I haven't sold too often on the Board, I have had many successful transactions with lots of people here. I accept PayPal only! Priority postage in the U.S. is $15 and $25 for Canada. First on the thread trumps any PM negotiations No returns on CGC books Feel free to PM me with any reasonable offer Just one book-All Star Comics #40 Univeral 4.5 Off White-White Pages from 1948. Being a serious collector of All Star Comics, I can tell you that #40 is one of the harder issues to find in the series. Asking price $350. Just as a point of reference, there is a 3.5 currently on eBay for $390. Thanks for looking.
  2. Apparently CGC does not allow the word D IC K to appear!!!😂
  3. Send me what you have in Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, the Phantom, Tracy, Terry and the Pirates. Thanks
  4. Unfortunately I never got into collecting Whiz only Captain Marvel. 😫😩
  5. I’m looking for Leading Comics #3,#4,#5, and #14. Not interested in raw books. I want CGC books only in 4.5-7.0. Let me know what you have and what you want. Thanks!
  6. @Robot Man I remember meeting Gary many times at the Glendale All American Toy & Collectibles Show. He was very nice. I recall him telling me he owned one of George Reeves Superman costumes from the first or second season and it was all gray since the series was filmed in black and white. There was another Superman collector from NY named Danny Fuchs who advertised himself as “America’s Foremost Superman Authority “. Gary told me Fuch’s collection wasn’t even close to his.
  7. I found a nice #39 but had to pay dearly for it!😖 I have #8 on hold, a 5.0, that I put a deposit on. I’m just waiting for my trust money to arrive within the next few weeks. This is the first time I advertised that I was looking for a #42. Here’s my #39.