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  1. I would much rather sink the money into getting it back to a blue label. A couple holes are fine especially since it is along the edge. I’m super partial to blue label but to each their own and I think the cost to do the work would be significantly cheaper than a full restoration and a good shot that the book would be worth more at a lower grade blue. Good luck!
  2. Hi Ray, I can pay GPA or more based upon condition, color, page quality. would be happy to see what you might have. Thanks
  3. Thanks but looking for a blue case. All the best
  4. Here is my baby to ad to the mix. Joining clubs here is soooo cool!
  5. Thanks for the support and answers as always! Here are the pictures of the Rawhide Kid 17 and Two Gun Kid 60 I picked up.
  6. Wow thanks David! This is referenced in the same piece as the two I am discussing and he is quoted as saying “four pages of full color.” Does anyone have copies of the published pieces or were they never published? It is crazy to look at the two pieces you linked coming up and to think they may have gone with these two pieces.