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  1. Top City Comics' Feedback Thread

    Did a great hulk181/TTA27 trade and it went perfectly.’thanks so much! AJ
  2. All books shipped and buyers have been notified with tracking numbers. Thanks everyone! AJ
  3. All books sold! Funds collected already on all but one and my newest grail has been paid for! Thanks to everyone for all the help! Will be sending out all books on Tuesday. Just wanted to share a pic of the book you all helped me pick up. Thanks again! AJ
  4. Hey everyone, Picking up a grail from Top City and need to sell a couple extra books to make up the difference. Books priced to move quickly. $12 priority mail first book, each extra book $5 Paypal please No returns on slabs Have purchased and sold many times and can be found on eBay as Supercmonkey. MGN 4 9.4 White $200 -SOLD FF52 6.5 OW/W $600 SOLD Sub Mariner 1 8.5 CR/OW $250 reduced $200 SOLD ASM 121 7.5 OW reduced $250 SOLD NM 1 OW-W $50 SOLD
  5. WTB Fantastic Four 1 3.0-4.0

    Another bump please.
  6. WTB Fantastic Four 1 3.0-4.0

    Help me bump. Also happily willing to offer a finders fee.
  7. WTB Fantastic Four 1 3.0-4.0

    Still looking bump
  8. Found my X-men 1 and Avengers 1 on WTB and hoping for my FF1. Thanks for all the hep! AJ