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  1. Now those are insane books! I would say this is one of the most recognized but thankfully not as expensive. 😉
  2. I just love this cover and am searching for a mid grade copy please. Any direction would be great. Thanks!!! AJ
  3. Just got the same Benson76 Started conversation: 1 hour ago sonnhalter in Texas has a Fantastic Four 4 3.0-5.0 that he wants to part out for a cheaper price but because i'm not in the state right now, i couldn't purchase it from him maybe you should contact it and see if he still have it for sale. Here's his email sonnhaltertomdavid1211@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for a book between 3.0-5.0 at least OW. Thanks! AJ
  5. Am I looking at a Brazilian wax?
  6. I just freaked out because I thought I missed another ASM 31
  7. Archie 55! Would also love an Archie 50 if you have one hiding somewhere. 😃
  8. Thanks! Was looking for one without the sub crease. thx again