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  1. Wolverines 2 Maleev Variant And if Avengers vs Xmen 3 Campbell variant available also. Thanks, AJ
  2. This is a bit of my fear. Was suggested that this is somewhere between Fine, Fine +, F-VF and thinking we may be off a few grades here. Would love any more input. Thanks again, AJ
  3. Really trying to get a grip on where this will grade out to decide if I should CGC it. Small 4 inch piece of tape on inside front cover to help with a few small tears. Very interested to see grading thoughts and also if I can expect to see a reference to the interior cover tape on the cover of the greased case. Thanks again everyone as always. AJ
  4. Wolverine Origins RRP and Xmen 510 variant per PM Thanks! AJ
  5. So sad because this seemed like it had so much potential and to fall off this agressively especially after everyone pistol whipped DC over BVSS you would think they would start to figure this stuff out. Shelve it, rework it, retool it, put everyone in a room and make them watch X-Men days of future past, Iron Man, GOTG, The Avengers and The Dark Knight on loop until it started to sink in or they could spend a few more million and go steal a few brains from those movies to figure it out.
  6. Looking for a CS22 if anyone has a couple extra. Thanks, AJ
  7. The Sub-Mariner 1 Thanks! AJ
  8. Hey Nick YTLM 1 at $220. Please package the hell out of it. I get cold sweats having NM/M unslabbed books sent my way. Welcome to the boards and glad to be your first sale! AJ
  9. Sent a PM offering a lower price but Kimik was offline and was afraid I would lose it so negotiated myself back to list price. Sometimes the best negotiating you can do as a seller is to disappear for a while after listing books.
  10. Wow 222 hits and no takers must need a price reduction. TOD 10 down to $150 shipped Astonishing Tales 25 $75 shipped Marvel Team Up 1 $50 shipped
  11. Same drill different day. First get's it. Seller reserves the sell to whom they want. PayPal please and no take backs on slabs Free shipping today with each book! Tomb of Dracula 10 CGC 5.5 OW to White pages First Blade $175 shipped NOW $150 shipped Astonishing Tales 25 CGC 8.5 White pages First Deathlock $100 shipped NOW $75 shipped Marvel Team Up 1 CGC 5.0 OW to White pages Spiderman Team Up Begins $65 NOW $50 shipped