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  1. Just paid! So excited to get the books. Thanks so much for everything! AJ
  2. Thanks so much everyone. This really helps but still really hard to find in GPA Analysis. If anyone has a purple undead copy I am interested. I will be putting up in WTB section as well.
  3. Hey everyone, I’m trying to find a copy of Haunt of Fear 17 with the purple undead cover from Feb 1950 but there is also a different Haunt of Fear 17 with a green cover dated Sept Oct 1950. Most of my searches bring up the green one. Any advice or does anyone have a copy they might be looking to sell? Thanks! AJ
  4. Hi do you happen to have any pictures outside of the bag? Thanks, AJ
  5. Hermster was a pleasure to deal with. Fast and well packed books with fair pricing and great condition. Thanks again! AJ
  6. All while drafting my fantasy football team! πŸ˜‰
  7. GPA or higher based on condition. Thanks
  8. When I bought mine I really tried to stay away from MC. Granted it is only a 3.0 and C/OW but I’m happy with the book. I have actually been very tempted to consider a press and clean but the fear of it returning with MC stops me every time.
  9. Was so close to dropping mine in my quest for a lower grade JIM83 but so happy I didn’t. I just love this cover! Still looking for my JIM83 if anyone has a lead. Thanks
  10. Sorry for the glare. Took way too long for me to pick up a decent copy at a good price, but I’m happy