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  1. I think if you check the history you will see I already took this book a few days ago. Thanks, AJ
  2. Great first night. 8 need to catch my breathe and plug in my phone now. That was fun. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks I was really pleased with the cover. It does have a piece of reinforcement tape on the inside of the back cover so I am interested to see how CGC will grade it.
  4. So excited to finally be part of the Crime Suspenstories 22 Club. Took forever to find one. Will probably press, clean and send off to CGC next. Such a cool book with such great history!
  5. Got my AF15 from Brian. A totally great upstanding guy and was a pleasure to meet. I'll be cruising the list for sure. AJ
  6. Wolverine Origins 10 Varant 3rd claw. I'll take it. Thanks! AJ
  7. Just had a great transaction with Ryan on a beautiful Daredevil 1 that was shipped out right away in perfect shape and looked even better that the photos. Just as he promised. Thanks so much! AJ
  8. No problem. Anything else going out today?
  9. Daredevil 1 per PM So excited for this book. Thanks again!
  10. I'll take these 21 movies. I think that puts me at $147 plus shipping. Let me know if that seems right to you and thanks so much! Flash Gordon 2001 Pans Labyrinth Godzilla Gladiator Pacific Rim Super 8 Total Recall Star Trek Star Trek into Darkness Avengers Xmen X2 Xmen the Last Stand Xmen First Class Thor Iron Man Captain America The First Avenger Blade Runner Close Encounters Ghostbusters