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  1. Cleaned up all the sold books but CLOSING DOWN AT THE END OF THE DAY so dig in now. (scanner line may be present on a few books. Let me know if you need more pictures). I don't think these prices can be beat at this point but really not looking to jump to EBay or Instagram. All raw books unpressed and could use a press and graded books look unpressed to my knowledge. FYI some scanned CGC books have scanned line going down left hand side. Not a book issue. First gets book either in thread or via PM. Feel free to PM with questions or offers. Payment by Paypal No probation/HOS members. No returns on CGC books. Two week return on unslabbed for two weeks but you pay shipping Shipping is $13 for 1 slab, $5 per additional in USA Raw 1-5 books at $13 All ship via USPS I have bought from many and sold to many over the past couple of years with no problems and ship out books like I want to receive books. Let’s get started! Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1 $975 Showcase 79 $200 Amazing Adult Fantasy 9 $175 Tales of The Unexpected 1 $300 Brave and The Bold 39 $50 Tales From The Crypt 35 $650 Strange Adventures 110 $170 Tales From The Crypt 37 3.5-4.0 $200 Metal Men 1 5.0-5.5 $100 Nick Fury Agent of Shield 1 5.5-6.0 $40 Doom Patrol 86 5.5-6.0 $170 Marvel Premiere 15 4.5 $75 Mister Miracle 1 7.0-7.5 $150
  2. Finally got a clean and bright ASM Annual 1. I just love this cover!
  3. Thanks so much. It does present very well just trying to not cross under the 3.0 mark. Thanks again! AJ
  4. Looking for a slabbed JIM 83 between 3.0 and 4.0 and at least OW please. So bummed I just missed out on the last Comiclink 3.5 a couple days ago but I’m ready to go. Thanks! AJ
  5. Still looking. Got a few bites but nothing yet. Please help. Thanks
  6. Thanks so much. Ready to buy or I have some great silver age to trade. Thanks! AJ
  7. Everyone thanks for the input. It turns out that the book was restored! It was on Heritage and when I found it I read the description and it did not mention the restoration on the format I was checking (iphone and iPad) see pics below. Only after everyone said it looked suspicious I decided to reach out to Heritage comics. I sent them the two photos that are attached below. After that they did say that there was restoration and sent me the page showing it. The problem was that you only were able to see that if you accessed the previous sale and it was at the bottom of the description and I never got to that page. Tales of Suspense #52 (Marvel, 1964) Condition: Apparent VF+. Featuring Iron Man. First appearance of the Black Widow. Crimson Dynamo appearance. Watcher backup feature. Jack Kirby cover. Don Heck, Paul Reinman, and Larry Lieber art. Restoration includes color touch. Overstreet 2018 GD 2.0 value = $145; VG 4.0 value = $290; FN 6.0 value = $435; VF 8.0 value = $1,196. Long story they were extremely understanding and cancelled the purchase. So I am back on the hunt for a Tales of Suspense 52! Bueller? Bueller? Thanks again for saving my tail everyone!