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  1. Sweet. I’ll keep my eyes out. Still enjoy a good DC every now and then though.
  2. Cliff gave me his estimated grade based upon what he saw between 7.0 to 7.5.
  3. Thanks guys. I definitely will. Maybe this should be titled restored or not?
  4. Thanks! There should not be. It was purchased through a reputable company and advertised without restoration.
  5. Hey everyone! So with your help this will take place in a couple parts. I just purchased this today and still waiting for delivery but I will submit the two pictures I have of the book. After everyone guesses the current grade I will share what I was told by the seller what they graded it as, and then the next step will be to see if the group thinks a press will help it before I get it graded. And after all that I will do an unveiling once it comes back from CGC. As always thanks so much for the support! AJ