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  1. WTT for Fantastic Four 1

    Stupidity has hit a new low here. Maybe next time ask a question and clear the air before making yourself look like a total insufficiently_thoughtful_person.
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking to get a low grade copy of Fantastic Four 1 ranging from 2.5-4.0 but will also consider higher grades. I prefer unsigned but will consider all copies. I prefer to trade for one but I can do partial trade plus cash if necessary. Some of the books I'm willing to trade are: flash 105 4.0 justice league 1 4.5 Wonder Woman 98 3.5 Adventure comics 283 8.0 and 5.0 Startling terror tales 11 2.0 I also have plenty coming back from comic connect including showcase 22 4.0 journey into mystery 83 3.5 superboy 68 6.0 detective comics 168 1.8 and finally if a higher grade copy comes along I'd be willing to use my house of secrets 92 9.4 white pages or my 2.5 qualified all American 61. I have tons of references and pics of all my books are available on my Instagram @murkadellik please message me if you have anything. Thanks!
  3. WTB adventure comics 283

    Looks beautiful! However I purchased an 8.0 today so I'm going to hold out for some lower grades for now. I might come back for this one though
  4. WTB adventure comics 283

    Thank you I will look for it
  5. WTB adventure comics 283

    Would love to see it
  6. Looking to buy low grade copies of adventure comics 283. Looking for multiple copies in the 1.0 to 4.0 range raw or graded. Not looking for anything with rusty staples, large pieces missing, or resto. Please message me of you have any. Thanks!
  7. Bump. Added some books I'd be looking for in possible trade.
  8. WTT or sell Batman 1 7.5 restored Hey all I'm looking to sell or trade my Batman 1 CGC 7.5 restored. The books I'm willing to trade for are: Superman 1 Captain America Comics 1 All Star Comics 8 wonder woman 1 Detective comics 29, 31, 33, 35 Also willing to do silver age such as showcase 4 AF15 tales of suspense 39 hulk 1 fantastic four 1 GPA last sale in this grade and resto went for 60K in 2015. I'm asking 65k for my copy and more than open to a trade/cash deal. Plenty of references available No returns accepted on CGC graded books. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  9. WTT Batman 1 CGC 7.5 restored