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  1. Looking to trade for a tales of suspense 39 graded copy with ow pages or better preferred. Some of the books I have available are: Action comics 242 5.0 ASM 3 3.5 white pages ASM 20 8.5 white pages Superboy 68 3.5 and 4.0 fantastic four 3 3.0 I have plenty more to choose from if interested just give me a shout or check out my Instagram @murkadellik to see all my books. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone I’m looking for a low-mid grade superman 1 to trade. I have tons of keys available if anyone has a copy they want to let go before I try my hand at current auctions! Some of the books I’m offering are: tec 168 1.8 all American Comics 61 1.8 superboy 68 6.0 and 7.0 action Comics 242 5.0 and 6.5 Fantastic Four 1 3.5 Bb28 4.5 showcase 22 5.0 eerie 1 1.8 And tons of others like Tec 73, avengers 4, Fantastic four 2-5, asm 13 8.0, asm 20 8.5 and lots more! I can add cash if necessary as well I’ve done many deals and have tons of references. Please DM me if you can help me! Pics of all my books are available on my Instagram @murkadellik if you wish to check them out! Thanks!
  3. Hi all I have a 5.0 Action 242 I’m looking to trade since I upgraded. Asking 5k in value. Last 2 sales for a 5.5 are $5500 and $7700 in 2017. This ones getting harder to find in mid grade and up! Tons of references available Top books im interested in are All American Comics 61 Superman 2 Tales of suspense 39 ASM 1 open to others just shoot me a DM with what you have!
  4. Looking for a low grade unrestored captain America Comics 74. Open to trades as well and have plenty of great books to choose from! Please message if you can help me thanks!
  5. WTT For Superman 1

    Hi everyone I’m looking for a low to mid grade restored superman 1. I have tons of books I can use in trade and cash if necessary. Some of the books I have include: showcase 22 5.0 mask Comics 1 5.0 brave and the bold 28 4.5 amazing fantasy 15 1.5 journey into mystery 83 2.5 fantastix four 1 3.5 detective Comics 36 6.5 (c) action comics 242 5.0 superboy 68 6.0 and 7.0 tons Of Classic L.B. Coles flash 105 4.0 Detective Comics 168 1.8 plenty Of others available! i have lots of references as well and have done several large dollar trades like this. Feel free to check out my Instagram @murkadellik for pics of everything I have. Thanks!
  6. Looking for a copy of startling terror tales 11 L.B. Cole 1952 please message me if you can help me out thanks!
  7. Hey everyone I'm looking for graded copies of suspense comics 8 and spook 22. Also looking for other classic LB Cole covers so feel free to dm me if you have anything for sale! Thanks!
  8. WTB adventure comics 283

    Looks beautiful! However I purchased an 8.0 today so I'm going to hold out for some lower grades for now. I might come back for this one though
  9. WTB adventure comics 283

    Thank you I will look for it
  10. WTB adventure comics 283

    Would love to see it
  11. Looking to buy low grade copies of adventure comics 283. Looking for multiple copies in the 1.0 to 4.0 range raw or graded. Not looking for anything with rusty staples, large pieces missing, or resto. Please message me of you have any. Thanks!
  12. Bump. Added some books I'd be looking for in possible trade.