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  1. Looking for an Action Comics 10 back cover. Please DM me if you can help out! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone I’m looking to trade my Wonder Woman 1 CGC 5.0 (R) and Fantastic Four 1 CGC 1.0 for a mid grade fantastic four 1 or a combination of a low grade FF1 plus any of the following: ASM 1 TOS 39 JIM 83 XMEN 1 Im open to others but those are the top ones on my want list. Only looking for CGC graded copies, OW/W pages preferred but not a deal breaker. Please feel free to DM me if you’re interested! Thanks!
  3. Looking for a CGC graded copy of action comics 59 in the 2.0-4.0 range feel free to dm me if you can help me out!
  4. Hi everyone I’m looking for a low grade Action 15 in the 1.0-2.5 grade range. Looking for an unrestored copy with cream to off white pages or better if possible. I also have books to trade if interested. Please DM me if you have what I’m looking for or if you can point me in the right direction! Thanks!
  5. Hi all I’m looking for a low grade action comics 15 in the 1.0 - 3.0 range. Must be unrestored and I prefer nothing lower than cream to off white pages if possible. Im only looking to trade at the moment and I can add some cash if the right book comes along. Some of the books I can offer in trade include: captain America comics 74 2.5 showcase 22 5.0 superboy 68 6.0 Spook 22 1.5 thats just off the top of my head I have tons of others and they’re all available to view on my Instagram @murkadellik If you have what I’m looking for and see something that interests you let’s talk! Thanks!
  6. Looking for a low grade Superman 8 CGC universal graded 2.0-4.0 range. Feel free to dm if you can help! Pic for reference
  7. Hi there selling my Action Comics 242 first appearance of brainiac. CGC graded 6.5 with Ow/w pages. PayPal only! No returns on graded books. Asking 14k shipped! Feel free to dm me if interested!