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  1. Technically this didn't come back from CGC this week, but I did buy it this week!
  2. Not a key issue or anything but still somewhat rare. If you're not familiar with Alan Moore and his history with CGC signings, read this http://www.recalledcomics.com/AlanMooreCGCSigSeries.php
  3. Its free world, if the dude wants to speak his mind, go for it. Who gives a rats arrse?
  4. I know Markey and he doesn't care about the ban, he'll just use CBCS and there ugly new labels. We'll all had Newton Rings for years on the old slabs and know the paper slide trick but its pretty hard to do that on the new cases but the term "Acceptable Level" is a bit off putting. He brings up a good point, if this was your Amazing Fantasy 15 or Batman 1, would you want any "Acceptable level" or rings and/or defects from the case?
  5. TOD 10 was signed by Marv Wolfman, Doctor Strange 1s were signed by Frank Brunner
  6. ASM 300 Signed by Todd McFarlene done at the annual signing at his house
  7. My buddy Danny Silva did this Princess Leia Day of the Dead Sketch cover for me and this young gal was cosplaying a a Dia De Los Muertos Princessa Leia! He also did a Harley Quinn Leia print that some cosplayers have done costumes for, they came up to him and said he inspired them to cosplay as these. Danny Silva Designs does most of the So Cal shows.
  8. Yea, thats where I got these from. But the current size doesn't fit the new slabs. I don't like the excess on the sides that the general size has
  9. They are mylar from BCE...Bill Cole Enterprise
  10. I've recently started putting the Mylar Bags on my CGC cases because I want to put them CGC box. I found some mylar bags from BCE that fit the standard CGC case perfectly, no excess on the sides. It fits nice and snug, unfortunately the new cases are bit too thick for these bags that measure 8 9/16 X 13 1/4 +1 1/2. Has anyone tried Mylar bags on the new cases that doesn't have a lot of excess, er, baggage, on the sides? Pictured is the mylar bag on the old CGC case.