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  1. Looks like the images are exactly the same. Switching between 2 tabs in the web browser, the images don't move. The signatures (top right corner) seem to be exactly the same. The blemish in the bottom right margin seems to be exactly the same. Uh... buy the cheaper one ??
  2. I don't think I'm attaching "emotion" to categorizing that piece under Original Art. And I'm not "upset" over it. Certainly, no "outrage". I do think HA was making a money play by putting that piece under Original Art. In HA's April 30 - May 3 2020 auction, this Cockrum piece was under Memorabilia, a totally separate category from Original Art: Dave Cockrum Giant-Size X-Men #1 Splash Page 1 All-Stat Production Page (Marvel, 1975). https://comics.ha.com/itm/memorabilia/dave-cockrum-giant-size-x-men-1-splash-page-1-all-stat-production-page-marvel-1975-/a/7229-94143.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 Without ranking GSX 1 vs Avengers 2, I'd say they're both very significant issues. But given the Cockrum piece (again, filed under Memorabilia) closed at $21,000 (with bp), I think maybe HA was hoping that putting the Kirby piece under Original Art might give it more "oomph" And no deception was involved, both pieces are clearly described as being all stats.
  3. The CL "acetate" piece looks like an exact copy of the HA "original" art piece. Down to Mignola's and Shooter's signatures. It looks like those are in purple or faded black. I've never see a clear acetate with 2 colors on it. I've seen white acetates with the art as published on it but this is new. The CL piece has 2 registration marks, looks like the art is on one acetate and the issue/price are on a separate acetate piece. On the HA piece, the issue/price are on the original. If the pieces are from the same or close to the same period, maybe the issue/price were attached to the original based on the acetate. But the thing with 2 colors on the same clear acetate is weird. EDIT - I was mistaken in thinking the piece was on clear acetate. It appears to be printed on white acetate. So ignore any distinction I've made re: white acetate vs clear acetate.
  4. The threshold for "original art" is really low these days. In HA's November 19-22, 2020 auction, they listed this "all stats" item in the Original Art section. Granted, it was in the Miscellaneous sub-category. https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/jack-kirby-and-sol-brodsky-avengers-2-production-cover-stat-group-of-2-marvel-1963-total-2-items-/a/7236-94175.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515 The description also says: NOTE: All stats, no original art. At least the piece didn't fetch an "original art" worthy price. The Miscellaneous sub-category also features blue lines and prelims which I think are closer to "original art" than an all stat piece.
  5. I feel a good number of the sketches in this thread will someday appear in a "please help identify..." thread. Below is a freebie Wonder Woman from Darwyn Cooke.
  6. Not related to Thanksgiving... but definitely related to American Indians... now known as Indigenous peoples. And who better to memorialize one of the worst tragedies in US history, the Trail of Tears, than National Lampoon magazine ?? Here's Trail of Tiers from the November 1975 issue of National Lampoon Another complete story drawn by Nick Cardy. Written by Brian McConnachie. http://cafurl.com?i=25491
  7. Here's a Thanksgiving tale / tail... this one has it all... a feast for the eyes... pilgrims... Indians... Indigenous peoples... and turkey !!! I have the complete story to The Man Who Came to Dinner from issue 2 of DC's humor title, Plop ! Drawn by my favorite comic artist, Nick Cardy. Written by George Kashdan. http://cafurl.com?i=25490
  8. Not really being a Marvel fan, I'm not really into Stan Lee's "schtick". I once rode in an elevator with him and didn't even acknowledge him. Then again, there's a very short list of "celebrities" I would acknowledge. I don't think OP was asking about Stan Lee as a creator. I think the question was about Stan Lee as "the face" of comics. He definitely was that.
  9. He's on ComicArtFans. You can ask him. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetail.asp?gcat=45044
  10. In general, it may not pay to just bid once with your maximum. During Heritage Live, if you're outbid during early lots, you can reallocate those $$$ to later lots. So, if it's just a matter of bidding and counterbidding and never waiting for the 5 second countdown, we're basically talking about 10 seconds or so.
  11. "punishment bid" will have a totally new meaning starting next weekend.
  12. If the strategy works at all, it only would be if it's 2 live bidders going at it. If the top bid is from an Internet bid then the live bidder has to keep going until the Internet bid has been beaten.
  13. I think "breakdowns" is more of a Marvel term. To me, "layouts" is more of a DC term and not really common. And as far as DC goes, I recall "layouts" usually attributed to Joe Kubert more than any other person. For example, DC war, Ragman, Rima. And the published art sometimes showed a good amount of Kubert's influence. And on occasion, I think Kubert would also go back and touch up the the inks as well, so a little circular.
  14. If you look at the margins of some Kirby pages, you'll see a note: Vinnie, ink the dam fingernails this time.
  15. I see your fingernails and raise you a manicure !!
  16. I would expect the fingernails to be left to the inker. Of course the pencils and inks could've been by the same person. Brave & Bold 79 by Neal Adams
  17. Even without @jick saying so, I just assumed Adams lightboxed the headshots to some degree. In the past few years, Adams has done a lot of "new" pieces (full figures) that use images from his old comics. So it shouldn't be a surprise about the headshots. I'm not on Facebook so I don't know about how open he is about his process these days. I'd say it's interesting that he has another person fill in the blacks. I guess that make sense as well. Story (not about Adams): At a convention I briefly watched a certain person (who will go unnamed) filling in the blacks for a certain artist (who will also go unnamed)... literally under the table. I happened to be passing by about 30 feet away in front of the table and could see. When the person saw that I could see, they stopped. I couldn't see well enough to figure out the subject of the drawing. But it had a distinctive shape. A little while later, a very casual acquaintance was passing by and showed me his new acquisition by that artist, which was the piece that I saw being worked on (similar shape). Now, I'm pretty sure (openness aside) no one expects their convention drawings are worked on by someone other than the commissioned artist.
  18. Not being a Marvel Zombie, I thought it was weird that Marvel would do adaptions of various movies (Wizard of Oz, For Your Eyes Only, Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc) and toys (Rom, Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, GI Joe, etc). And also all the Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs characters. And KISS !!! But it seems now would be a good time to appeal to as many people as possible.
  19. Supposedly, they will start aiming at the YA (young adult, the things I've learned !!) market.
  20. @Varanis that seems too optimistic. I think after DC Fandome, they basically stated that non-comic shop sales finally outsold comic shops in 2019. So if AT&T is going to follow the money, DC was going to put the emphasis on selling trades (and I guess digital). Hence, going without Diamond. I'm not so sure about that revenue model. The trades are collected issues of the floppies that were sold in the comic shops. So if they don't really put out so many floppies, can digital comics sell enough that you can justify trades ?? I guess that also means there will be less one-shots, unless you end up gathering a few of them for a trade. DC is assumed to be ahead of the curve on this and Marvel will be dictated to do the same thing by Disney. AT&T and Disney don't care about the original art market.
  21. Another flip phone pic in NYC. Mennellas is a poultry distributor. I always thought it would be funny to call them and ask for "Sal". I took the pic because a work buddy didn't believe me. I assume the SC stood for Super Chicken.
  22. Sandwich board in NYC. Pic taken on my flip phone in 2005. Besides the Superman image, my main reason for taking the pic was because you really would have to be a "superman" to down 4 eggs, sausage, ham or bacon (pick just one, I suppose) and cheese. All that for $4.99 in 2005 was a great price.
  23. If I had to pick one, I'd say Byrne. If Romita signed it... why ? Here's the ebay listing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Human-Torch-from-the-Fantastic-Four-Rear-Drawing-Signed-art-by-John-Romita-Sr/233783820115?hash=item366e99ff53:g:OscAAOSwJVJfogA3
  24. Considering we currently can't divine who drew that piece, the cost of (properly !) removing the adhesive could far outweigh the value of that piece. And how is it attached to the backer ?? And so far, noone has commented on the tear on the left side to Spidey's right knee.