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  1. This is the Lim Surfer/Thanos piece....
  2. For sale here...if you can't afford $20-30K or more...here is the next best thing! also a really nice Ron Lim Surfer vs Thanos commission. CAF for sale art
  3. if anyone on the boards is interested in this book, I will gladly do a deal off the bay.
  4. reminds me a bit of TRUE ROMANCE where Clarence is always chattin w Elvis.
  5. right...I stumbled upon it the other night watching tv...and I was like "hey this has some quality SS references" including an argument Gere's character has with a young kid by a newsstand. I could not tell which issue Gere has in his hands (and then puts in his back pocket rolled up). Possibly a later issue? Again, I am not sure when the movie takes place as I only picked it up about 1/2 way through.
  6. good not great...lacked pace. Pacino was good, Pesci was good...Deniro in some scenes seemed to be laboring a bit. I felt after watching it that the movie was just drawn out too much and could have been shortened without taking away from the story.
  7. ASM #151 cover by Romita ASm #173 cover by Andru (1st comic I ever read)