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  1. Do NOT open a second thread unless you shut the first one down.
  2. Ricksneatstuff


  3. Ricksneatstuff

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Picked up one of my favorite Millie the Model
  4. Ricksneatstuff

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    I was the under bidder on the top one Congratulations!!!
  5. Ricksneatstuff

    Favorite Issue by Genre/ Artist

    Comic types, as I have interest in them. My Favorite of Each I thought about many other artists, publishers like Centaur, etc. but these are the ones I like the most.Archie- Archie 50 (after much thought and debate and back and forth I landed on this- Archie 13 and B & V 40 were close, as is Archie 35)Early Fox- Science 2Late Fox - Blue Beetle 52Early Fiction House - Rangers 26- not super early but I’m going with itLate Fiction House- Jumbo 159Girl tied to plane/rocket- Wonder 13 (cap science 6/ Airboy vol 4 #8 right behind for me, all apologies to Wings 91)Bondage- Jo-Jo 25 (Jungle 54 close)PCH- crime mysteries 2 (calling it PCH)Timely- Daring Mystery 1Cheesecake- Millie the Model 45Schomburg- Suspense 3LB Cole- Suspense 4 Frazetta- Famous Funnies 209Matt Baker- Phantom Lady 18Romance- Cinderella Love 25Crime - Underworld Crime 7Pre-hero Marvel- Tales of Suspense 8Science Fiction- Planet Comics 65 (a TON of close seconds here for me, most of them Planets)Disney - Four Color 178Chesler - Dynamic 11Girl being carried- Startling 49EC- Weird Science 20War- Fight 32
  6. As a kid I always had my own fantasy baseball league (this was back in the 70's). I would get Baseball Digest and make a lineup on paper and have imaginary baseball games with the American League fantasy All-Star team against the National League. I would even keep record of statistics on the players and pitchers. Yes, I was apparently an introverted kid- this was pre-Atari. Once I got Atari Baseball I would use that to keep the stats instead of my imaginary games (that I used to play with a pencil as a bat and balled up aluminum foil little baseballs). Don't be sad for my childhood- it was awesome actually. That leads me to this. I was thinking about how it would be fun to refine a golden age collection down to your single favorite example from a genre or artist. Obviously, there could be dozens of genres and hundreds of artists but I put my favorite genres down and a few of my must have artists. know most of you would have many artists on this list that I don't and that is Fine - (haha- get it? Fine, as in "Lou"). Anyway, here is my cursory list. Feel free to make yours up or say what you agree with or disagree with. This is just a fun exercise to do and think about comics.
  7. Ricksneatstuff

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Also, most of the Peanuts pieces were much softer in this auction than they have been the last year or so. I should have pulled the trigger on one or two.
  8. Ricksneatstuff


    Yep, it’s that GREAT of a deal. My 10% off prices are insanely good!
  9. Ricksneatstuff


    Sweethearts 25
  10. Ricksneatstuff

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    I was in a Star Trek mood on Hakes and got a couple cool things. A Star Trek 1 mid grade and a very cool signed 1973 convention program
  11. Ricksneatstuff

    Fiction house anyone?

    That Fight 37 is pretty!