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  1. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    I was interested in that too for about $7k less. Yes, I know I was dreaming. It was a pretty 4.0.
  2. [CLOSED] Captain Flight 11 LB Cole

    You beat me by 3 seconds.
  3. [CLOSED] Captain Flight 11 LB Cole

    I’ll Take It.
  4. [CLOSED] Phantom Lady 16- 4.5- Matt Baker

    Phantom Lady 16-4.5- $850
  5. Shipping is $7 unless overseas. That is at cost. Returns within a week are no problem. Buyer pays return shipping. Payment via PayPal, check or MO No List folks.
  6. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    This guy was a man after my own heart.
  7. Baker Romance

    Congrats bud! I really need to start watching those Hake’s auctions. Good get!
  8. [CLOSED] TRADE MADE!- Sunny 13- CGC 7.0

    A deal with a boardie was completed. More of this should be done. Kind of more fun.
  9. Some GA: Planet #42, Some EC CLOSED!! THANK YOU!!

    I’ll Take It
  10. [CLOSED] TRADE MADE!- Sunny 13- CGC 7.0

    This is what I had read: If posting a trading thread you must list a dollar value price for the book that you WILL accept in TRADE VALUE, and you MUST put "TRADE ONLY" in the title of your thread if you will not accept money.
  11. [CLOSED] TRADE MADE!- Sunny 13- CGC 7.0

    This has been an allowable format to offer books here but I’ve never really taken advantage of it. Seems like it could be fun.