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  1. Looking to buy an Albedo 2 Interested in any grade cash in hand or paypal ready up to an including appropriately priced 9.8. Please PM pics or feel free to message if you have line of sight to a copy.
  2. Having been burned by Chip on a recent deal as well from his thread in November, I would like to vote on this matter as well in order for others to avoid my same mistake of not researching this seller further prior to sending payment. Please advise either here or via PM how to best proceed in doing so.
  3. I'll take Fugitoid @ 50% off I'll also take X-Men Days of Future Past BR @ $6 PM'd you on the dividers
  4. I'll take 2 Sorry, sold out of this with last person who requested. Such is the nature of being late to the party. Should you come across more, I would still be a buyer. Thanks
  5. I'll take it Ms. Marvel 18 1st full appearance of Mystique F- @$45
  6. I'll add Critters 10 FN signed and sketched by Stan Sakai $10 @25% off
  7. Space Usagi signed, I'll take it