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  1. I can fully understand why there may be quite a few people out there who like to read the threads but don't want to participate, given some of the replies and posts made... As the OP I did ask the questions because I genuinely didn't think it was that bad... it's not like I want to add colour or change the art etc... 1. It bugs me that art I own and see every day has a dedication to someone else - so I thought it might be preferable to cover it up discreetly and without ruining the artwork. This seems to be a No-no and OK I accept that. 2. Shaving off some of the paper - it is of course not about the cost of a new portfolio - as far as I know there isn't one with a width of 11.5 inches. To me the pieces I am referring to would still slip around in a 13" as much as a 14" one. Obviously that doesn't bug some people as much as it does me...
  2. Hi all Thanks for your thoughts. I think yes if I could get the artist to alter that would be best but unfortunately highly unlikely from where I am. I like the idea of archival tape - reminded me another of my pieces has that presumably put on by the artist. Re: the foilos, I have a 14 by 17 too - but I just don't like there being too much excess, it's just a bit too annoying...! So I may decide to shave ... at least my least expensive one first! But Magnus, I think your idea would be a bit too far for me!
  3. Hi All Just wondering if anyone has ever done anything to their original art pieces? Two things have crossed my mind. Firstly, I have a few second hand commissions personalized to other people and I have thought I could whiten out the names. And secondly, I have some original art pages which for some reason are a little too wide to fit into my Itoya 11 by 17 folios and I've thought about shaving a small thin piece to fit them in (obviously without touching any art etc). Anyone thought the same or even done something like that? Any strong views/ideas..?
  4. Thanks Nelson! - will check out the website.
  5. Hi there Can anybody tell me who is the man in the Star Wars t-shirt in the last picture above? Is he a dealer with a website...? thanks
  6. Thought I might have a stab at collecting the art for a complete comic book... I have chosen Enchanter issue 2 (the shortened Eclipse run I believe) as I already have 3 pages and hopefully it wouldn't be too expensive... ! So if anyone has some pages from that issue please let me know. Thanks
  7. Hi there Does anyone know if John Pound artwork for his portfolios (rather than his underground stuff) has ever hit the market ? I've never seen anything and did a search on Heritage too. I recently saw some Hescox art on CAF which reminded me... thanks
  8. Not sure if everyone here looks at Ebay, but just in case... I'm trying to sell some pieces to get some funds to buy other pieces. As a tester, here's my first piece: A very nice promotional pin up or cover of a group of the Continuity Comics heroes (Megalith, Armor, Samuree and Silver Streak) by Neal Adams and Mark Beachum from quite a while back. It is signed by both artists. It measures a large 17” by 14” on comic art board and is in very good condition. More photos available. I'm asking $2500 + shipping or best offer. .