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  1. I have a question about what I find to be an odd grade. I'm an old time collector that was slow to embrace "slabbed" comics but have actually grown to appreciate the books that I can buy online with a little more assurance. Hence it fills a needed niche when buying from strangers. There are still some books that I find that perplex me as to why they received a certain grade; sone too high or low. This is one such example. I don't understand how this book can be given a VG-, or 3.5, with a hunk that big gone from the book. It's a good looking book other than the missing piece but, I've seen MANY other good looking books that the grade is substantially lower with a piece that large out of it. In my day (insert old guy "get off my lawn" jokes) we would have called that a Good- (1.8) or Fair/Good (1.5). What do you think? Am I way off base and if so, why? This is a legit question I have so please no smarta** remarks.
  2. Ok. So, I figured out many, many years ago that some dealers that bragged about being Overstreet Comics Guide advisers had artificially inflated prices to benefit books they had in stock. We all kind of know that. But, in doing so, certain books have been overvalued by inaccurately describing them as a first appearance of, first cover appearance of, change of costume, etc, etc. That leads to my question about a particular book. There seems to be a consensus that Detective Comics 40 is the first cover appearance of The Joker despite him not appearing in the issue at all. I know it is. You know it is. They had simply changed his skin color and his purple suit to brown. He even has the hatchet that appeared in his second story from Batman #1 (which I assume was to be his 1st appearance story in Tec 40). So, no argument with that. I agree. That being said, the 1st appearance of another Batman biggie, Two-Face, is not afforded the same common sense approach. Detective Comics #66 is the first appearance of Two-Face. No argument there. However, here's where it gets murky. On the cover of Detective Comics #66, we have a man standing on a ledge wearing a brown checkered suit with brown fedora firing a pistol at Robin as Batman approaches. This is the same suit and hat that Two-Face Harvey Kent (Dent) is wearing in the Tec #66 story. On the cover of Tec #66, only the right side of the man's face is visible to maintain the "surprise" of the Harvey's transformation until you reach that point in the story. This of course references Two-Face's damaged left side of his face and normal right side of his face as he's normally portrayed. The Two-Face concept is also referenced by Robin covering half of the clock face. This is readily apparent as the first Two-Face cover. Here's my issue. That brings me to Detective Comics #68. Tec #68 is called and listed by our grading companies, as the 1st cover appearance of Two-Face. The cover of Tec #68 does show the "bad" left side of Two-Face's face and also features him in the same brown checkered suit with brown fedora I mentioned earlier on the cover, and in the story, of Tec #66. The Tec #68 1st page/splash page shows the same checkered suit and fedora clearly. Tec #68 appears to be incorrectly labeled as the first cover appearance of Two-Face. Therefore, this artificially inflates the price of Tec #68 and appears to document the comic incorrectly. Why is this not given a second thought and why don't the grading companies research the comics before putting this on their description? I've noticed that some collectors in recent years rely more on the grading labels than what's actually in the books (an unfortunate side effect of "slabbing"). Is there no way to have these probable oversights and mistakes fixed? Who would you even talk to at CGC to present the facts to them to review? Please give me your thoughts and comments on this topic.
  3. I love that! Detective Comics 58 is still one of my faves. I had one 15 years ago that got stolen along with my Fantastic Four #1 😥. Maybe again someday...
  4. Thanks for the kind words. . "Absurd" huh? My apologies, I didn't realize you were on the boards God. My I have your permission to ask a question without ridicule? I asked because I'm trying to get a feel of what the CGC community sees as prices vs other factors. If I knew I wouldn't ask. This reminds me why I don't get on internet boards very often.
  5. Hi. I'm brand new to the board but was told that the guys and gals on here are really nice and helpful collectors. I have a question as I've heard and been told different things over the years but didn't know if there was any sort of consensus opinion.What would be the percentage difference in the price? What is the price differential in the following: 1.raw vs CGC slabbed Restoration vs Conserved 3.No restoration vs Slight Restoration,Moderate Restoration,Extensive Restoration 4.Slight Restoration vs Moderate or Extensive Restoration 5.Conserved vs Slight,Moderate, or Extensive Restoration Just wondering as prices vary a lot so I'm sure opinions will as well. Just kind of wondering what a consensus view would be.