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  1. Just wondering if there’s a CGC Dealer scheduled to be at this event?
  2. Definitely falls into the argumentum ad populum category. While Sakai has stayed consistent and true to his work, TMNT has soared into mindless drivel, for the masses.
  3. I keep forgetting to start an inquiry about this one. Published by Active Images in August, 1998. Possible 1st appearance of Elephantmen (Hip Flask).
  4. Don't forget Jameson It's a settle key, with AF15 being so pricey.
  5. There's a 7.5 listed on eBay, right now.
  6. Just completed a big trade with Isaac over the weekend. Super nice guy!
  7. Would like to see if anyone's interested in trading a 1.5-2.0 Universal Grade copy of AF15. I have Silver Age Marvel Keys that I can trade. I have both a Kudos thread and a 100% eBay rating (421=blue star). No International, HOS, or Probation list members, please. Thank you for looking!
  8. Fresh from CGC. Wish they could do something about the Newton rings
  9. Best thing I ever did was unload my TWD1s, just before Glenn was killed on the show!
  10. Do you think CGC will note first appearances on the advance TPB? Curious how they'll treat this one. Is the 1500 print run, confirmed?
  11. Found my second copy at a small con, last Saturday! The HOS92 is really rough, and was a throw-in.