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  1. So is Secret Avengers #19 just about his "new suit" as Mr. Knight? It was published in 2012.
  2. Grading/Quality Control 4/9/21 Anyone know if CGC's open on Saturdays? If so, yours could be "finalized" tomorrow and out the door and be in your hands pretty quick!
  3. IF Venom 3 does crash just as hard as Cates' Thor books it'll be a lesson learned on modern spec'ing. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, enjoy the stories, make some $ along the way, keep some for PCs if you like, and jump off the roller coaster and hop onto another Cates book. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Wow...I can't think of another character who's 1st app/cameo/name/appearance in shadow/hand appearance/etc is so spread out across multiple titles.
  5. Filming for the Green Lantern HBO series starts filming early next month. Thoughts on Justice League 50? Some eBay sellers are claiming its 1st Jessica Cruz, but CGC does not label it as such. There's a HTF 2nd print as well.
  6. We're also assuming this is all US buyers. There's plenty of folks outside of the US who have now been exposed to the MCU over the past 15+ years and are embracing Americana that is comics. As mentioned by someone earlier, they may not necessarily have the depth of knowledge that most seasoned collectors have. And this may also apply to the newbies crossing over from trading/sports cards.
  7. Paying taxes is one thing, being fairly taxed is another. I'd like to know the think tanks' thought process behind lowering the threshold to $600 from $20k (seems drastic). Could it be that the year-long pandemic brought record unemployment and with that more folks flocked to sites like eBay, craigslist, etsy, etc to make a few extra dollars from stuff in there attic or garage? Obviously in-person garage sales aren't popular (maybe in a few states). Now, maybe the government realized this and did the math. But taxing those you're trying to help as a way to possibly pay for some of this bill d
  8. I wonder if sellers on eBay's international branches can chime into this convo. I'd like to hear if they've been already paying their country's taxes or are in the process of going the same route or altogether exempt.
  9. So, I guess some collector who bought that West Coast Avengers 45 off the rack when he was 10 years old for cover price back in 1989 is gonna have to find that 7-11 store receipt if he sells it this year and has to file taxes on it.
  10. I realize Vampirella started way back in the late 60's, but film and TV rights to Dynamite's Vampirella were just optioned. Soooo, I guess that makes it modern?
  11. LOL! I forgot that one! They even got their own book.
  12. CGC wouldn't be able to prove that a book was flat due to a heat press or a good ol' stack of books that had been sitting on books for years. If there's damage to a book, they'll deduct for sure but they can't say in the grader notes that it was due to being a press job.