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  1. Do you guys know if once you block a buyer, that eBay prevents them from viewing any of your auctions? That is, if they are logged into eBay; if not, I realize they for sure can browse their hearts content. Once I block a buyer, I'd rather not want to deal with them again.
  2. I believe the 'A rising tide lifts all boats' idea becomes more compelling as this hobby really starts to mature as global participants begin to really partake now that comic book movies are becoming more mainstream. Now, I'm not saying all moviegoers will become collectors but you just need a small percentage to join the hobby to ignite it. Although, I do hope the hobby doesn't turn out to be the sport card hobby of the 90's where I doubt all card collectors were fans of whatever sport first then became collectors. As for 'Restored' vs 'Conserved', this is an aspect that I don't have a clear understanding. I've seen more restored than conserved books in the Silver Age era for sure than say, Golden Age where condition of raw books in that era takes a deep dive the older the books get. In terms of 'value', are conserved a better option than restored? Isn't a cover reinforcement mean an additive like paper or tape that would be more obvious to the touch than say color touch? In the end, I'd be looking for yes, the value to rise as an investment but also a very presentable book that doesn't appear to be an overly restored book that was resurrected from a 6.0 to a 9.0 (just an exaggerated example) due to way too much restoration. I guess my other question is how much is too much in terms of restoration for a Silver Age book where comic collecting and properly storing books really started to take off? Everyone has their opinion but there's got to be a general consensus, right?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new here and love reading all the expertise/opinions/debates on this forum. I haven't post much, but I thought of this forum when I ran into a predicament that I hope you can help me with. The past few years I've been able to cobble up a small sum of cash that I've set aside from X-Mas bonuses, tax refunds, etc that I've set aside as "comics money for that big long term investment". Now, I can either buy: 1) one lower grade blue label (0.5-2.0) Silver Age key book 2) or one mid/high grade restored purple (A-1 status @ 7.5-8.5) key book **This is the one I'm on the fence on but really leaning toward** 3) or skip Silver Age altogether and buy 1, 2 or even 3 high grade blue label (9.6-9.8) Bronze Age key books. Not interested in a Copper or Modern at the moment; except for a few keys, supply is still huge in those eras. Why I'm even considering a restored book (aside from the discounted price tag) is that obtaining a higher grade blue label is just not going to happen for me. Cobbling up this cash has taking me longer than I'd hoped for and prices are rising faster than I can save. If I wait and save any longer all tiers (low grade, high grade, blue, purple) will rise out of my reach. I'd be playing catch up to no avail. Now, I've always been on the fence on the purple label debate, but starting to realize supply of high grade raw Silver Age books are getting harder to find in the wild at affordable prices and no guarantee that they haven't been restored themselves. Also, my theory is that if demand/prices of blue label high grade keys rise in the long term, shouldn't high grade restored purple (A-1 designated) labels rise as well? Sorry for the long back story, but I want to lay out the details for you guys. So, which of the three scenarios above would you consider or not consider and why? Thanks!
  4. Yikes! Maybe its the lower print runs, but first prints of Naomi issues 2 & 3 are climbing on eBay- just not at crazy prices as #1 (yet...). I guess I'll have to wait until the TPB comes out to read them. Btw, doesn't it seem DC is creating a new character every 12-18 months the past few years? Darkseid's daughter Grail, lobo's daughter Crush, Teen Lantern, King Kid....who else am I missing?
  5. what's the deal with this book? Apparently, from the leaked scenes of Avengers 4 Endgame from a few days ago showed Captain America being able to pick up Thor's hammer. This is the issue where he first does it.
  6. marks5474 At it again this morning...copy/pasting a Mycomicshop listing as his/her own. The relisting gives it a new eBay item number so guys, please report this listing. Original mycomicshop ebay listing:
  7. marks5474 Block this fraudster! I've been looking for a high grade CGC of Fast Willie Jackson #1. So I do a quick eBay search (using keywords: Fast Willie Jackson #1 cgc) and guess what? This guy's selling two CGC 9.6s and they're identical! (same CGC serial numbers): more over...they are copy & pastes of a MyComicshop listing!!55410!US!-1 Uggh! Somebody get these fraudster outa eBay please! Cuz it wastes peoples time looking for legit items on eBay.
  8. Hello all, noobie here and first post.... So I thought I'd pick your guys' brain on IDW's Rot and Ruin #1 from 2014. Film and TV rights were just acquired by Alcon Entertainment a few days a go. From what I can tell this was a novel first by Jonathan Maberry then a comic book. Any of you familiar with this title? I have not read either format so I don't know if the comic books are totally different stories or an adaptation of the novel. Although there have been some healthy eBay sales the past few days, do you guys think this will have legs long term?