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  1. This MJ ad is the first I've seen. It is not an insert but rather a regular print ad in the comic (Gold Key Harlem Globetrotters #1). Does CGC denote this one as a MJ advertisement?
  2. 10 HBO episodes may be just enough to introduce all the characters and hopefully any solo spinoffs. Zatanna!....Hawkman #4 for the win!
  3. CHECK USPS.COM FOR UPDATES (bottom of their main page) ON SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS AND/OR CLOSURES. Guys, just a heads up if any of are planning to submit now (or have submitted) and using USPS Registered mail as a return option. There seems to be services that have been impacted in certain locations in several states. Also, apparently the USPS isn't part of the $2 trillion federal stimulus package and may need to shut down by June:
  4. Also..the same thing happens to my water coming from the fridge's water dispenser. The filter is new so I figured it wasn't that. The water does clear up in a minute or two.
  5. I was in DC last year and saw one in Bethesda, MD. So they're probably sprinkled in many parts of the US and Canada.
  6. So the relief bill that they are proposing is up to $1200 per person, up to $2400 per couple & $500 per child based on 2018 tax returns. The key phrase is "up to". I'm not clear on what the formula will be to determine what each tax payer gets. Also the stimulus will "start to phase out above $75K in adjusted gross income."
  7. New federal recommendations as of yesterday suggests to avoid gathering of 10 or more. In workplace environments such as CGC that seems almost impossible. Grading/encapsulation/shipping can't be done from home. Seriously though, any thoughts on how this will affect your guys' decision to submit more comics for grading? Turnaround times could speed up drastically if less submissions or grind to a halt if not enough graders to grade, right?
  8. So now the federal recommendation is to avoid groups of 10 or larger. Definitely in the realm of patronage size of any LCS.
  9. Was it just one book or did it arrive with a bunch of others? I'm just curious how the damage could be missed if it was just a single submission.
  10. Am I understanding this right? The seller is schilling his own auctions? That sucks, but what would be the point if he wins his own auction? He doesn't make a sale. Why not just put a reserve price and be done with it? Do these fake sales affect GPAnalysis or other sales reports and thus create a fake price demand? I would think sales reports like GPAnalysis have algorithms in place to counteract schilling practices; at least I would hope.
  11. What about the 1995 film "Outbreak" where the camera pans through a hospital's air ducts and stops at Dustin Hoffman's character in a haz-mat suit who goes: "....airborne!"
  12. Reviving this thread...after seeing the FB post of the handling of Supe 1. Clean hands = no fingerprints, but finger bends...that's another story.
  13. Hmmm, wonder how Chuck at Mile High is going to spin this to his benefit? <<Considering how he has dealt with past national disasters (Hurricane Sandy was it?), I couldn't resist bringing him into the conversation.>>
  14. Just got CGC's email. Looks like they just withdrew from Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con....