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  1. I'll be closing this sales thread tomorrow evening (Monday). Feel free to make any offers, on top of the 15% off.
  2. THE FOLLOWING BOOKS HAVE BEEN SOLD BY PM: Jungle 11 Jungle 17 Planet 36 Terrors of the Jungle 20 All remaining books offered at 15% off of listed price!!!
  3. That's all for now. Feel free to send me a PM and make an offer I can't refuse!! Thanks for looking.
  4. JUNGLE COMICS #11 …… 2.5-3.0 SOLD BY PM TO THE STRAW-MAN!! Let’s just agree this is probably THE BEST cover of the run, and is so hard to find in any grade. This copy has supple pages, and the cover colors are exceptional. There are some nicks on the front cover, a piece out from the back right cover, and two pages with missing pieces in the top corner that minimally affect the art (see photos). BTW a 3.0 with brittle pages sold for $650 in Sept. 2019. Did I mention Fletcher Hanks!?!?!
  5. JUNGLE COMICS #17 …… CGC 3.0 SOLD BY PM TO THE STRAW-MAN!! Another super-rare issue from the minds of Fiction House. Pterodactyl madness! The front cover looks like an 8.0. The back cover, not so much, but back cover defects are the best defects.
  6. SPACE DETECTIVE #2 …… 3.5 …… $300 Great cover by Wally Wood and Joe Orlando
  7. BLUE BOLT #107 …… 5.0-5.5 …… $650 Dinosaur and damsel in distress from the pen of L.B. Cole. This cover presents more like a 6.5-7.0 but has some light water stains on the back cover. See photos.
  8. TERRORS OF THE JUNGLE #20 …… CGC 9.0 SOLD BY PM !! A simply beautiful cover from LB Cole. Bathing suit beauties tangled up in octopus hell. Tied for 5th highest out of 34 Universal copies. Very few recent sales.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out if the W in Zolnerowich is pronounced with a "w" or a "v".
  10. OK, here's a nice one. Let's call it An Iconic EC Cover. WEIRD SCIENCE #12 (#1) …… CGC 7.5 …… $2000 The very first issue of Weird Science (May-June 1950). A 7.0 sold for $1560 in January 2020. (note, white scratchy stuff on top left of back cover is just some old sticker glue stuff.)