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  1. Such a historical book!! Your copy looks just incredible!!!
  2. Thanks Tim! Your Planets ain't too shabby! You've got some really spectacular books!!!
  3. Hi @mwotka ! Your memory serves you well. My first copy: My upgrade:
  4. I'm quite partial to Planet 37, especially due to the Lost World splash page...
  5. Mike, that's a great looking copy of an iconic book! Big score!
  6. I've always really liked this cover. Only cover appearance of the Eagle . And a fetching damsel in distress . And so many feathers! Here's my copy:
  7. Thanks! Happy to have landed this pokey but pretty copy!
  8. Jesse: Based on the photo. I think you meant Science 5, not Science 4...
  9. That's a rather fetching copy. Larson + Weird 2 =
  10. Weird 2 is the cover that launched my journey into the deep space of Fox, Fine, and Simon. @Spyder! congrats on yet another tough (and supremely awesome) book. You're achieving in 5 weeks what's taken me 5 years...