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  1. One of the best early Rivets! The blue-steel ape-droid can't be beat!!!
  2. Well done! Really great colors, and centering, on that copy.
  3. Now that's worth 10 cents at least! Wonderfully presenting copy!!!
  4. Fantastic! Was that the recent copy on eBay? Would love to snag one of these.
  5. Thanks Steve. One day I hope to see that one up close!
  6. Now that’s a masterful emoji message!!!
  7. Well, Steve, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!! Superb colors on that copy. Where/when did you land that one? Oh, and where’s the telltale marks of Larson on the cover?
  8. Well, it’s nice to know that I was locking horns with such an esteemed boardie! Maybe with this copy, a couple more will soon surface from the Jungle depths...
  9. It would be great to see a photo of your #15!
  10. I love Jungle 7! A great Bob Powell cover. As per comics.org: First “Ann-in-Bikini” cover. Clearly an epic moment in the history of Jungle Comics!