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  1. Insane colors!!! (on the unslabbed copy that is) (and nice presenting 4.0!)
  2. Double posting this new book from G.A.tor by way of the ComicConnect Centaur auction. Such a cool slice of early GA awesomeness!
  3. Except for the tie-breaker: long ears (29) > short ears (37)
  4. Ah, back in the days of the Giants, when high-grade Planets grew on trees for the plucking!!
  5. Hi Steve. What a great copy. Is this an older book of yours you finally decided to slab, or is it a recent pick up?
  6. Gorgeous! Such a great pickup! Glad this went to a good boardie home. I'll have to be content with my:
  7. I’ve been loving this thread, starting on page 1 and about 15% of the way through. Required reading! As all things pre-Robin Bats, here’s something that caught my eye while thumbing through vol. 1 of the Batman Chronicles. Apologies if this has already been pointed out in the other 85% of the thread I haven’t read yet! (Or elsewhere in some other thread.) A fun example of a Bob Kane recycling moment: From page 1 of Tec 28: And the cover of Tec 37:
  8. A recent arrival from ComicConnect. To @G.A.tor... I'd just like to say thanks!!!!!
  9. Just catching up on this thread. I mostly concur with Kelly and Rick. Interesting, regarding the difficult books, it is amazing how (relatively) accessible most all of the Planet issues have become, no doubt due to increased collector interest in Planet Comics and the rising prices motivating owners to sell their copies. When I got into the Planet game 10-ish years ago, I was lucky to find 3-4 books a year, and rarely the rivets. It was only in the last few years when I was able to fill most of my collection. It's amazing how so many boardies have been able to build up their collections in such a short time. So here's my own perspective, based on my 10 years of slow-poke collecting, and more recent trends: 1-9: issues 6, 8 (with 2 and 5 close behind) 10-19: issues 10, 15 (with 14 and 17 close behind) 20-29: issues 20, 24 30-39: issues 32, 34 40-49: issues 40, 45 (all generally not so HTF) 50-59: issues 51, 56 (all generally not so HTF) 60-73: issues 63, 65 (with 66 and 70 close behind)
  10. On Fridays my favorite FH book is the first Planet cover by Zolnerowich.
  11. Fantastic, Gino! Octopus cover, with beady yellow eyes no less. Who knew this was a Zolnerowich cover? Wouldn't've been the first artist to come to my mind.
  12. Great looking colors on that cover!
  13. Erm, thanks. Though I do like your new avatar, with the guy gripping that Pez dispenser ever so tightly.
  14. Re: "4. Thread-crapping is encouraged!" How much do I have to pay to get your old avatar back?