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  1. Same. My (outdated) want list just resurfaced from Metro. Maybe a recent tweak to their revamped website.
  2. I am very psyched to add this red ped to the ol' Fox collection! And for those of you still trying to find Lamont:
  3. Such a great cover, Gino! That’s a pretty awesome book!!!
  4. It makes me happy too! Beautiful saturated colors!! And white pages!!!
  5. Thanks very much for the kind words! That it's a Berk book is the cherry on the top.
  6. Page 6 ????????? Holy Fantom of the Fair! Here's a recent pickup. I love the dizzying perspective of this cover, and can almost feel the pull of gravity drawing the two figures down, down towards certain disaster. Berk!
  7. Thanks Karl! Yeah, I've been biding my time, waiting for a copy with rich blues. Easier said than done. Of course there was the kooky krazy copy (restored 6.5), but I couldn't stand the heat when it resurfaced not too long ago. Wonder if it ended up with a boardie?
  8. Thanks Jared! I've wanted to upgrade this issue for a while, and finally had the chance to make it happen. Seems the #18 doesn't pop up often, in any kind of grade. Not that any of the Rivets pop up often. I guess that's why they used rivets.
  9. Not actively buying many Planets these days, but I simply couldn't resist this Rivet upgrade with rich ultramarine blues.