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  1. I just listed two iconic Batman books: 1. (Detective Comics 69, CGC 4.5) 2. (Batman 608 RRP, CGC 9.8, Signed by Jim Lee)
  2. I have a Tec 69 CGC 4.5 OW-W pages that I might possibly be looking to part ways with...
  3. I am the sucker who got the Batman Hush double page spread. Yes, I love batmobiles. Yes, Batman and Nightwing appear submicroscopic (hey, it's still 2 for 1). This is going on my wall with my Rob Liefeld collection of muscular superheroes with one too many pockets. In all seriousness, I like the piece a lot. I bid what I felt comfortable with :)
  4. I went pretty deep on the Batman 618 but lost out. I may kick myself in the butt later, but the final ending price was more than I was willing to spend. I did get to pick up that sweet sweet Walking Dead #24 Splash page.
  5. What about the boner-ific Batman 66?
  6. My upper limit bid on that TMNT #1 CGC 9.8 was $28K w/o BP (second highest bid). Someone went a step higher. Sadly, it may be a few years before another 9.8 pops up, though you never know. I won the 9.6 and really did not expect it to take off to 20K+. I agree that the OW-W pages shouldn’t account for a $12K price differential; however, it could be possible that someone thought they saw something in the previous auction to merit that price (I.e. a press job that could bump up the grade). I think the range for 9.6s are in the neighborhood of $12-15K. The 9.6 I won presents good enough for me. One day I’ll add a 9.8 ;-)
  7. Yes, ComicConnect has a mega ton of Walking OA coming up... thanks to this thread I was fortunate enough to nab a pretty cool WD cover from a boardie.
  8. I am in search of some original art from the Batman Hush era as well as anything I can find on The Walking Dead :-) I know that there's a ComicLink auction up for Batman 618 cover by Jim Lee, but any other help in this category would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. I believe this hits $40K, too. Is this a $40K book? The price has jumped exponentially... or could just be the perfect storm of two people really wanting a 9.8.
  10. Strangely the current TMNT 9.8 @ HA is $28K ($33.46K w/ BP). Odd.
  11. WTB Walking Dead #1 CGC 9.9 Looking for a MINT copy of this... any leads other than eBay. I am not too fond of international transactions... Thanks
  12. Yeah I believe I saw the same post but the prospective buyer really meant it when they said "CGC 6.5 or better" Not much I can do about my book... it is what it is.