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  1. $10 off either book''s listed price. I'll give it a while then off to the 'Bay if no takers. Thanks for looking
  2. Two books up for consideration.... Prices INCLUDE USPS priority shipping within the U.S. , fully insured for everyone's protection. PayPal, checks, money order all ok. First come first serve, regardless of method of claiming book, pm or post. A clear "I'll take it" wins over just inquiring or expressing interest. Incredible Hulk #160 CGC 9.6 WHITE Pages. Massachusetts Pedigree. $185 X-Men #96 CGC 9.4 WHITE First Moira MacTaggert $300
  3. Random stuff. Had the Daredevil slab bed since I thought Muse was a cool modern character, and loved the art. Wouldn't mind a few more of these maybe....
  4. Double post of the first pic.... oops. Just one copy of each
  5. @greggy great stuff. Love the Roms, Thors, Wolverines.... great selection of books
  6. This is a 9 X 12 inch acrylic Wolverine . Not large obviously, but WONDERFUL detail by Johnny Desjardins. Have to let something good go in order to get more good stuff lol. $420 , includes Priority shipping within the U.S. PayPal accepted. First come first served, regardless of method of response. Thank you
  7. This came this morning (3rd and final attempt to deliver, kept missing the FedEx guy lol). Sixteen signatures. I originally sent it away to get autographed by Stan Lee - that's how long ago I sent it away lol. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.... so I went a different direction with it. It even managed to stay 9.8. Thanks go out to the people at Desert Wind.
  8. Just bought these today at a LCS. Pretty nice looking.
  9. I might have to get back with you again before it's all gone lol. (Can't say enough good things about this gentleman as a seller btw) Joshua
  10. Had a handful of books arrive. Very happy with this one. Bought this raw at Motor City Con earlier this year for $40. Worked out great. I do ASM in 9.8 White, and needed it.
  11. A few more this week... Didn't open them but they sure look nice
  12. Thank you. Thought it was a fun mix of books. Took a long time choosing, he has stacks on stacks of books to sift through. Part of the fun of it, I guess....
  13. Didn't have any intention of getting back issues, but local shop owner was offering discounts to buy in bulk....