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  1. JoshuaM

    This week in your collection?

    Arrived today.... when this storyline was published I remember how cool everything about this book (and connecting books) seemed. It was just DIFFERENT. Story, art, all of it. Glad to have it.
  2. JoshuaM


    LAST BUMP $760 SHIPPED within the U.S., insured also. Thanks for looking Joshua
  3. JoshuaM

    Closed ROM #10 Cover art

    Price Drop / Bump $450 now, shaved a few dollars off.
  4. JoshuaM


    Giving it a quick price drop one time. $775 , still includes shipping within the U.S., as stated above. Thanks for looking.
  5. JoshuaM


    For sale Amazing Spider-Man #298 CGC 9.8 WHITE Stan Lee Signature Series book. Case is new, clean, and free of defects. First Mcfarlane Amazing Spider-Man! $ $760 Price INCLUDES Priority Shipping within the U.S., and insurance for purchase price. First gets it. Paypal, money orders, and checks are ok, though checks must clear before shipping. No probation members, please. No returns on graded books (unless I somehow sent you the incorrect book, or something along those lines) If I forgot anything, please ask. Thanks for looking Joshua
  6. For sale my original art for the cover to ROM #10 from IDW Publishing (not an old Marvel series cover). Cool cover, had it a while, just decided I'd like something new. Art by Drew Moss. This is his inks on Bristol board. As I understand it, he does the pencil work digitally, then inks it . The color copy comes with it, just to make a nice companion piece and display of how the published cover appeared.. Price INCLUDES shipping within the U.S., WITH insurance for purchase price. First gets it. Paypal or mailing a money order is acceptable. $470 (again, that's total, shipped).
  7. JoshuaM

    Couple ASM slabs

    Just a small offering of two Amazing Spider-Man comics. Shipping to U.S. only, please. Shipped through USPS Priority Mail...... included in price listing. Paypal is fine, you can mail payment if you like. First come first serve. No returns, unless I made an obvious error like shipping the wrong item or something. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #303 CGC 9.6 (WHITE PAGES) $75 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #325 CGC 9.4 (WHITE PAGES ) $45 Would take $105 total if purchased together . Cases are clean. Thanks for looking, Joshua
  8. JoshuaM


  9. Yes sir, in and out of all of them. Gameroom the least, although I live in just about walking distance. Monarch Comics also.
  10. Haha, love this. Im sure 100 doggie treats would work also instead of cash... from her perspective, anyway.
  11. Just as a fun FYI - I sent in pics of my mom's dog, and it made the letters column in that issue . Joshua
  12. JoshuaM


    I have two CGC 9.6 WHITE PAGES books available, Uncanny X-Men #190 and #206. Cases are clean, no damage. $75 for the set (basically thinking $30 each, $15 for shipping and insurance). Shipped USPS within the U.S. No returns on slabbed books, unless I made some complete error like sending the wrong books or something along those lines. First gets it. Paypal is fine for payment . Thanks, Joshua
  13. JoshuaM

    Misc. Modern runs / sets FS

    Spirits of Vengeance #1-5 #1 is the Variant cover with the flaming Ghost Rider skull. $14
  14. JoshuaM

    Misc. Modern runs / sets FS

    Justice League of America #1-21 $35 shipped.