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  1. @greggy that's quite a group. Lots of good stuff there
  2. Sorry, I read the title and just interpreted it as one of a kind (meaning mine is unique in its combination of signatures on that book) - my mistake
  3. Thanks! I don't specifically collect these , but I like old books in general. They were all bought at two different LCS. I am a fan of the first Dragon Man though, so that's my favorite of the batch.
  4. I won the ASM 300 in a Mystery Box! It was the big prize in the group of boxes
  5. I always remember how patient my grandmother was. My grandfather would give me some money for any local comic shows, usually at a hotel in town. My grandma would drive me there, and walk me to the door to whatever room it took place in. She'd turn me loose, and go sit and read one of her novels in the lobby. She never rushed me. If I was gone a while she'd wander in and check on me, and I'd of course say I was "almost ready" , just needed to look at a few more boxes of comics. (I carried around a piece of worn notebook paper with all the issues I needed in various titles...Rom, Thor, Avengers, G.I. Joe, Power Man and Iron Fist...). When we left she'd always ask if I got some good stuff, though she didn't know anything about comics. We'd get back to my grandparents and I'd spend the rest of the day with my new comics spread out over her bed. Funny enough, my mom told me years later that my grandma originally didn't like the idea of me reading comics - she thought they'd be bad for me (as that was a thing, I guess, for a time...). Glad she changed her mind
  6. 163, 180, 197, 198 please (as discussed through the pm). Thank you again.
  7. HI all, just browsing this thread... Curious how your local comics shops are behaving (for lack of a better term). I know 2 by me that are just closed, period. A third has the door locked and they are "closed" - but he will let you know when he is there, and will bring out any merchandise you want (like curbside pickup at a restaurant). A 4th LCS is also "closed" but the door isnt locked. Not quite business as usual, but you have access if you want. They have also been making a bunch of masks for people that seem to sell as fast as she can make them. (Bought a Marvel one, myself). Anyway, just curious what it was like in other areas...
  8. Some of what I snagged in a local auction. Books had been stashed away since the early '90s
  9. It's home ! And this was part 1 of the mail call (but the best part)
  10. Just got this today, locally.
  11. Just this, today. Goes into my ASM run.
  12. (Wrong books quoted in my comment above, but hey those are good too lol)