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  1. Bought some other things, too.... but here's this one.
  2. Bought my first .30 Cent variant. A LCS has a few. Not dollar bin finds or anything, the shop owner is aware of them and has a few .30 centers and a few Canadian variants (i wasn't too aware of Canadian variants?) . The other .30 centers were pretty rough, some had a scribble or two on them; looked like a couple even had small stickers on the covers. I just grabbed this and called it a day
  3. Well, regarding my previous post - I went back and bought it. So here it is in all it's "well-read" glory...
  4. Thank you, I'll have to be sure to refresh myself on what to look for again.... just to be sure, like you said
  5. Appreciate the feedback. I wasn't sure if just being Star Wars carried a lot of weight as far as value among these price variants. I bought the group of 3 pictured in a previous post at $60 each because they were much nicer condition.
  6. Hi... question for anyone. Ran across a pretty beat up copy of what appears to be a .35 Star Wars #4 corner torn off, generally beat up condition. Asking price was still $50... not being too knowledgeable yet about this, I didn't know if that was reasonable or not for that poor condition. Any opinion's / help?
  7. I just had this done Saturday..... took a quick pic; it's on its way to CGC. I didn't think to take the pic before bagging it, sorry lol. Freedom Comics here in Toledo brought Ant Lucia in for a day of signing / sketching. They had their own Exclusive Harley Quinn #75 done, Lucia was the artist. I also got a sketch of Harley Quinn on a different blank cover. Side note: was a really nice thing to have in Toledo.
  8. Grabbed this today. Quite a bit more on Thursday from a different LCS but didn't take pics yet.
  9. Bought these today at a local shop .
  10. @greggy that's quite a group. Lots of good stuff there
  11. Sorry, I read the title and just interpreted it as one of a kind (meaning mine is unique in its combination of signatures on that book) - my mistake
  12. Thanks! I don't specifically collect these , but I like old books in general. They were all bought at two different LCS. I am a fan of the first Dragon Man though, so that's my favorite of the batch.