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  1. Hey just wondering if anyone had this available in CGC 9.8 WHITE . Just wanting to fill a slot in my ASM 9.8 W run. I have $100 through PayPal Goods and Services ready. Located in Ohio.
  2. For sale Amazing Spider-Man #238 first Hobgoblin. CGC 9.6 Off-white to white pages. $1025 total cost, shipping insured in the U.S. included. PayPal Goods and Services, please. Haven't sold on here in a while, but my Ebay ID is Big-worm, no negatives going back to the 1990s. I always send a pic with tracking info upon shipment. Usually next business day, two at most. trumps any inquiries or discussions . Thanks.
  3. Lucky enough to get my Grail book, to fill a big void in my ASM Cgc 9.8 collection
  4. Just picked these up at one of the local shops...
  5. I had this one come back today, pretty happy about it
  6. Hi all. These two came back from their trip to CGC finally. The Star Wars is definitely the most "beat up" comic I've sent in lol.
  7. Conan: Champions. 15. 6.5. 75 Defenders 50 7.0. 85 Invaders. 18. 7.5 95 Invaders. 19. 7. 95 John Carter. 5. 7.5. 70 if still available
  8. My Iron Fist #13 came back this week, 6.5 OW-White. I don't have too many .35 centers yet, but I like this one. (Grew up liking this series anyway) Just wish I knew about price variants years ago.
  9. Just this : my Johnny Desjardins original