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  1. Thanks for the comments, guys. Correct, there is a light non-color breaking crease in the middle of the book (book is not pressed). The very top/middle of the book is a color breaking crease, luckily not a tear. Majority of the front cover wear appears to be the very bottom left corner.
  2. Thanks for the kind words! I don't have the book in hand but went through some pics and it appears to be a color breaking scrape/crease of some sort.
  3. Hey guys - I've always been curious what the front of this book presents as. Thoughts? Cheers!
  4. I'd say your friend is fine and you can always post a picture on the forum first to make sure the grade is somewhat in line. I can see them changing a grade on a grossly incorrectly graded book, but say, 1-2 grades off? Unlikely.
  5. Did anyone see that Spidey was wearing 1985 Retro Air Jordans? They actually released these sneakers for the movie launch on Friday, sold out in minutes.
  6. Perhaps a little, but the significance of the books would keep the vast amount of the value as it is today, IMO.
  7. Perfect 5.0...would take some flaws on the BC any day. Esp ones that arent missing pieces, etc.
  8. Stan Lee and Spiderman go hand in hand for me, so AF15.
  9. Just completed a deal with JF. He was a pleasure to deal with, shipped very quickly, and the packaging was very secure!
  10. Sorry to hear about the storm impact, Rick. Glad your family is OK.
  11. I'd probably leave it as is...beautiful book.