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  1. Will there be a witness for Signature Series at the Comic Con Palm Springs on August 24-26? Jim Lee is signing at this event.
  2. LOL! Right! The original concept art for the black suit Spiderman.
  3. LOL, right!? They need to stop being sooooo technical with the notation and just put in "first appearance". They are characters, this is their first appearance in a comic!
  4. There is never a mention of his "first appearance". I got CGC to change the notation for Venom vs Carnage from "nothing" to "Patrick Mulligan becomes Toxin". Their reasoning for not putting "first appearance" in a response to my inquires, was that Toxin is a symbiote and a spawn from Carnage, meaning that his first true appearance would be considered in the first appearance of Carnage. Which to me doesn't make sense, that would mean every symbiote on Earth couldn't hold a first appearance title since they all came from Venom. So, I fought for about a month with CGC about this before finally just excepting the notation.
  5. Daken, Where has he been? Anyone know what happened to Daken after he lost his eye and his arm in the Wolverines event after the death of Wolverine. I have heard nothing about where he is or what future plans there are, if any, for his next story line.
  6. I'm looking for help in finding out which comic has the first appearance of the Fang character. I've found a few sources that say it's X-Men 107 1977, but nothing graded that has that notation. I realize that Fang has several clones, all that spawn after the other one dies. But at some point this character has a first appearance. I have a great collection of 1st appearances of wolverine and wild child style characters, looking to add this one too. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I've never submitted for a CGC SS. What's the process when I arrive to the CCPS? Do I go find your table first or will there be a rep at Stan Lee's table already? Total newbie, but I do have quite a few comics to get signed.
  8. I didn't find anything in the posts about the Signature Series having a table or a rep at the PSCC, Stan Lee will be attending. Anyone know if they will be there?
  9. My bad, it's early and I was checking on other posts when I wrote this one. I did see the panel interviews, they didn't look like they went well. Mark Hamill is the best Joker ever! My favorite was his Joker in Mask of the Phantasm.
  10. Anyone else disappointed with what they did in the Killing Joke film? Batman and Batwoman getting it on. I know there has been some implications of a fling or flirtation in some of the different Batman continuity. But I always thought Batman was more of a father figure to his sidekicks.
  11. I was a big fan of the X series; Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X. All of which come together in some fashion to form a big poster, or in Paradise X's situation an infinity poster since they all fit top to bottom. The Earth X series forms a great poster that i had framed. But the Universe X series looks like it's missing an issue in-between 12 and X. The portion in the middle at the very bottom of the example photo is not in the issues. Anyone know why?
  12. I just recently got a hold of the Return of the Native series, Wolverine 13-19. I was wondering if anyone knows about any stories that spawned from this story line? The Native was captured and her eggs were harvested and sold/shipped out before Wolverine rescued her. I couldn't find anything to tell me about any other stories in the Wolverine series that came from the product of Native's harvested and sold eggs.
  13. Laura did not put on the costume that she excepted from Fantomelle in the Wolverines series.
  14. CGC notes have been updated. I just noticed on some ebay items, All New Wolverine #1 notes: "1st Laura Kinney as new Wolverine" also notes which variant the cover is. Any one heard the rumors that X-23 will be in the Wolverine 3 film?