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  1. I grabbed a nice ASM 82. Well packaged and shipped very fast. Excellent person to do business with.
  2. It was a strange route this took, but I got it back...almost. Not quite in my hands yet. I was, evidently, conservative in the grade I thought I might get. Some glare and the outer bag screwing with the sig. I couldn't be happier, and white pages!
  3. My question is more about the look of the Kirby sig. I am by no means an autograph expert, but it looks fishy. I did see that the Kirby is listed as "written on cover" and so not a witnessed sig.
  4. This was posted on a Facebook group I visit. The Stan Lee is witnessed, but does that Jack Kirby look less than legit? Was he around for the milestone books?
  5. So, when I put in a title and issue, the links that come up are just the links to the selling sites, not to the page on the site that has the book?
  6. I was a part of the 94 club briefly, back in the fall for about a week. A friend and I bought a collection and I was the designated seller. Damp-ish basement loosely boxed original owner 80s and 90s stuff. Part of it was a sporadic run of the Byrne X Men, including a vg ish 94. Lasted on the bay for about 10 minutes. Neither one of us are X guys.
  7. Oh, sure, I don't disagree. Just pointing out eBay's thinking on the matter. And eBay's thinking is seldom rational. Agree... Ebay and many other companies.
  8. Yes, there are penalties for filing false reports, but if I was sent to someone, who wanted a report, and they told me this story...I would say that it is a civil matter and a police report is not needed. Some people just want something on paper that has some police department boilerplate. There is a trend where people simply want to criminalize everything in order to get police involvement where it is neither needed or even required. Sometimes the police are not the answer to every problem.
  9. Also, I have never understood what the necessity is for a company to "require" a police report. A report ony parrots what the complainant says (at least where I work) . And in this case, what would the charge be? This is a civil matter, not criminal. In this case, the seller is simply saying the item was returned in a worse condition then when it was sent.
  10. That might be a worthy entrant at Cannes.
  11. I have a Marvel Team Up 65 (the Captain Britain one) that has a Pizzazz magazine insert. I have checked ebay cgcs and don't see any with a notation. Apparently an insert isn't necessarily an insert.
  12. FTFY. It doesn't seem that difficult to put a good hero movie together, but these people continue to screw it up.