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  1. Lizard by Rich Hennemann. About $60, and great turnaround. I am doing a run of Spidey villain headshots and this is a welcome addition.
  2. I read a quote attributed to the complainant in which she says he didn't initiate an intimate relationship until she was 18. Questionable, maybe, but unless/until there is more...
  3. I would do the run. Easy choice for me. Issues 1-15 are chock full of great villains. 31-33 is a classic story. 51-52 is another tremendous trilogy. That is just the first 52. There is a lot of filler in the mid to late 100's through 200's but the highs outweigh the lows, I firmly believe. I am building the run, but I will probably never have 1-5, 14, or 129.
  4. Congrats, I was really thinking about this book, just couldn't pull the trigger.
  5. It was posted on Facebook in November and I messaged him. Solid deal. He had several options between B&W and color, size, and head, torso and full body.
  6. Khoi Pham 9x12 from his holiday sale. Glad to have it.
  7. Yes, because they often make it revolve around the star actor, not the original story. The minute I saw dockworker Tom cruise with a father/son problem I knew I would enjoy the movie.
  8. I'm sure I'm missing it. Considering 9.8 is the defacto top of the mark (yes 9.9 and 10.0, but those are rare premiums), but if it's restored, how can it get the 9.8? Green label is "if not for blank, it would be this" (I believe), but is restoration the same?
  9. How is that possible? Slight color touch.
  10. Got these from a recent board sale. The last 10¢ and first 12¢ covers.
  11. Seems like some people embrace a filterless lifestyle, and let the chips fall where they may. I was in a small convention room with EVS years ago with a dozen other people. It was how the show set him up for con art. Very comfortable at a conference table and we were all sitting in chairs as our turn came up. He was gabbing with everyone, but it never got nasty. Never over the top. It was a great experience. He apparently decided to start letting everyone know what he thought. I would think that was a mistake, but he seems comfortable with it.