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  1. Here is mine. Also OO from the LCS. I think it's a 9.0 all day, maybe a 9.2 or better with a press.
  2. Yes, I edited my post. One I know there was a preview for was Spidey's black costume. Marvel Age has a preview of it and then either ASM 252 or MTU 141 for the first app. Probably ASM 252 as it is the core title.
  3. How would this translate to, say, AF15? Was there a preview, and does the formula fit? I don't think you can call it a hard and fast formula unless it plays out on multiple books. Cool work, though. I know a guy that loves math stuff like that and applied it to baseball / HOF stats. Edit - I see from your next post that the formula is the same and the multiplers change to generate estimate values. I get it now.
  4. Here is mine. Got it raw at a comic store auction 30+ years ago for $17, if I remember correctly. I think it's about a VF, and has the tats. But I also have the 1st Ned Leeds, and 1st Roderick Kingsley.
  5. They could just change the top stripe to purple and the text from "Universal" to "Restored" But I agree, they did not think it through.
  6. Recently picked this up from a sales thread. Currently the most affordable of what I refer to as the "First Appearance Trilogy" ASM 13, 14, 15. 13 and 14 are out of my league, right now. I may decide to jump into deeper waters in the future.
  7. How do you guys spot these? Especially, through the slabs? And some even on ebay, I assume?
  8. My "completed goal" is something completed and ongoing. I never thought I would own any ASM big (older) keys. I wasn't someone who spent "real" money on comics. I had bought 252 and 300 by sub list, but stopped buying when I got married at 23 and had a young family. I got 238 at a comic shop auction for $17, and I thought I had hit the lotto (Hobgoblin has always been my fav villain). Started buying a little more in the 90's but still no older stuff. Fast forward 20+ years after the kids were born and I started looking at comics as I had more disposable income. What was once inconceivable for me to spend hundreds of dollars on a comic became less, and I now have ASM 7,10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 25, 31, 50, all but #10 graded (many from these boards). I don't know how much I could spend on a comic, but I don't think my mind can get me to the point where I would have a #101, 129, or the silver heavy hitter 1st apps (1-9, 13, 14). I am working towards a 1-100 set, but I doubt I will complete it.
  9. You are killing it with the Spideys lately. Those 2 are high on my list, but just outside my comfort zone at those grades.
  10. Auto decline sucks. I got auto declined on an action figure that was listed for 8.00, I offered 5.50, just seeing if I could get something shaved off. Totally turned me off. I would rather not have it from that seller, and the full price isn't that bad. As a seller, I never put a floor on the bidding. I would rather counter $40 on a $45 book, after a $10 bid, just to see if the guy is serious. Maybe for high quantity sellers it is an effort saver, but I don't like it.
  11. Hah! Even better---pretty sure that page sold on Ebay previously before the above sale and again by one of Matt's ebay names But doesn't a shill bid/win still have to pay fees? That would add up, yes?
  12. Picked this up from MCS. Nice shape. Top staple detached, though. Still like it.