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  1. Got my second copy. CGC 8.0 white, newsstand. A bit of SCS I believe, but that can happen.
  2. Just made a deal on FB for a ASM 300 newsstand 8.0 white. Happy to have it on the way. I got my first copy, direct, in my pull list many years ago, for cover price. This one was substantially more...about $335.
  3. I am happy to own one of each, direct and newsstand. The newsstand being MJ insert with tatooz. Got it a few months ago. About a 7.5-8.0 ish
  4. You could try messaging him though ebay...he sells colored sketch cards there.
  5. Been wanting this for a while, but all the pieces weren't in place. The right credit card (I do that a lot, where I get a cc with a cash back bonus after 3 months), and the right book. Recently got this and it is right in my wheelhouse.
  6. Thanks, I trust Superworld, but I am looking to grab a graded copy and save the grading hassle. This will be going in my graded box.
  7. I can't imagine that many 9.6s aren't virtually interchangeable with 9.8s. Pretty fine line, I would think.
  8. Looking for an ASM 20 4.0 ish, graded, no cream pages. Hoping to be in the $400 or so range.
  9. Ah, the 2018 series Yes, sorry. I didn't specify. $200 for high grade raw, $350 - 400 for 9.8 blue. I don't do moderns, but man, there is some money changing hands on these and the variants. And I can't imagine them not having an affect on the original 1st apps of Venom and Carnage.
  10. It is the first appearance of Knull, who is Lord of the Symbiotes. That book is on fire.
  11. I know this has, more or less, turned into a direct/newsstand discussion, but I think the price bump has something to do with the symbiote increase across the board. ASM 300, ASM 361, Venom 3, and all the modern variants are moving. (siiiiiiigghhhhh) I only have the one I got from my sub all those years ago.
  12. Arrived today...from a recent sales thread. 2.5 - 3.0 ish. All complete and attached. My earliest raw ASM.
  13. A friend of mine knew a dealer and many years ago that dealer gave him several funkos (my friend collects comics, not this stuff) . Fast forward to the last 12 months and a check of ebay shows outlandish prices. He quickly sells one for $600, and another is now approaching $800. Who'da thought? He will flip it for a GA Cap.
  14. Lizard by Rich Hennemann. About $60, and great turnaround. I am doing a run of Spidey villain headshots and this is a welcome addition.