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  1. I would ask, though, who would want to return a blue universal for a purple or green? No matter to keep or sell.
  2. ^^^^^Staying with the above post^^^^^ I am about 85% happy with what I have. I have never overspent for a page, but also never over reached for one either. I am a budget collector. I would like a nice 80's Spidey page. I think that would round me out.
  3. I looked but could not find anything...got a link?
  4. It is signed, witnessed and off to Florida. Hoping for a 7.0 outer and 8.0 inner. Love the gold pen and thoughtful placement.
  5. It was a bit of a strange situation. I think we will take the books, but the $ is a little fluid right now. Hoping to pin it down tomorrow.
  6. I am thinking of getting my ASM 66 double cover signed by John Romita Sr., but which is the right cover to get the sig on?
  7. Well, hmmmmm. Not what we had been told, is about the best I can say. The silver age content was waaaay over stated or misremembered and there was much indie drek and 90's. There were some keys and we will make our money back and then some but this was not a honey hole. Also, storage and condition were factors. The highlights are SME 15, Eternals 1,4, ASM 238, 252, NM 87, 98, Star Wars 1. No high grade books, and not much over 9.0. I still have 8 boxes to go through but there is a lot of run filler and I am not a dealer looking to sell $1-2 books.
  8. Dealer websites where the inventory is off. I have had several instances where art shown and for sale with a price isn't actually available. I also had one time where I was told the art was sold only to look through the same dealer's books at a show and see the art page there in front of me with a higher price.