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  1. And they are tall enough for dividers that rise above the books. Nice.
  2. ... Styrofoam is my kryptonite. Hate the feel, the cutting sound, everything about it. The lightweightness seems perfect as a divider, though.
  3. Was just doping around on the bay...found this listing for ASM 37......................I have no idea what this guy, 0 points, is thinking, except to get views maybe. Messaged him about having the wrong picture posted, but still waiting for a response. https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-SPIDER-MAN-37-Marvel-Comics-1966-CGC-9-0-Norman-Osborn-1st-Appearance/223550040857?hash=item340c9eeb19:g:WDoAAOSwFpdc9prh
  4. Can't the PL be for a limited time? As a first offense, or warning type of thing?
  5. Those above are from the HA site, I believe. The CGC grading scale is below...quite a bit different. Unless they fine tune it somewhere else. HERE is the link to the page
  6. I recently bought a slab that was sent, without my knowing, signature confirmation. On the day of delivery, which I thought I was near, I was home on the couch and watched the mail truck pull up, wait a few, and then drive off. I went to the box and found a "sorry we missed you" tag in there. WTC, he never even got out of the truck . I did get the box the next day, but I prefer to have as few hands as possible on deliveries. It would seem to lessen the misplacement of packages. I am not a fan of signature confirmation, but if it helps ensure the delivery, I understand its use.
  7. I liked the original V-mort label, hated the second (rivets), and like the current ones. The old CGC labels don't do anything for me, with the 2 part color boxes, as well as the lacking notes. The current labels are fine, if not eye catching. It is more about the book, anyway. I buy graded SA because I want assurances that the books I am spending higher amounts on have been checked for restoration/trimming. I do not have the eye that many here have.
  8. I have seen 3 messages that this seller sent and were posted here. All 3 were 95% the same - (paraphrasing) lost the book, sorry, my bad. He certainly isn't really trying that hard to explain. I am guessing future sales may be slim.
  9. Wow, I can only imagine what here was like 5+ years ago. Seems like I missed a cool place.
  10. I was wondering myself how this is going to play out. Including the age changes as an android. As B4?
  11. 3 days to go until the movie! Unfortunately, I don't have HBO. I just rewatched the series. Really good show, sometimes overly wordy, but that was the style. Favorite character - Bullock, although I would have liked to have seen him do more actual sheriff-ing. Least favorite character - hands down, E.B. Farnum. He is sooooooooo annoying. And then when he gets 100 grand (1880's money), he still stays in the broom closet. Bullock kicking his arse was very satisfying, even though it wasn't justified...he deserved it for being a *%&$%#@!
  12. Purchased an ASM 16 graded 5.5. Nice price, nice book. Arrived timely and super securely packed. Bubble wrap, box in a box, with extra packing peanuts. Thanks.
  13. I agree. But also, the jokes are pretty funny. I would also add that if I had $50-100,000 worth of comics, jewelry...almost anything - I would lock that stuff up, away, (the biggies anyway) every night. An extra 5 or 10 minutes a day to remove them from the case. It isn't that hard to get into most buildings, one way or another. An alarm only notifies police after the break has occurred.
  14. Wouldn't missing a payment disqualify the sale? I am guessing that time payments would have tight rules agreed to by both parties ?
  15. Just respond with "I understand...just take it out of his allowance for a few months. I still expect payment within 5 days, or I will report as a non paying bidder, thanks"
  16. Here is mine. Also OO from the LCS. I think it's a 9.0 all day, maybe a 9.2 or better with a press.
  17. Yes, I edited my post. One I know there was a preview for was Spidey's black costume. Marvel Age has a preview of it and then either ASM 252 or MTU 141 for the first app. Probably ASM 252 as it is the core title.
  18. How would this translate to, say, AF15? Was there a preview, and does the formula fit? I don't think you can call it a hard and fast formula unless it plays out on multiple books. Cool work, though. I know a guy that loves math stuff like that and applied it to baseball / HOF stats. Edit - I see from your next post that the formula is the same and the multiplers change to generate estimate values. I get it now.
  19. Here is mine. Got it raw at a comic store auction 30+ years ago for $17, if I remember correctly. I think it's about a VF, and has the tats. But I also have the 1st Ned Leeds, and 1st Roderick Kingsley.
  20. They could just change the top stripe to purple and the text from "Universal" to "Restored" But I agree, they did not think it through.
  21. Recently picked this up from a sales thread. Currently the most affordable of what I refer to as the "First Appearance Trilogy" ASM 13, 14, 15. 13 and 14 are out of my league, right now. I may decide to jump into deeper waters in the future.