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  1. It now joins the tons of other unsold Miller sketches he's selling for ridiculous prices. Some have been up there for nearly five years
  2. After five months of being unsold definitely smart to raise the price....
  3. I have mine broken up by type of art, i.e. original art, commissions, etc. and I never thought about just how many pages this is. I do wish there was a way that you could subfolder art within those folders as a directory so that you could do branch folders like Original Art --> Batman --> Detective Comics but I understand that is probably a ton of extra work/hosting for caf
  4. Looking to buy Amazing Spider-Man 208 signed Denny O'Neil. Raw or graded is fine, thanks!
  5. When you're selling pages for $1,500 or more that sell everywhere else for $150-200 it's hard to make a purchase...
  6. I'm not bitter haha. I enjoyed many years of being able to find great stuff at the right price. Except for a few pieces, there's always something new out there that is equally as good. There are quite a few pages that are about 50% too high I'm watching now. If I can get them where I want them I'll buy but none are must-haves, just ones I'd enjoy having in my collection. Ebay still has great deals but Heritage is next to impossible nowadays.
  7. As a buyer of lower-end art, (under $300), it's become very tough over the last 6-8 months to get anything on Heritage. Lots more flips showing up on ebay or dealer sites a few months after a heritage sale that will sit unsold for years to come.
  8. Just wait until production nft's start showing up on ebay...
  9. New comics are tough because guys like King and Cates get all this praise but their stuff is so repetitive and such a slog to get through text-wise. Despite how nice he is I can't get through another King book and for the life of me Mister Miracle and Heroes in Crisis were absolutely terrible. My pull list is the smallest it's ever been now that DC has fired all their good writers. I'd second the Venditti Hawkman recommendation. If you like Kirkman, both Oblivion Song and Firepower have been fun reads. Tynion's Batman is okay, if he can stop shoe-horning in Harley characte
  10. I got a free sketch from him at Baltimore a couple years ago. It's just weird to spend your time insulting people because you don't like their art.
  11. If you google the first image's signature it looks like it's Katie Glasheen
  12. Don't discount how many dealers and re-sellers are out there with dozens or hundreds of pages that sit unsold on their sites have a vested interest in keeping the auction sales price floor at a certain level. Many of these pages end up on re-sellers websites for insane amounts of money and will never get to be enjoyed by a collector.