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  1. At least now - hopefully if someone is dealing with this person they can google the name and decide if they want to move forward. I know sometimes when I deal with unknown people I google them trying to see if there had been problems. Same way I'm sure people here google commission experiences, dealer experiences, etc. Forgive, but don't forget. Hopefully someone else will see this now and avoid being scammed, since I'm sure he will continue to try and steal from others.
  2. As a fellow collector and Dell'Otto collector - very happy that it worked out for you. I applaud you for your decision to drop the issue and forgive the "buyer", but I still think his information should be left out there to help others. Forgive - but don't forget. This was an adult involved within the industry, runs some sort of store, etc. Not a 15 year old who really likes comics and made a huge mistake. The scammer was likely going to try and unload it onto someone else and make out with nice sum of money free and clear, and the fact that he knew exactly how to exploit Paypal's system (which favors the buyer) shows me that this is likely not an isolated incident. He's ripped off others before and will do it again, just this time he got push back because it was something big enough to raise eyebrows and there was a community to support getting it back. It probably won't be art next time - he'll stick to things bought on eBay like a PS4 or maybe a computer. That person will have no recourse or a community to help them.
  3. I know I usually just rip open packages worth thousands in a frenzy. Cardboard, bits of art, masonite everywhere. So it makes sense that it likely fell behind the radiator for a few weeks.
  4. I was going to say that, but didn't want to sound negative on someone working at a fast food restaurant. It would be possible to save up for such things if working at fast food place, but there probably are other priorities. I know if I was working at a Burger King I wouldn't be trying to be Dell'Otto painting - it would be more about trying to afford a car or save up money.
  5. I'm pretty sure the buyer wouldn't volunteer that he is a criminal that has stolen artwork worth thousands of dollars. It seems pretty obvious RS88 was ripped off, but it would make no sense if he was a scammer to draw attention to this first. He would know that paypal rules will never favor him, so if a buyer pushed back he would just take the shipping loss and try to move onto the next sad sack and try to fly under the radar. Then there is just all the other information. RS88 is an established member of this community, CAF, etc. Has many people vouch for him saying they've never had any problems with big purchases/sales. etc. The other guy gave a fake name and has no online presence. As far as I've seen he has only "spoken" through some other people on Facebook who said they talked to him.
  6. The plot thickens..... Seriously though - that is disgusting that someone would do that. One thing I didn't see mentioned was maybe this should be passed along to all the dealers. If the person realized they can't sell the work easily online now, maybe they will try to approach a dealer online or at a convention for a trade or cash.
  7. Dokstarr

    Amanda Conner cover prices?

    $12K for the new Red Sonja cover. I really like almost all of Amanda and Jimmy's work, but in terms of art it just normally out of my impulse buy category. Like the previously Red Sonja cover. Looks really nice, I'd like it, but no way I could just willy-nilly drop even close to 12K on it.
  8. Dokstarr

    November HA OA auction

    I ended up with the one piece I bid on and wanted. Ended up going for more than I anticipated. There was another very similar piece right before it that I didn't bid on hoping that it would keep someone away from the one I wanted. Then the next one came up and the bidding back an forth started. My friend was over as I was bidding and got to listen to me go "Come on, I let you have the other one" as I whined each time I had to bid again.
  9. Dokstarr

    ruined by a signature

    So does that mean that Loeb was cosplaying as Ralph Macchio who plays that Karate Kid which is apparently yellow-face (I hope the sequel TV show from earlier this year knows!!). It's like a racist version of Inception!
  10. Dokstarr

    ruined by a signature

    Since Jeff Loeb is guilty of yellowface for wearing a gi, is every non-Asian person who cosplays as Ryu from Street Fighter also guilty of yellow-face?
  11. Dokstarr

    ruined by a signature

    You aren't missing anything - nothing was racist. The show had some other problems with fight scenes, acting, etc., but racism wasn't one of them. It was overall the weakest show out of the main four. I thought Jessica Jones season 2 may have been worse than Iron Fist season 2, but Jessica Jones had some extremely great moments that make it much better overall.
  12. Dokstarr

    NYCC art theft

    That is very weird that someone would steal a cover and try to then have it signed. Is it possible that someone pirated his table when he was away at panels? I've seen sometimes that artists will leave everything on their table and maybe throw a sheet or some plastic over their stuff, or just put it all in some bags below/behind the table. Could someone have jumped behind for a short time and sell something to keep the money? Just seems crazy to steal something and then ask the artist to sign it a few minutes later. I'm assuming it was kept in a portfolio so for it to be stolen the portfolio must've been there when Erik wasn't there or extremely distracted.
  13. Dokstarr

    #comicsgate and your collecting habits

    Excellent summary. Like many things the truth falls in the middle of what both sides scream from the rooftops. I thought the Frank Cho developments were interesting after so much of that crowd supported him throughout all the negative coverage and articles written about him and his response with the "outrage" covers.
  14. Dokstarr

    The Original Art for Batman'

    That sounds like a problem with society and we shouldn't encourage it. The fact that certain segments frown upon some forms of art shouldn't dictate what is allowed and not. Especially where this is an 18+ comic and it wasn't a sexual scene. It wasn't like it was an issue of Cherry Poptart.
  15. Dokstarr

    The Original Art for Batman'

    Why was it a cheap publicity stunt? It wasn't a sex scene or Batman standing at attention. It was him returning back to the cave after a near death experience. Limping through the cave as he steps out of his suit. We see him covered in scars as the trauma is listed. Battered, beaten and almost vulnerable even though he is still 100% focused. This was also the 18+ line. We joke here because it is getting a lot of coverage, but it honestly seems like not a big deal at all. I can read a Garth Ennis comic where someone is strung up by their intestines while still alive, but a completely non-sexual scene with a small amount of nudity is "unprofessional" and a sign that Lee Bermejo is a bad artist? Or something is wrong with Brian Azzarello? Maybe a random bat should of flown by right at the correct time to block the disgusting image, or Alfred could've been holding a teapot? My only hope is that this doesn't get all the focus and it is hopefully a good story. 100 Bullets was one of my first favorites.