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  1. Free reprint given with copies of the Theatrical Cut DVD of the "Elektra" film. Front cover has new painted art by Greg Horn while the Back retains the original art by Frank Miller.
  2. Doesn't it still tell you in the monthly newsletter ebay sends out?
  3. They have an iphone and android app that works great for me.
  4. Well, dont hold out on us. The suspense is killing us.
  5. So people that died because their pilot or driver was dusted and they crashed are still dead, I would assume, right? Or the people in the building that helicopters and planes crashed into as well? I think the movie would have been better if Pepper was dusted. Tony gets home, finds out she's gone. Goes home, finds a pregnancy test and finds out he was a dad that way. Now hes motivated to work with Scott. When he uses the stones, be goes back five years and sets everything right.
  6. Emily was originally cast as Black Widow, but had to drop out for scheduling conflicts with Gulliver's Travels. She also was in the running for Peggy Carter in Cap.
  7. Nm. Should have refreshed. Its already been stated