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  1. I'm lost. If you buy the book from his table and walk over to the CGC booth, why would you need to pay an extra $10 for it...
  2. Camilla Luddington (Laura Croft) from the Tomb Raider Games
  3. To be fair Marvel's books have been garbage. So I don't think it is a bad idea to reboot as tiring as it is. Their sales are falling off a cliff. Hopefully this is the end of all the SJW nonsense that has been jammed down our throats and good stories and characters will take their place. HOWEVER, if that is not the case and it remains to be the same old then yeah ill change my tune pretty quickly.
  4. Those are definitely nice books. Its not the artwork that I have an issue with. It is the blatant lazy cash grab. Ex: Cover A, Cover B VIRGIN, Cover C Negative, Cover D Different colors digitally filled in, etc. and don't even get me going on the ridiculousness about print runs. I would say that the examples you gave are some 'good' variants though.
  5. Very solid advice and I couldn't agree more. However, I have to imagine that this is already happening because there is no way people can financially keep up the pace. Like I said the turn around on the book is so short lived if you are even able to make a profit. Fool me once but not twice kind of thing.
  6. I can not possibly be in the minority on the boards here that have noticed an absolute absurd amount of increased variants spreading through the comic industry like a virus. It is actually worse then the 90's IMO and my reason why is because back then the extent of it was (holograms, foils, chrome). Fast forward to today and we still have that and MORE. Every variant has not 2, 3 but 4! (some cases more: looking at you JSC)different versions of the SAME cover. We have reached an all time LOW for laziness with variants. Not to mention that literally 90% of these variants have tanked. I have no clue how these variants are still coming out. I wanted to bring awareness to this because as a collector the books are rapidly decreasing in value while the hobby is very expensive. So where do you see this craziness going? will it eventually crash?
  7. Shane delivered a book that was on my want list for a long time (Thor 337). The book looks really great and I am happy to have it in my collection! Very solid seller and I look forward to doing business again. Thanks again Shane!
  8. Hey! I am looking for the modern. Sorry, I should specify in the thread. I forgot about the original (Marvel Present)
  9. Hello! I am looking for a 9.8 Blue label or Yellow Label of Bloodstone #1 9.8. If you have a pretty minty raw copy with no color breaks I would be interested in as well. Thanks!