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  1. Ever drink Bailey's from a shoe..? Maybe I should ask you the same question. Watcha doin in my waters?
  2. Foley

    porcupine48 ?

    Linus is so good looking after her like that.
  3. Foley

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Congrats and welcome to the club! You hanging onto it? He won the "what do you think it will sell for", not the actual book.
  4. Foley

    porcupine48 ?

    So sorry to hear Jimmers, I'm pulling for you man. Penny as well. Keep the head up
  5. Foley

    low grading

    If the cover is only attached by tape, CGC treats it as a detached cover. See the link to CGC's stance on tape someone posted for you in one of the other threads you started about the same issue (one thread would have been enough). Terms like "yellow pages" and "reconditioned" lead me to believe you may not be too familiar with grading and the mistake may be on your end. No they're not. The best, but not the only.
  6. You wouldn't happen to have a pic of some of the books on top of a...... say...... a Porsche, would you?
  7. Foley

    porcupine48 ?

    Dammit Steve! I thought our three way was between us. Now you've outed us
  8. Re-reading it, I'm not sure whether it skirts the PayPal rule either. Anybody know what an eBay private link is?
  9. "Happy to complete the sale on Ebay through my Private link since that grants 0% Final Value Fees for me. If you got a 10% Ebay Bucks coupon going on, it's a double win for you too! Ask me in PMs though about this." Came across this in Modern. It looks to be at least a violation of the PayPal rule, as in, offering a discount for an alternative payment method. Would it also violate the "board exclusive offer", or no? Just curious as I've never seen it before and aren't too familiar with eBay "private links". It sound like the books aren't technically for sale to the public on eBay, but I'm not sure how I feel about taking the transaction off the boards. If something went sideways, would the parties involved still be eligible for probation etc?
  10. Foley

    speedcake's feedback thread

    I bought a number of books from Charlie recently, and have nothing but praise for the entire experience. The grading was spot-on, they were shipped quickly and securely, and his prices were very reasonable! I would happily purchase from him again. Thanks again for a seamless transaction!