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  1. "The Child" is not actually Yoda as a baby. He's often referred to as "baby Yoda" but he's just a baby of Yoda's species. As you alluded to, the Mandalorian takes place after the original trilogy, so actual Yoda would only exist as a force ghost during this time period.
  2. I’m only messing with you, but this sentence: Made it seem like you had the idea in the grocery store. Yeah, I know. I think you’ve mentioned the AF15 5.0 you sold through Bob Storms once or a few hundred times.
  3. Pretty sure you’re in the wrong forum. Also, your stories don’t add up. Did you have a dream about this last night or think it up in the grocery store?
  4. Ah thanks, I didn't see the link in your second post. I agree it should have been disclosed. I can see it in the seller's image, but that's probably because I know it's there already. I probably would have missed it as well, especially given the image would have been smaller (like you mentioned.)
  5. It would help people form an opinion if you included the seller's pictures from the original listing.
  6. It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it's told. Rub the lotion on your hands Gary!
  7. Very nice that you still have it and the fond memories attached. I've always had a soft spot for Hitchcock rockers, as my Mom purchased one when my brother was born to nurse him, so it was a mainstay in our house growing up. I ended up buying one in college and a matching table:
  8. Glad she lived a long and hopefully happy life Buzz. I lost my Nana last year at the ripe old age of 101. My question is about the black rocking chair she’s in in the first pic. Is it a Hitchcock? I grew up about 20 minutes from their factory.
  9. The Irish version involves a Hurley at arms length