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  1. Click on the orange chat bubble to the left on the forums home page.
  2. I'll start by saying that the finale was absolutely amazing, as is the series in general. I may get slated for this, but I think everyone is being far too kind with the mild criticisms of the CGI. That was absolutely atrocious. I get it, that's where the technology is at the moment, and we couldn't have had a young Luke any other way, but still. I don't think there's any denying that this "uncanny valley" version of Luke was poorly executed.
  3. Rashy or ashy? Either way, pretty sure you caught that from Gary Coleman.
  4. I've got a belly full of white dog cráp in me, and now you lay this shít on me?
  6. Welcome back Jimmers! Is it true you're hung like a barnacle?
  7. Very nice! Is it an original FC7 or has it been repainted to Plum Crazy?
  8. "The Child" is not actually Yoda as a baby. He's often referred to as "baby Yoda" but he's just a baby of Yoda's species. As you alluded to, the Mandalorian takes place after the original trilogy, so actual Yoda would only exist as a force ghost during this time period.