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  1. I vote no. If I don't want spoilers about a movie or a show, I just don't go in the thread. Still haven't ventured into the Joker thread because of this. You just have to look to our own species for your answers. Human young are helpless for a very lengthy time compared to other species. How old would a child have to be to survive on it's own back in the "cave men" days? 10 years old? Less? More? Humans evolved and survived despite having helpless young by having superior intelligence as protection against predators. We built shelter, weapons, stayed in family units etc. Predators didn't pick off human babies (well, surely some did) because they weren't left to fend for themselves. As far as Yittle (that's what I call him) is concerned, I doubt the force is the only protection that would normally be afforded to his species. I assume he would have had parents to protect him, but was taken from them and cared for by some kind of guardian. The only way his species would have to survive predators as infants would be if the parents abandoned their young before they were mature enough to survive on their own, and I personally don't think that's the case here.
  2. So that means "The asset" would have been born the same year as Anakin. Coincidence, or the force "balancing" itself?
  3. I think it’s well done overall, but I’m not loving MJ’s teeth and sanpaku eyes.
  4. I’m not sure I follow this. You don’t determine value by introducing hypothetical rarity.
  5. that sounds familiar where is that from?
  6. Maybe followed by his Allentown Tec 27?
  7. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. P.S. "alot" is not a word.
  8. Found his head.
  9. Thanks for linking, I hadn't seen that thread. Ignored user and blocked eBay lists just got a bit longer
  10. Everything on eBay is returnable, even if the listing says it isn't.
  11. He's also far and away the most knowledgable regarding Pence variants across all publishers, indicia variants, U.S. price font variations etc. He also has a wealth of knowledge about Marvel newsstand price variants (1999-2000), Canadian price variants, and Australian price variants. His research and cataloging are very impressive, and have been mentioned in Overstreet and elsewhere. I'd also add @AJD for all things Australian, @G.A.tor for Centaur (and the G.A. market in general), @lizards2 for fish-in-the-face covers, and @nearmint for statues. I'm sure I'm missing others. I lurk more than you think, and love taking in all the knowledge here on the boards