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  1. This direct green has the "poly-bag removed" notation. And this direct (purple web) has no notation. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Is this just bad labelling from CGC? Just trying to learn the differences.
  2. Some manufacturing errors get green labels, but I'm not sure how they decide which ones.
  3. Indeed. I personally don't understand the offence taken by Scorsese's Marvel comments. I agree with him in fact. Marvel films are not "cinema" the same way (most) popular fiction is not "literature" and Swatch watches aren't "haute horology". It doesn't mean they aren't highly likeable, entertaining and worthy of praise in their own right. Simply that they don't have superior or lasting artistic merit. I shouldn't have to say this, but since it seems to be a very touchy subject, I will: This is my opinion, and it is based on my own interpretation of what Scorsese meant by his comments. I understand that others may have a different opinion, and I am not saying those are invalid or wrong.
  4. Not on Broadway, but I saw the Lion King in London a while back, and this year, the St. Petersburg ballet’s production of Swan Lake, both with the wife. I actually enjoyed both. Not to the point I’d run back but every once in a while would be ok with me. Not sure if it counts but in high school I took an 1/8 of mushrooms and went to the Ringling Bros. Circus in Hartford with a few friends. To this day, that’s still the strangest experience of my life.
  5. @Buzzetta Surely you have something you could copy and paste here by now?
  6. I also loved the conversation about the fish One of the best scenes in the film IMO.
  7. Are the pictures not showing? I can see them in the post. Let me know I can see them, I could see them yesterday too At least some numbskull didn't come along and quote him (without editing). That's my biggest board pet peeve
  8. That's not a bronze book. Is this sarcasm that's gone over my head? I searched "Spider-man 1 Mcfarlane 9.8" on Ebay and counted 60+ CGC 9.8s on the first page of results alone.
  9. Supposedly it is. Frank Sheeran was 6'4" tall compared to Robert Deniro's 5'10" height. So they had to lift him up a tiny bit. Yeah, I remember seeing that photo early on when the film was shooting, definitely real. I think Pacino's pigeon toed stance is even funnier than DeNiro's shoes though Looks like one leg is trying to walk one way and the other one is going somewhere else.
  10. I couldn't disagree with this more. This film was was very different to Goodfellas and Casino, in my opinion of course. Tonally, the latter were high energy and fast paced, The Irishman was brooding and slow. Goodfellas and Casino were celebratory and glorified the mob lifestyle. The Irishman focuses on regret and despair from an aged man trying to understand how he ended up where he did and how he betrayed those he cared about. The hits themselves were depicted matter of factly, and the lifestyle was further de-glamorized by the technique of pausing the frame when a new character was introduced to tell you how they died. To me, the Irishman is about an old man who has become desensitised to death (after committing war crimes and a long career as a hitman), where Goodfellas and, to a lesser degree, Casino, were glorifications of "the good old days". If the cast didn't include DeNiro and Pesci, do you think you'd still feel The Irishman was more of the same? Sure, it may share a culture and time period with some of Scorsese's previous films, but to me that's where the similarities end. Are all westerns parodies of each other because they take place around the same time in similar settings?
  11. Beautiful boy Apologies in advance for the thread cráp, but you have great taste in pet names. This is my Alfred. Different species, but he wears a tuxedo all day, so figured it was apt.
  12. Seems like they borrowed heavily from the plot of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai for this episode.
  13. It's to the left of the image
  14. I don't disagree that it was likely the weakest thus far, but what do you mean about them not being able to help themselves? Honest question.
  15. I think the very early stuff was worse personally, but not sure it really counts because the character hadn't evolved yet.
  16. Hi Scott, I think what Roy is referring to is: When you get a notification that someone has sent a PM, and you click on the bell icon (not the envelope), then click on "So and so sent you a message", it doesn't bring you to the message they just sent. Instead, it brings you to the first page of the PM thread.