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  1. Excellent boarder. Would love to add more from great collection! The L Family
  2. John was great to deal with. He had excellent communication and packaging. Thank you! The L Family
  3. Hello CC, We sold a few books over the past few weeks via feebay and the boards. We are not able to locate ASM 5. Sorry for the mishap. Thanks for your understanding.
  4. The prior threads are a few years old. We didn’t know they were still accessible. Also, we addressed this matter the same day thread was started and unaware the ongoing discussion until skypinkinblue sent PM. Sorry for the mishap.
  5. Pictures were deleted from the thread because of a forum post regarding 'registry' issues with people claiming books that weren't theirs/transferring the registry to new owners. We did this to help out the rightful owner(s). Hope that helps. Sorry again.
  6. The pictures were taken in the past 2-3 weeks.
  7. Where do you think the book is lost? Is it lost in your house or was it stolen? Was it sold prior to the sale on the boards? We don't believe the book was stolen. We searched throughout house, but are unable to locate. We aren't sure if it was involved in prior sale. Did anyone contact you saying the price was too low? No. Are you continuing to search the house for the book and if so, why not tell Brock that it was just temporarily missing and wait a few days before refunding? Still looking. Once we were unable to locate once searched our books, we refunded. Any books w
  8. Brock, We no longer have pictures. We deleted pictures to make space on our computer. We don't store anything in the cloud or have those pics backed up. Refund was given when we were unable to find book. We will continue to look. If we end up finding the book, we will offer to sell the book to you at the same asking price.
  9. Book was not found or reposted. . Free books were for my son (3 Years old). Sorry Brock.
  10. Bob was easy to deal with. We hope you enjoy the book as much as we have. Very happy you own a piece of our collection. Great communication. The L Family
  11. Hello All, Looked for the book shortly after the PayPal Payment email was sent to prep for sending out. Unable to locate it, we sent refund. We will continue to scour our books. Sorry. Won’t happen again. Thanks for your understanding. The L Family