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  1. GEEzusWalks

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Marvel Select Figure - Deadpool Amazing Spiderman #84 CGC 8.0 OWW 0343325010 Amazing Spiderman #177 CGC 9.4 W 1402833017 Figure is MIB. Tried to cherry pick best package. Shipping is on us to US/Canada. Slabs are new/pristine condition. Will throw in another action figure/funko pop/etc. based on winner's preference as a surprise. Happy Holidays to all. Thank you. The L Family
  2. GEEzusWalks

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    The L Family will participate for the 2018 Holiday Raffle. Thank you for setting up the great event. The L Family
  3. GEEzusWalks

    Official 2018 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up

    We are in. Thank you.
  4. GEEzusWalks

    Misterrmystery Feedback/Kudos

    Bob is A+++. Thank you for the addition to our Family Collection. The L Family
  5. GEEzusWalks


    FF12 per PM. Thank you Jimbo.
  6. @woregul - PM sent to confirm the donation info. Once confirmed, we will send out book ASAP (tomorrow) and provide tracking number. @DeadOne - Please label book 'Sold'. Thanks to all involved in the thread and letting us help. The L. Family
  7. Please donate directly to the GoFundMe page and PM confirmation and address through the CGCBoards. $50 Shipping to anywhere in USA on us. Amazing Spider-Man 195 8/79 Marvel Comics Modern Grader Notes: Small bend bottom of spine and small tear top of spine CGC 9.2 -WHITE Marv Wolfman story, Keith Pollard art, Al Milgrom cover Origin & 2nd appearance of the Black Cat Wishing for a speedy recovery. The L. Family
  8. Take if avail. Thank you.