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  1. hi Cbass, Yes I am interested in any SS.
  2. Seems like a great trade. Well done guys!
  3. Saw this today, i enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Liked the fight the scenes
  4. Very cool books with awesome sigs.
  5. That's really cool, i need to start entering more draws. I figure I'll never win so I never enter (wrong attitude to have!)
  6. As a newbie, this was cool to read. Right now just collecting but in time will start selling. Thanks for this!
  7. wow, hopefully that's good for us because as Marvel keeps making a killing on these movies they'll continue to make more and more
  8. Purchased a couple of books from David, he shipped them super quickly and they came very well packaged. Thanks again David!
  9. Thanks for the auction, that was fun!
  10. I say you accept s14roller's bid...seems like too much money to pass up