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  1. How can you just skip 13 and 14 like they dont exist
  2. Great seller quick easy transaction! Looking forward to more
  3. Always looking! Going to Motor City con Friday if anyone will be there with any books.
  4. Interesting to see this book reprinted with the comics code stamp added, i wonder if they made any changes to the story or if it was just a direct transfer from the original.
  5. Makes sense, will avoid those going forward. Also interesting is the fact that any typical store bought safe you buy is not engineered correctly anyway to stop someone that knows what they are doing. Came across this a few years ago and found it really interesting. Found another one of the videos I remembered, the Sturdy Safe people have a great USA company.
  6. That book must have been in Louisiana or Florida or something. Can't imagine any book going from normal staples to full blown rust in a few years.
  7. I was curious myself and it looks like the BWS issue (#4) is worth less than the stated $250 nowadays. It was probably considered a key because it was a prototype for Conan. Something that is probably overlooked nowadays as not important. https://comicbookrealm.com/series/387/0/marvel-comics-chamber-of-darkness
  8. Haha I get what you're saying but I would never allow myself to pay 2x GPA on any book. There will always be another. Then again I don't collect books that fall in the top 5% of the census so it's never been a problem.. I could see if you were going for the real top of the top stuff.
  9. Great seller and asset to the boards, looking forward to working on some more deals in the future.
  10. If you received the actual item as described I probably wouldn't be leaving neutral, you can mark them down on the star scores for communication though. Also sometimes paypal/ebay put the tracking number in different places, you may have to check both to be sure.
  11. Not the same thing, but I bought ultra-pro magazine bags from a local comic shop 30 minutes away. I figured I'd rather support the local shop than buy online. Turns out the ultra pro mag bags do not fit my eaglemoss magazines anyway, so I end up ordering thick size BCW magazine bags online away. Sitting on a pack of useless $6 mag bags here, too. Point is, sometimes you lose and sometimes you lose.
  12. I would rather see MCU gambit than fox gambit.. probably for the best. They already did him once. Might not see him for another 5 years though.
  13. This seemed like a no-brainer. This book went from red hot to cold pretty quickly. Looking forward to dormammu and clea showing up in the next film.
  14. Great seller! More than well packed and super quick to get everything out. Thanks!