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  1. Looking for these five marvel mags in 9.0+, trying to avoid roller marks/color rub/color transfer as is sometimes frequently found on these. If you even have one of these books don't hesitate to send me over a picture anyway though. Once I can find these, I'll be looking to finish the set with #9-11. Thanks!
  2. Let's get serious folks Weird V3 #4 (9/1969) VF 8.0 $74 Witches Tales (12/1969) VF+ 8.5 $80 Tales of Voodoo V2 #4 (9/1969) VF 8.0 $90
  3. Let's try a new discount to celebrate the Venom movie.. buy one lot get 10% off, any two lots get 15% off, and three lots get 20% off total.
  4. If someone wants to educate me on the re-used cover artwork, like the one above compared to Weird June 1970 on the previous page. Were they the same stories or half new half old? How can one be sure which came first without memorizing all the covers?
  5. Am I out of the loop for just noticing this? Edit: nevermind one is a spanish edition. http://comicbookdb.com/issue.php?ID=194124 http://comicbookdb.com/issue.php?ID=365408 Bonus lookalike
  6. Sinner takes all set is now sold.
  7. Still a ton of stuff left, open to offers.
  8. It doesn't feel like Halloween until I've scrolled through a bounty thread with envy
  9. Everything in this thread is still available for sale except for the Funeral Pyre set which just recently sold. I've also revised the Planet of the Symbiotes listing which now has all 5 books to the set.
  10. I've put a fairly large dent into my Volume 1 collection with the addition of 3 new 9.4's. I will leave the #176 on the list on the off-chance that I find a nicer 9.4 white pages.
  11. Got the same garbage. I was about to spend $200 I was waiting for the 20% off but it only works on items from like 200 random junk sellers.
  12. Made my decision easy.