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  1. Silver age comics that are heating up

    I remember someone selling a FF5 cgc 9.0 Restored on the boards here a long time ago and it sat for a long time. I think I just saw a cgc 4.0 restored just sell for the same price recently. Sound familiar to anyone?
  2. How about a UV film to put over the slab, to prevent them from being color bleached by sitting under the flourescent lights (in a store where it sits too long). Seems like it would be useful.
  3. Any marvel premiere 3/4/5?
  4. Looken' at GPA over here and...

    Joke meaning futile, I was expecting it to be at 700+ by the time it went through. I would gladly pay it however I put my odds of winning with that low of a bid at 2% or less. Surprisingly enough the fantucchio pedigree 8.5 on comiclink sold @ $425 last week and a 9.4 @ $1,725.
  5. Looken' at GPA over here and...

    I'm not sure! I would have gladly taken it for $650, maybe even at $700 I would have wanted it, but it was such a last minute thing and I just bought a 7.0 a few weeks ago for $200. I think I was content with what I had, not really concerned with the easy flip money. I think this was more of a fluke where few people saw the item for sale, maybe everyone spent their weekly budget on that coupon from friday.
  6. Looken' at GPA over here and...

    Check out these crazy shenanigans on Strange Tales 126. I threw in a joke of a bid of $600 expecting a bunch of other snipers to throw in $700, 750, 800.. etc. Nope! not even close. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Strange-Tales-126-CGC-9-0-Off-White-to-White-Pages-1st-App-Clea-amp-Dormammu-/162929988773
  7. Ebay 20% off

    1900 is right on the dot for average. http://comics.gocollect.com/priceguide/view/134372 I'd rather save 20% on $500 than 5% of 1900 even if it is $100 either way. It is interesting that on the $1900 sale ebay breaks even since the seller pays the $100 final value fee. On a $500 book the fee is only $50 so ebay loses another $50 on it. With that said I only saved $32 on a hardcover since the graded books were overpriced.
  8. Looken' at GPA over here and...

    Year and a half ago would have been exactly right before the Doctor Strange movie. The thing about comics compared to a real investment on the stock exchange, you can't short it when you think it is over-valued. Any time prior to a movie release, comics hit their all time high price, then come back down afterwards like clockwork. If I could short a comic you can bet I would be selling every single time before the movie and buying every single time a few months after the movie. Not being able to short an investment essentially breeds what seems like limitless demand and extremely limited supply, causing these short term panic buys. Problem is, after the movie everyone wants to cash out and make money, but what happened to all the buyers? Oh they were all just short-term investors themselves or a hobbyist that plans to hold the book forever. Neither of those groups looking to buy. The real big picture question that even I don't know yet, is this period in time going to be the very peak of demand on the proverbial chart? What will happen in 10 or 20 years from now. Can marvel keep their characters relevant for that long? Where else will the long term demand come from when the eventual movie golden age ends? Sure a silver age may come, and they will probably continue to make hundreds of millions but that slice of the pie may continue to get smaller and smaller over time.
  9. Ebay 20% off

    So who foots the bill for this? Assuming ebay makes their %10 on Fees are they eating a 10% loss to cover the other half as a marketing expense? I would imagine that climbing into the millions depending on how many people used it.
  10. Your ideal best offer system?

    This is why the auto-decline might not be the best to keep sales up, it just seems convenient for everyone. I am all for copying the current ebay system though. The change I would make is maybe allow the buyer or seller to set the length of time that an offer/counter offer is valid for. Don't give everyone a blanket 48 hours.
  11. Ebay 20% off

    I bought a big book I will actually read instead of the slabbed dr strange book I wanted. Pretty happy as this is something with a pretty stable price that rarely changes much.
  12. Ebay 20% off

  13. Ebay 20% off

    I'm sending out messages to people first. If they don't respond within an hour or two, no offer.
  14. Ebay 20% off

    Bahh i cant find anything and its a race against the clock.
  15. ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I can't find a book I want this time around that isn't already past GPA averages and the final prices are still yet to come. Tax season seems a real bad time to buy.