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  1. Seller responded fairly quickly to me and asked if I wanted a partial refund and to keep the items or if I just wanted to return them. I was not about to negotiate FMV with this guy so they are all going back, he didn't seem to mind. I called ebay CS and they basically recommended I just use the "return this item" that shows up right in the order history. Problem is I have to do a return on each individual item, there isn't an option for the whole order... so it gave me three pre-paid but seperate return labels. The ebay rep also recommended I send the items back using all three labels with seperate packages, because if I put all three books in one box and return them he might be able to say the other two items were not returned if there's no tracking history. If he's really pulling this on all his customers, I wonder if he is even on the hook for the shipping charges or if it gets paid off by ebay? If there's no expense to him having stuff constantly returned then I can see why a powerseller would try pulling this off. I'm sure they look at the size of his account and give him a pass. I would be surprised if ebay eats the cost on all these returns it wouldn't make much business sense for them.
  2. Hilarious they can scam that many people, with 11,000+ transactions, and still have an account. https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/pcbcomicsandsports?filter=feedback_page:All&_trksid=p2545226.m2531.l4585
  3. Yeah it has me very confused because there are certain aspects where there are similarities, for example the nightmare #9 bottom squarebound edge the paper appears to have folded over slightly and showing white paper which is also present in the seller's scan, but none of the color breaking is there on any of the edges. Why put all that effort into touching up images, it would take 5-10 minutes per book at least just to blend things and this is a person with 11000 feedback so not a smart time investment. If they were stock images you'd have to expect they would be misrepresented. That top edge chipping with the color completely gone I don't know how anyone could think buyer's wouldn't notice it. I also don't know how that could happen during transit if the shipper was at fault, I could see spine ticks being caused from sorting machines bending the package but color shouldn't just be disappearing. It also couldn't dog ear corners. Who knows. I'll give the seller a chance to make it right, but he's not gonna like what I think they are worth. Also I really like your Vampi #5, very hard to get that book without color rubbing off along the spine.
  4. Mo' purchases Mo' problems. I bought these books on ebay and received them today. I've attached the top three scans that were in the seller's listing, and then I've attached the books how they arrived. All three of them appear to have issues that were not present in any of the pictures... I'm questioning if these are even the right copies of the books?
  5. I like the data.. is there a way to convert this to a chart of some type? Also if there was a choice to change showing data from weekly to monthly to yearly, it could be much easier to read the data at a glance.
  6. That's super cool you should post the original art, somewhere.
  7. Rule of 25 doesn't seem to apply to the awesome marvel x-men cards that came out between 93-96, those things were the pinnacle of collecting back then, kids cared more about collecting the cards than the actual comics of the characters they were based on. Depending on some of the brands you can get complete sets of '94 fleer ultra x-men for example for $20-30. Pokemon was just a few short years later, I was around during the peak of that as well, and it wasn't too different. "1st edition" packs were artificially rare, they weren't super exclusive like everyone thinks, if you're pegging the entire safety of your investment on that then good luck. It's easy to blame 90's x-men cards failure as being over-produced/too much supply and while that's true to think Pokemon is somehow different or immune to that well I don't know what to say really. The concepts were the same, the production was the same, they printed those things out like money with no cares to give. Same thing, different property.
  8. Yeah that 4.5 look like a 5.5-6.0 compared to the other one I got... I've seen that one sitting there on mycomicshop for a while now with no biters.. it presents well but I guess demand for low grade isn't there. Seems like a nice copy though. I've just gotten tired of waiting for Fine/VF copies to show up because it doesn't happen in the 5 or so years I've really paid attention. As for the next Frankenstein issue I picked that up as well, it was a slightly better "6.0" but had to pay the price at $150. I've tried to get a good copy on the boards for a while but very few people selling these. Before that the only other good deal on it was a $60 copy off ebay from a local seller and it was probably a 3.0 on a good day.
  9. $65 each, not a steal I've seen them cheaper on ebay but I don't know what kind of demand there is really if resold.
  10. I summon the mag guru's with a question on this one.. I found these hard to find first issues in the comiclink exchange, the one on the left had a picture but the other one on the right did not, I bought both anyway, both assigned a 4.0 grade. Seemed like a no brainer at the time but the second copy to my eye looked significantly worse, oxidized staples, color fade/color loss, and one of the worst odors I've had in a while from a comic, likely mold or something similar. I just wanted to close it up and put it away, it was difficult to deal with. I've already asked comiclink on their return process but in the meantime curious if you think it's a bad move to return a hard to find book. The other question was regarding the staples; the nicer one I'm keeping didn't have any oxidation on them at all. They were shiny on both the outside and inside, seemed out of place and I started thinking could it be a staple swap book but then I looked at a few others and I guess the few I looked at seemed to have similar looking stapes too. Do these seem pretty normal for an eerie pub?
  11. Yeah the same insufficiently_thoughtful_person who went into japan and was filming bodies in the suicide forest in 2018 and it made national news. Then he put on some boxing show that did way better than it ever deserved to, fighting some other UK youtube rival. Then he did it again. Everything he does is a publicity stunt. I wouldn't take a single thing posted on his youtube as anything other than an attempt to rope in more viewers and attention to himself.
  12. I checked out of curiosity, it's much longer than expected going back to 2012 and would probably take 4-5 omni's haha. https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/the-full-reading-order-of-jason-aaron-s-thor
  13. My understanding is that it is the finale of the Jason Aaron Thor run that has been ongoing for quite a while. I haven't read any of it but I'd assume you'd want to read the beginning of Aaron's Thor to appreciate it. I think most of those HCs are OOP or hard to get. Maybe it gets an omni in the next few years.
  14. Agreed, the rampant speculation in regular comics because of 'MCU keys' is significantly worse than anything I've seen in magazines so far by comparison. It wasn't a bad buy at all I'd rather just have a raw 9.2 for $50 without tying up that much into one magazine that is not likely to appreciate in value the same way standard/regular comics do (due to the obvious speculation of course).
  15. I would add a chapter on Spider-Man / AF15. The way Lee and Ditko made a character that was more relatable than they ever imagined changed the very way they decided to make super hero books relatable to the person reading them. Also Spider-Man is (at least retro-spectively) now the king of the entire silver age which doesn't seem represented in the book. If they could reproduce those wonderful looking original pages so well, why can't marvel do it today without recoloring everything and using bright white glossy pages in all their reprints