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  1. Take #145 $5 #155 $5 #159 $5 #161 $5 #166 $5 #169 $8
  2. I'm out of the loop what happened? Ohh kitt harrington black knight, got it. He's the one actor that should be able to pull off a knight character in a modern timeline. Unless...
  3. The only way they have left to make money is exploiting people that don't understand how the internet works or know how to find other alternatives so in short, yes probably. Also see
  4. Since the forum posts sometimes switch around at a later date/time I'll just post this here now
  5. Having the brand new swamp thing series cancelled after one episode is not going to help things out.
  6. This sounds real a real mail problem as it has happened to me multiple times. Usually becuase the mailman is lazy and doesnt want to drop it off, or he didnt actually have the package in his truck that day, or it was scanned wrong etc etc. Usually in 1-2 days it will show up. I wouldnt be quick to dismiss as a scammer if they have good feedback history.
  7. I mean if you're really just wanting to gamble here, the $4,000 price is in line with a 8.0 grade. https://comics.gocollect.com/guide/view/124741 I have no idea if that would come back 8.0 or better though due to the back cover issue mentioned above.
  8. That's all for this thread. Copper/Modern thread still open.
  9. I stack them in piles until I run out of space. Kidding. Sort of. I've been able to keep dust off them this way. It also helps limit me for buying more stuff because there's nowhere to put it. You'll notice I'm missing X-Men Omnibus #1 (Lee/Kirby) because that one is out of print and sells regularly for $300-400.