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  1. Ebay Global Shipping Program?

    I'll share my experience as a buyer. I buy those little eaglemoss statues from UK as a US buyer. Ask the seller about combined shipping rates if I were to buy 9 of these figures. They calculate the cost and it would be something like $25 US equivalent. They forgot to uncheck the GSP so when the seller tries sending me an invoice, there is no option for them to adjust shipping price at all. There is also no way to combine items on the same invoice! GSP wanted over $100 for 9 separate items. The story still has a happy ending but I certainly did not and will not ever use GSP as a buyer.
  2. Silver age comics that are heating up

    I have to agree here and I noticed recently that some of the websites have been changing her first appearance from avengers #83 over to Hulk #126 and I'm thinking when the heck did that happen? Bottom line, it doesn't matter if that person is being imitated by another character or not, it is still the first time that character has been drawn and put on paper. The fact it is done front and center of the cover makes it all the more significant. Take a look at hulk 126 and tell me that is more desirable of a cover than avengers 83. It's like trying to argue that hulk 180 will some day outshine hulk 181. Plus if we look at Valkyrie the way the MCU has portrayed it recently in the Thor Ragnarok movie, there is no one person that is Valkyrie, they are a group of warriors. One of them just happens to be Barbara. The first one to show up in print is Avengers 83 regardless of who it was.
  3. What grade range include "higher grade" is it 8.0 - 9.4? Only ask because the difference between a 8.0 and 9.4 on a bronze age like this is nearly triple the price.
  4. I am just kidding with you guys - all in good fun. It yours cheers.
  5. Good or Bad time to buy silver age

    I tend to think of this in terms of where does it fall in the spectrum of collectibles. It is always a gamble knowing which will succeed and which will fail. Lets look at four others I had experience with. Marvel trading cards, Pokemon, beanie babies, coin collecting. You can argue coins have always been one of the most solid long-term collectibles. Beanie babies were a complete flop. Marvel cards are still a flop. Pokemon made a huge resurgence due to the mobile game and early original cards can be worth a ton. I think comics are sort of in the group with coin collecting. Relatively safe long term. But still nothing is a guarantee. There could always be new generations that just don't care about these things anymore.
  6. Technology in comic collecting — now and tomorrow

    I would say it is more for people that don't know what they are shopping for. If I came upon a full run of something I didn't collect but I wanted to be "That Guy" and buy only the keys issues it works good for that. Excel is cool too but I only see that as a fancy checklist. I like to use www.comicbookrealm.com which I guess you would consider a 'website based cloud storage checklist and priceguide'. I can do it all in one spot. You can also export your whole collection to excel. I only need to bring a phone when shopping cons. Couldn't tell you how many times this has resulted in me leaving my phone sitting on a dealers longbox though.
  7. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    This looks pretty much like the same as the one above but it has 5 slots instead of 4 slots. Maybe I should just look into cabinets. http://www.collectiondrawer.com/boxsort
  8. BCW Has New Storage Boxes

    Does this divider have something to move back and forth on? My biggest problem is always having to find the perfect size item to put behind books to keep them standing up straight. It would be nice if I had something that adjusted as I added or removed books. edit: on second look, it seems like it has four possible preset positions. Needs some kind of sliding mechanism.
  9. Guess i didn't refresh every 30 seconds. Still interested in the othersr if you want to PM me.
  10. Are there any CGC 10 for GA out there?

    Has CGC ever given a useful explanation of what qualifies a 10.0 above a 9.9 or quite frankly why either is better than 9.8?
  11. Technically that is not thor annual 1 it is journey into mystery 1.
  12. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I will address the earlier posted concerns before everyone grabs their pitchforks. Xatari I already responded to your PMs but I thought I put White pages for the graded bronze age issues without miswraps in my post. Apparently I forgot to put the white pages part so thats my fault. I said this in the PM already though. Dark Knight I've also already responded letting you know I am considering it. After looking further into the previous sale prices for an X-Men #1 I discovered an 8.0 can be north of $18,000 while a 7.5 is only north of $9-10k. A nearly 80% price increase for half a grade. A decision not to be taken lightly. Ideally I should have identified this earlier however I am also not trying to limit my options and prevent people from sharing what they have available. After all, are we not all here to share and discuss what we enjoy while trading with others?