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  1. A recap would also be great on what is left - so those of us who weren't here don't have to suffer through 9 pages of "I'll take it's" on awesome books that are now gone
  2. Strange Tales #144 in 9.4 White, Fantucchio Pedigree, perfect centering. Lovely hero/sci-fi/car cover. only 11 higher! $220
  3. I've added a #174 to start off the new year, and a new picture of the graded slabs. Lets give this a new bump it's been a few months.
  4. bonus Bronze age book, Doctor Strange #1 1974. https://imgur.com/a/MwN3wi6 $40 - I am pricing it below VG+ grade. Beautifully presenting book bright sharp colors. Value stamp untouched. Bottom staple has been pulled into the pages somehow, but staple remains in position as shown at center of book. Large crease back cover, perfectly where you want it hidden behind your backing board.
  5. Doctor Strange #174, Copy B. $12. This has what I believe to be a production tear but I don't know for sure. There is a 1/4'' clean cut tear through all pages, visible on the bottom of the book. Hole on front cover same spot. Also has quite a few spine stresses around marvel comics group box area. Didn't know it was this way when I bought it so selling at a loss.
  6. two raw copies coming up. I bought this as a 9.0-9.2, my grading is not the best so please judge based on the pictures. If you need more let me know. Doctor Strange #174, Copy A. $35. Remember you can click the images to zoom in on a much higher resolution version.
  7. Doctor Strange #183, CGC 9.0 White pages Last issue, low production. $85 Universal Census: 10 in 9.0, only 50 higher.
  8. Doctor Strange #176, CGC 9.0 OW pages. $60. A 8.0 sold for $53 recently. Universal Census: 11 in 9.0, only 47 higher.
  9. Doctor Strange #175, CGC 9.2 White Pages $80 Universal Census: 22 in 9.2, only 47 higher
  10. Hello all, Selling a few of my Doc Strange from the collection - I went out of my way to find books without miswraps, inks, pencils, stamps, etc. Here are some nice copies up for sale. Terms: Returns within 1 week of receipt. Methods: Paypal, check or money order after clear. Claims in thread beat any PM's. Feel free to PM offers. Shipping is $10 for slabbed books, anything above that is always free. Raw books can skate by with first class mail, under a pound, for $5. You can click on the images for a much higher resolution version.
  11. 90sChild

    bounty_coder : Pour some Sugar on Me.

    Another great buy from the Halloween sale! Thanks again
  12. 90sChild

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    First time I've seen an Arnold sig on a CGC slab, well done!
  13. Dale doesn't mark his books sold unfortunately so you'll be sad to learn most of those are gone already
  14. I agree, Donnie is just the first person that came to mind. There are tons of great young actors out there I'm sure marvel will pick a good one like they did with Spidey and Black Panther. Oh, Also book sold via PM. Thanks everyone