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  1. The longer you do this the more you'll realize high price doesn't mean important book. You think they would be relative but not always. There are people who will continue to buy any key at any price until a movie is announced, regardless of how crazy the prices get. The best time to sell is always a month or two before the movie comes out. In this case, I don't know if he ever gets a solo movie, but maybe speculation is on doctor strange 2 or a disney series? If that is the case you have another year or so. Just my opinion though, there's no guarantee disney follows through with any of these rumors, there are so many rumors about characters I stopped paying attention.
  2. You ignored a response to the other half of my post, and it seems like you are digging a deeper hole for yourself by not just addressing it. So I'll just repost it again so we're clear. Have you bothered to contact the persons who bought the books to let them know about the extenuating circumstances of the label not being purple? Are you hoping it goes into their collection and they just never notice? If they don't want a restored book they will certainly notice eventually. Maybe, like you, they just don't care what CGC thinks is restored or isn't restored? In that case it works out for both of you! You know how to solve all those problems? Just ask the buyer if they are aware. Disclose the error. If they aren't bothered, great. If they didn't notice and want to return the item, then you just saved yourself more problems down the road.
  3. This thread was created to draw attention to multiple issues; 1. Buyers paying blue label prices on restored books. 2. CGC using the wrong labels which has apparently been ongoing for longer than I expected. It isn't about seller shaming, but if you are defending yourself by saying your guidelines for restoration differ than CGC's why use their services at all? That's what you pay them for, third party review. I am curious if you will bother to contact the buyers and let them know to read the label carefully before shipping the item out. I personally would not want to be eating the refund shipping and listing expense which would be over $300 per book. That is more than enough motivation for me to fully disclose what I am selling but we all have different risk tolerance I guess.
  4. I wouldn't jump all over the seller for being at fault, I mean he could have mentioned restored in the title but did not. Buyer beware and do your own due diligence, I know I didn't bid on it, but maybe if I just had a cell phone and wasn't looking at pictures of every single item I watched I can see how easily buyers miss it. CGC is the one that is putting the reputation of their services out there with the mistakes here.
  5. Sounds like that would be the ideal way to do it. But CGC customers who receive back these errors are not likely to send it back for a purple, especially if slab buyers don't notice and pay 100% of GPA blue label universal price.
  6. Watched these two books sell earlier today for CGC Universal prices, and at first glance you might think sure why not. But they have restoration notes written on the label, with no purple label. We've seen this kind of thing in the past but just because they ran out of purple labels for their fancy new characters doesn't exactly make it excusable. Buyers and sellers are both going to be in for a rude surprise when the books get returned. I wonder if people even look at the pictures of what they're bidding on or if this was just auctions bid on by automated bot buying accounts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Spider-Man-14-CGC-7-0-OW-W-Marvel-1964-1st-Green-Goblin-/224089232960 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Spider-Man-9-CGC-8-5-OW-W-Marvel-1964-1st-Electro-/224089236480
  7. A car isn't really purporting to be share or percentage of an investment equity is it
  8. It is basically the same as ebay fixed price listing. You can make all the offers you want but the seller doesn't have to do anything until they accept the offer. The bid just shows you what the highest offer has been so far, but the listing never ends like an auction would.
  9. Don't try to bring logic into this. I know for the venom variant reprints prices are purely based on panic speculation buying of the Knull character. The only ones buying it for $800 are the people trying to flip it for $1000. People buying it for $1000 are hoping to flip it for $1200, it will keep going and going until someone is left holding the bag and prices crash. Everyone has the fear of missing out on it like this character is going to take over the future universe of all venom stories. You're better off trying to day-trade Tesla stock if you want to pretend to be a genius equities speculator buying that book.
  10. Insomniac games did the Spider-Man series, this game looks to be done by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal. I'm not familiar with any of their games but from what I've seen of the gameplay videos on youtube it looks like a different type of experience. The Spider-Man series definitely looks way more polished. Can't really judge it until the final version comes out though.
  11. What is the time frame for this too-tight grading? What about May 2020? Found this on ebay looks to have at least 3 non color breaker spine ticks and maybe 2 of them even break color? Could argue it is light reflection but doesn't appear that way. All on a black cover no less and still it got a 9.8 anyway.
  12. I agree with you, but they just wanted to copy the model they borrowed from NGC / coin collecting. If you thought .2 was bad, the top 10 grades are all 1 point apart from 60-70. https://www.ngccoin.com/coin-grading/grading-scale/
  13. Is this $20k amount only counting "payments received" in paypal? What if you receive $15k and spend/pay out $10k, is that $25k gross or do they only care about the received number?
  14. Thanks! interesting 2018 average.. As the hobby moves more and more towards 1st appearances being the only thing that matters these are the kind of books that come down a bit. I wanted this to replace my X-Men #9 which is pricier across all grades and nearly double in 8.5; despite the FF being 6 months older and the two books both being popular for the same reasons. (1st crossovers). I think I like the Kirby art on this one a tad more too, the colors pop better off the white background.