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  1. Final price drop for $375 I've seen worse raw copies go for this much elsewhere. If it doesn't sell within the next couple of days I will likely move it. Thank you all for looking.
  2. Lowered the price to $400. Let's see if we can get this book sold.
  3. I appreciate it, I hadn't seen this one. I'm going to try to see if I can get multiple books from the same source but I'll keep this one in mind.
  4. Hey everybody, I haven't had much luck in my quest for GL keys so I figured I'd put that endeavor on hold and look for some other books I've wanted for a while. I'm looking for a Captain Atom #83, Blue Beetle #1 and Strange Adventures #180 all in CGC 9.0. If you have any and are interesting in selling them please let me know. And as always if you have high grade SA GL I'm probably interested.
  5. I lowered the price a bit. My PMs are open for offers.
  6. If you would like more photos please let me know.
  7. Thread has been closed and books has been moved elsewhere. Thank you for looking.
  8. haven't seen any offers since I put up this thread. I guess most guys with GL books have already messaged me on previous threads or arent selling. That being said Im still looking.
  9. Who's to say that CGC isn't off. I found out I can still submit some books to the signing but think I'm going to pass on my #1 thanks for taking a look at it.
  10. Interesting, if you are curious on the grade I posted it recently on the Green lantern collecting thread.
  11. I'm very surprised I haven't gotten any messages these past few weeks. Typically I get some sort of reply after a week or so. Anyways I'm still looking and would love to add some more issues to my collection.
  12. Just realized the submission deadline was 4 days ago . Very surprised I didn't find out about the opportunity earlier as I'm usually on top of singings like this. Even though I won't be getting it signed I'll keep this thread up just for fun.
  13. Hello everybody. I recently found out that Joe Giella will be having an in house signing very soon and it only costs $55 bucks for a signature and they will even crack open any CGC cases sent to them for no additional cost. I've never sent a comic via mail to get signed before and have only cracked open a book once to get it signed. I'm a little hesitant when it comes to sending in my Green Lantern #1 because its my most valuable book and it took me years to acquire the funds for it and find the right copy. I guess this "buddy, can you spare a grade" doubles as advise plus reaffirming an alrea