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  1. Im a casual watcher of the guy's youtube of his Arkham comics in Nevada. Hes good to listen to but I have noticed alot other people tend to whine about how the Arkham Comics guy grades comics yada yada.
  2. What other comics come with the Suicide Squad 1 of the 3 pack? Also for the Champions issue 1, what are the other 2 comics that come with it?
  3. The Marvel 3 packs they only cost 5 bucks at the Walmart that I go to. I have a question though about the other comics. What other comic issues are in the one with Champions # 1 and then for the DC stuff like the Supergirl, what other comics come with the Supergirl Rebirth issue? I assume it includes an issue of New 52 Supergirl?
  4. I bought one of those comic book 3 packs from Walmart a couple of months ago like back in February or March. I bought a Batman 3 pack which was Rebirth Batman # 1, New 52 Batman and a Batman and Eternal spin off. Then the rest of the comic packs at Walmart are pretty much the typical Rebirth stuff like Suicide Squad and some Marvel stuff like Champions # 1. Pretty much the comic packs you will get at least 2 out of 3 good stuff at a good price of 5 bucks.
  5. Today in the mail I got Amazing Spider Man 251 which has the return of Tri Sentinel and guest starring Nova of New Warriors.
  6. This past Thursday I went of town a 2 hour drive to the comic book shop. Heres what I got Original Superman Man of Steel issues 1 and 2. They were pretty cheap at 5 bucks each Snotgirl # 4 and 5 Fantastic Four issues 290 and 347 Uncanny X Men 205 and 332 Superman Man of Steel issue 16 for the Crisis at Hand story arc Ren and Stimpy issue 1 Mighty Thor issues 7 and 14 Unworthy Thor issue 3
  7. Old comic books that I bought back on Sunday 11th this month Amazing Spider Man 386 Alpha Flight issues 7, 11 and the last issue 130 DC Rebirth Superman #1 and the regular ongoing Superman Rebirth # 1 issues Astonishing X Men Ultimate Volume 1 collection trade paperback. Bought it cheap for 5.99 at the comic book shop Fantastic Four issue 292. an old weird classic. Mighty Thor 13. The comic book shop also still had older issues from issue 7 up to 11 Unworthy Thor 2.
  8. Whoever mentioned issue 248 for original Amazing Spider Man. Thank you . Now i know to skip and not buy the back issue when I go to the comic book shop next week and half in December. Any other awful dumb issues of original Amazing Spider Man i should skip on? By the way even for Spectacular Spider Man, I hated Vermin and the weird Banjo redneck issues. I got burned out on the whole Vermin stuff back then. good lord
  9. From 161 to 186 of the original Amazing Spider Man, the things that were just awful weird Punisher guest star issues even the one with Jigsaw. Punisher acted weird. Didnt even act like the gruff violent Punisher at all. the Reptron bad guy or whatever his name was. A rip off of The Lizard basically lousy Kingpin guest starring the so called wonderful college graduation for Peter. He missed Gym class of all classes. Yeah he goes around flipping through the city in the air with the spider webs and his agility but come on. He ditched Gym class the whole time in college?
  10. thats still a great cover art for Uncanny X Men 207. But I prefer issue 205's front cover art though
  11. 1996 since I bought comic books. But now this year I jumped right in at the right time with new stuff from Snotgirl to Mighty Thor and Unworthy Thor etc.
  12. Old back issues Ive gotten recently Fantastic Four 3346 Alpha Flight # 2, 3, 6 Uncanny X Men #244 Wolverine 1990s series. # 101 and 185 or 186 that has the goofy Punisher guest star story Uncanny X Men # 290
  13. The original Amazing Spiderman from the 1960s to the 1990s. Worst issues I think are from 161 to 186. Peter didnt graduate from college because he skipped Gym class
  14. Storylines for comic books went to pretty much at 1998 anyway. Spawn was on hiatus right at issue 33 or at least 34 back then. 1997 and 1998 I quit buying anything for comic books. Dunno what went on after the Clone Saga and the Onslaught and Heroes Reborn stuff.
  15. Recently Ive been getting back into collecting Wizard Magazine. Couple of days ago I got a couple of issues from 25 to 42. I used to have them when I was younger back then but for some stupid reasons I traded them with someone back then for their comic books. I regret doing it back then but these days thanks to amazon or ebay i get to get back into the old original format of Wizard Magazine