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  1. Here is the back cover of the faded/misprinted copy. It looks identical to my other copies. It does seem less likely that the yellow would lay down normally on the back, stop almost exactly at the spine and then restart near the right margin of the front cover. I was hoping for printing error over fade though.
  2. Thank you Joe. I think that we are in the minority in this opinion though.
  3. Sorry, those Action books are not mine. Those are books in a previous CGC faded book thread. Mine are the L&R books. I thank you for all of your comments though.
  4. Thank you for the input @Get Marwood & I. I listed the Action books to show the overall color fading of other books without the complete erasure of the yellow. Perhaps a Small Press company (at the time) like Fantagraphic Books used yellows that were particularly vulnerable to sunlight /fading? The photos of the L&R were taken by my iPhone with no color editing. The back covers appear similar which makes it harder to justify a printing error unless there was a slight gap without yellow ink. LCSs that display books would have way more experience than I would, but I have a hard time explaining some of the other retained colors. Either way, thank you for your response.
  5. I would love to hear an opinion or explanation for this book. These are two of only three graded copies of Love and Rockets #1 (Fifth Printing). CGC lists in it's Grader's Notes that there is sun damage to one of the copies. I wish to at least partially disagree with that assumption. In the affected copy, the browns are purple, the greens are blue, the reds are pink and the pinks and blues remain relatively unchanged. There is a hint of yellow on the right border, but the blacks around it remain unfaded. If you were to take away all yellows from a cover, what would it look like? I believe it would look like this... with the same slightly muted colors (without one of them). We have cyan and magenta without the yellow. I have added a book where sun fade occurred... the yellow was not erased, but everything is muted.
  6. Detective 1027 Mike Mayhew Variant Cover Painted Preliminary
  7. Bob Layton (thank you to @A-DONIS for this one).
  8. My last batch of graded comics had almost 15% of the books with "inner well scuffing". How does this occur and can it be corrected with reholdering? Note: These books were sent to MCS for resale.
  9. These are my two Joe Rubinstein pieces this year... I certainly have no complaints.