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  1. I think this is my favorite of all!! I love the Ash DVD cover!
  2. This one courtesy of RB White.

    In the Batman Adventures (Complete) set, Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #1 is included, but not issues #2-5. Is there a reason why these issues from 1998 are not part of the fun?
  4. Outstanding work by Ash!
  5. OK, perhaps it is time for me to stop trying to keep up. Well done!
  6. A really nice book, but Off White to White???
  7. It looks as though Jaime Hernandez was not at the Seattle signing. Any help with Los Bros Hernandez would still be appreciated.
  8. These are books that I bought in the 70's. All are G- or slightly better. All are complete. PayPal only. $80 (OBO) shipped to CONUS for all 6 books. Returns allowed within 7 days, buyer pays shipping costs. Classic Comics #7 Robin Hood LI HRN 18 cover detached Classic Comics #10 Robinson Crusoe Elliott HRN 14 1943 Classic Comics #15 Uncle Tom's Cabin LI (1943) HRN 15 cover split Classic Comics #20 The Corsican Brothers (6/1944) HRN 20 Gilberton Front cover crease, Detached staple Classic Illustrated #44 Mysteries of Paris (12/1947) HRN 44 Cover split, pieces out of front cover Classic Illustrated #51 The Spy (9/48) HRN 51 Spine split, but nice cover presentation Inside BC Christmas Carol
  9. Fan Expo Canada August 30-September 2, 2018

    Fan Expo Canada (Toronto) 2017 was a wonderful time!! I am looking forward to 2018.