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  1. ivdyer can help with Ash info.
  2. Once the artist finishes the cover, you can either have them send the raw completed cover to you or you can have it graded. Many artists use one particular person to facilitate grading. The artist sends directly to the facilitator who vouches for the authenticity, fills out the Signature series paperwork and submits it to the grading company under their account for grading. The grading company will then send the book directly to you when slabbed. As far as cost, the facilitator with grading and shipping typically adds around $60 to the sketch cover cost. I'm sure a bit more for international shipping.
  3. For Frank and Natali, you can contact them directly via their Facebook pages. They will then send the covers to their own facilitator for you to be graded.
  4. Whoever bought these covers will be thrilled with the results. I would have loved to do another but...some bills to pay. If you are on the fence on colors.. Steve Lydic does some pretty amazing work! Well worth the added costs!
  5. Here is how this one ultimately graded out. The combination of Jeff's inks and Steve's colors are absolutely incredible!
  6. Rich's 2 for 1 Signature Series sale

    , One of the other 3 9.8 S/S issues of this book is one of mine signed and sketched by Ty Templeton.

    I absolutely love the Natali Sanders and Clayton Crain covers!
  8. Is a year to long for my book to be delivered?

    I have not heard of Paradise Comics. I see that they are located in Toronto, but when I visit their FB page and click their web link, I get the message that "this account has been suspended". I'm not sure that I have seen that before.
  9. This week in your collection?

    Two of these came in this week. I am really looking forward to Jaime Hernandez at Emerald City. Two of the 1982 copies are first printings and one is a second I also managed to find a wonderful Beto Luba sketch.
  10. I am finally getting around to sending it back to CGC for Mechanical Error correction. I will let you know when it comes back to see if you are still interested.
  11. current turn around rates at CGC

    Modern Sig. Fast Track Submitted at Ace Comic Con 1/14/18 Verified 1/18/18 Shipped 1/30/18