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  1. Great covers! I had temporary custodianship of that Superman cover for a few weeks, but was able to trade that back as partial payment on Felipe's Sinister Six cover. I am just happy that @A-DONIS was made whole on the deal!
  2. Awesome book! And yes, @Rich_Henn is the man! Make sure to post that one in the Lone S/S census thread..... Congrats.
  3. Johnny Desjardins and Warren Louw. Unfortunately, CGC placed a blue label instead of a yellow label on the WW sketch. It is being shipped back for correction tomorrow.
  4. Closed. These will likely be available on FB or through MCS. If there is any of these books, PM me. Thanks for looking either way.
  5. This was really fun... even if I did the seeding round on my phone this year . Congrats to @Azkaban, @Warlord and @Shark for some awesome grading skills and thank you to @thehumantorch, @sckao, @BlowUpTheMoon and @Crops068 for all of your efforts. It is fun planning out what to set aside to give in the various raffles and contests on these boards throughout the year... I really hope things can continue almost normally. Stay safe everyone!
  6. Closing Sunday night.
  7. Just a bit too late to make a difference. Thanks for all of your work @BlowUpTheMoon!
  8. Defenders #1 Mack Variant.... I had been looking for a Sigourney Weaver signed book for a while. This one is sweet. Thanks to @mad-dogz
  9. More to come if there is interest.
  10. Web of Black Widow #1 Comic Mint Virgin $90
  11. Amazing Mary Jane #1 Comic Mint Virgin $50
  12. X-Men #2 Comic Mint Virgin $70