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  1. Prize #2 . Sketch Art Cover of Venom by Frank A. Kadar (Value $300- This is what I am donating for the new commission). I will post progress of this cover over the next few weeks. I will pay for the cost of the sketch cover and shipping to CONUS. If you wish the cover graded by CGC, that cost is yours. Steve Hiatt is great with coordinating Frank's amazing covers. Pictures when available.
  2. My first contribution. Thank you Andy for keeping this going and all of your hard work. Shipping to US and Canada. Signed by William Shatner right here in balmy Buffalo!
  3. Infinite Signature Thread

    This is one of my few Non-CGC signatures. I hope you will still permit it. 35 years ago, Berkeley Breathed (artist and writer of Opus and Bloom County) came to my college (Univ. of Rochester) and gave an amazing presentation to a full auditorium. Afterward, he stayed and gave sketches to whomever wanted them. The line was impressive. He did a lot of Milo and Opus profiles (which were quicker). When it was my turn, I stepped up and asked for a Milo (front view). Berke looked up at me, shook his head a bit and said "You are particular, aren't you?" I just nodded yes, not fully appreciating how much work and effort really goes into sketching for this large of a crowd. After all of these years, I still feel a bit guilty, but I love my Milo (front view).
  4. Ray Bradbury is a great one to have. If you ever get the chance, I would love to see that one.
  5. I have to thank Rich Henn for taking such good care of these. They are not high value books, but I am a big Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez WW fan and opening these was a treat!
  6. 5th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    I have been putting a few things aside as potential prizes since last year. Has a prize thread been set up yet?
  7. Batman 324 whitman

    I am also curious if some of these are even worth getting graded.
  8. 5th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    I will try again this year.
  9. CGC Sent the Wrong Box

    Things happen. They shouldn't happen often, but when they do it's nice to hear that everyone did the right thing. Cheers to honest people making good choices and others correcting mistakes.
  10. Charlie, those are awesome. Ash really does some wonderful work!
  11. Closed. Moved to FB.
  12. Doesn't seem like there is much interest, so I will be closing this tonight.
  13. Here is the other 9.8 WP copy of the DD #2 (Copy B). Also $75.
  14. These came back today and I thought I would offer them here first (for those who may want to fill in their collection/registry). First in this thread gets the book. PayPal only Shipping $12 to CONUS ($2 extra for each additional slab). Sending USPS Priority. Out of US, please PM me for costs. Returns only if something not as stated. They will be packed well. Thank you for looking. If anyone wants additional pictures, please just ask. Devil Dinosaur #2 9.8 WP $75 Devil Dinosaur #2 9.8 OW-W $72 DD #2 9.6 WP $50 DD #2 9.4 WP $40 DD #3 9.6 WP $60 DD #5 9.6 WP $40 DD #6 9.0 OW-W $20 DD #8 9.0 WP $30
  15. I have been looking to get a Frank Thorne signature on some of my Red Sonjas for some time. So when this copy became available, I was happy to add it to my collection. This is lone, highest graded copy on the CGC Census.