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  1. Will you add U.K. Pence/Price Variants to the Registry? If yes, this is the only one on the census... I would love this to be added to the Epic Illustrated Registry. Thank you.
  2. Just back from CGC (with the correct label) .... the only U.K. pence copy of this edition on the census.
  3. Thank you to @Kevlar for adding the signatures to this harder to find Alex Ross Negative edition.
  4. My books received on 12/2 with CCS just switched to received CGC 1/22/20
  5. My books received on 12/2 are still listed as received.
  6. Michael Keaton addition (thank you to @Kevlar) to this Steve Staney/ Ash Gonzales book.
  7. Bronze Age books signed by Bob Layton a few years ago.
  8. Front cover by Ash Gonzales.... back cover to follow.
  9. Felipe Massafera. Thank you to @A-DONIS for this great 9.8 cover!