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  1. Thank you to @CBass for this Bob Layton "Demon in a Bottle" themed piece. I have been trying to get Bob to do another recreation of his IM 128 cover, but he will only consider doing one per year. One more..... If you are a fan of Ace Continuado (if not, perhaps you should be), he still has his 2020 book that he is selling on FB and IG that includes a head sketch of the character of your choice on the blank page. The book is $25 ($30 shipped). Here is my Elektra sketch as well as a Thing that he did for someone else.
  2. Sorry, I just saw this..... $360
  3. Perhaps a Mary Jane and a Gwen Stacy.
  4. I know that CGC allows artists to send sketch covers and books with remarks directly to CGC (to an active CGC member's account) as long as the package comes directly from the artist and the current CGC Creator's agreement form is enclosed. The question I have is: Can this be for signature alone or does a remark have to be present for this to be allowed? Thank you.
  5. Great job by Nick Justus on these Ty Templeton covers!
  6. Bruce Timm WW and two of my favorite All-Time cover recreations by Nick Justus... Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #4 and 5.
  7. Still at Grading/QC for the past week. I called to see if there was an issue and was told they were graded on 6/26.... it's now 7/13 and I paid for FT.
  8. Modern Fast Track books received 6/17 still not graded.... why did I bother with the FT?
  9. I still have 5 Modern Fast Track books that were received on 6/17/20 and are still Scheduled for Grading. Two other Signature Modern FT books were received on the same day (one invoice number difference) and they were already graded and returned to me 10 days ago.......strange.
  10. Phil Jimenez Variant cover CGC 9.8 or raw with potential.... please let me know. Thanks.