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  1. Ron C.


    Hi Mollie, Would you please add Love and Rockets #1 v.4 (2016) to the Love and Rockets registry. Thanks!
  2. Ron C.

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    This was a really fun weekend for me at Motor City Con. All three of the Hernandez brothers (Jaime, Gilbert and Mario) of Love and Rockets fame were at the show. Little did they know that I would bring my entire collection for them to sign and sketch. A huge thank you to Dan Partouche and his crew for helping me prep and sign over 60 Love and Rockets (first and second printings), plus 1-20 of v.2, two copies each of Penny Century 1-7, L&R #1 (1981) with multiple sketches, L&R #1 (fifth printing) with sketches, multiple jam piece sketch covers and several 8 by 11 sketches. We started at 10:30 and just beat the 4:00 CGC deadline. Driving home I realized that I took no pictures... I will post them in the Love and Rockets thread as they come back for those who are interested. And, of course, thank you to Jaime, Gilbert and Mario for your gracious help and trailblazing talent!
  3. Ron C.

    Love and Rockets Thread

    Sorry, but I did not take pictures of any of the books signed or the sketch covers done. I brought most of my collection to Motor City and just made the 4pm deadline even with the amazing help of Dan Partouche and his crew. Over 50 copies of Love and Rockets (1st and 2nd printings), 1-20 of Love and Rockets v.2, and two copies each of Penny Century 1-7. Where ever there was a nice blank area, I was able to get a nice small sketch from Jaime, Gilbert and Mario. Dan coordinated the location and sharpie colors. Thank you Dan!! I was also able to commission a Jaime (Maggie) sketch cover, a Gilbert Luba sketch cover, a jam piece sketch cover (with all three brothers sketching), a 8 by 11 Maggie/Hopey sketch, and sketches from all three on Love and Rockets #1 (1981) and Love and Rockets #1 (Fifth printing) all off to CGC.
  4. Ron C.


    From Motor City Con (with a great amount of help from Dan Partouche). A Jae Lee addition to my previously done John Timms Joker sketch cover.
  5. Ron C.

    Love and Rockets Thread

    I will post images of books and signings on/from Sunday. There are quite a few books that I want to see what all three Hernandez brothers will want to do with!
  6. Ron C.


    I added this wonderful Ken Lashley sketch to the back cover of another sketch today at Nickel City Con.
  7. Kind of a sparse crowd... except for around the CGC table. I took a few pictures that I can post somewhere. Zero line for Lou Ferrigno, Jeremy Bulloch, Richard Dreyfuss, Frank Cho and Mike Zeck. I was able to get this wonderful Ken Lashley sketch done this afternoon so this was a good day for me.
  8. I will be a Nickel City on Friday and Motor City on Sunday. I would like to say Hello.
  9. Ron C.


    This wonderful cover by Steve Stanley was just asking for an equally great sketch on the back. Thank you to Ash Gonzales for making that possible!!