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  1. I know... I was expecting end of Summer with these. Almost all are Love and Rockets (first printings) that have never before been graded by CGC. I can understand future delays with inputing the info.
  2. So, I want to follow along these ones in this thread. I will update over the year(s). Modern Magazine (17) for CCS and CGC Received 10/23/20 Billed by CCS 2/11/20 Received by CGC 5/11/21 Scheduled for Grading 5/11/21 Grading/QC 5/12/21 CC billed 5/17/21
  3. So why/when exactly did the Joker: Year of the Villain Parrillo A cover surpass the B cover? The one latest GPA purchase for the A has to be an outlier. I didn't even think to send these last few in for Parrillo sigs.
  4. Jane Foster Thor by Roland Paris. Colored by K.M. Russell
  5. Immortal Hulk #1 (Turkish Variant) remark by Cinar.
  6. Mail call. Love and Rockets v.4 #1-7. All came back 9.8s, but three of the slabs were cracked and will be returned for 2022 re-holdering.
  7. It is now 3+ weeks after I was told it was already graded and waiting for encapsulation. Yet it is still listed as SFG. I wonder if CGC is running short of raw materials to slab books?
  8. Another Ash Masterpiece! Congrats!
  9. A George Perez and Kurt Michael Hulk and an Alan Davis, Joe Rubinstein and Jeff Balke Thor. A few really fun sketch covers.
  10. I will be posting quite a few new CGC L&R 1st and 4th editions over the next few weeks. Once again, does anyone have gaps in their collection that they want filled? I have at least a hundred raw copies of the first printing that I am willing to trade or sell.
  11. And yes, the scuffing is distracting and worth the reholder. I am waiting until I hit 4-5 books on scuffing issues before I send all of them back in. It is a major issue of late.