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  1. I am a collector from the 70's and 80's who loves the yellow CGC label. The artists and writers of the 70's-90's contributed greatly to this genre. I have no issue with giving $5-25 for my books to be signed. Chris Claremont was 20. for my last signings. The iconic Bob Layton charged $5 for each of my 5 books this past weekend and also gave me a signed limited edition print of the edition that I was having signed. I love the fact that the icons of yesterday and today can come to cons and be available for signatures and stories.
  2. Grading was TIGHT! Some issues I should have pressed or just gone through the pre-grade process.
  3. They did have Onsite grading. I love that they came to Buffalo for this, but I'm not sure that will happen again.
  4. Bob Layton was amazing this weekend. I brought several of his Hercules comics for CGC signature ($5/comic for signature) and he obviously recognized that I was a Hercules fan and gave me a signed, limited edition print.
  5. I wasn't able to be there this weekend as both of my daughters graduated from colleges in different states . I am finally home after a 10 hour delay in D.C. Bob was so friendly to the person that I had coordinating the signings. I would have loved to have been there, but some things are WAY more important! Thank you to Cynthia Ritchie at CGC and Will Mason at DACW for helping me coordinate several hundred submissions!
  6. A big thank you to Bob Layton. He signed several of my Hercules comics and then gave me a signed poster of that very same cover.
  7. Here is the info I have on the shipping invoice:
  8. You can pick either USPS or UPS (100. max insurance) on the initial paperwork.
  9. If you look on the CGC Home page on the left side you can click "View all Events" to see what shows CGC will have a table set up at. Comicpalooza is at the top of the list. You can drop off books for grading and not have to deal with packing or shipping to them. As far as return shipping from CGC, I prefer USPS Registered Mail. They will be insured for more and not just left at your doorstep. If you have quite a few comics to grade on the same invoice, they will likely be returned in boxes holding up to 15-21 slabs each. I remember with the old online form, shipping costs were listed when you printed out your final invoices. I'm not sure where they are in the new format.
  10. If I haven't posted this already on these boards, here is Jeff's cover after Steve Lydic worked his magic. Thank you again to Dan, Jeff and Steve for this amazing art!
  11. This was kind of a fun show... Nowhere near what Nickel City Con or the larger Buffalo ComicCon will be, but well worth the visit for a Sunday afternoon. Good job by Emil and gang at Queen City Bookstore coordinating this. If only there were a few more CGC slabs to look through.....
  12. It's been almost 40 years. This was one of my favorite Mad covers. I have actually decided to send these in to CGC. Both have a production/ distribution nick on the UL front corner, but otherwise are quite nice.
  13. Watchmen #6 (1987) 9.8 I am looking for the Watchmen #6 CGC 9.8 WP preferably SS, but blue label is fine as well. I will pay the 12 month/ 90 day GPA whichever is higher. Item found.
  14. Eric, Thank you for these. They are really great. I had so many Frazetta magazines throughout the 70's that I wish I would have kept. This brings back some good memories.