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  1. I have a #2 and #5 at CGC (both at verified) that have a good shot at 9.8 . I will likely not be keeping either.
  2. Outside of today's Small Press Expo, any information on future signings by Gilbert and/or Jaime Hernandez would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wonder Woman 184 CGC 9.8

    This is one of my favorite WW covers from the 2000-2003 years.
  4. I will take the NYX 4.
  5. Ash is an incredible artist!!
  6. One more.... with today's mail call. Here are the final images of my recent commission with the incredibly talented Ash Gonzales.
  7. Just back from a wonderful, crowded, awesome Fan Expo Canada (Toronto). My original cover of Negan by Frank A. Kadar had a blank back cover so when the opportunity to have Tony Moore sketch the back cover was available....I had to go along for the ride.
  8. I will take both of these 9.8 SS color and B/W
  9. I won a grab bag with some pretty nice Fan Expo Canada editions. Two of which I recognized and had graded. Any information on any of these would be of help. Thanks.
  10. Still some nice prizes available. Never pass up the chance to put Banana emoji to work!
  11. That is a really nice cover, Kav!!