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  1. Some framed OA... Final cover art for Mr. and Mrs. X #1 by Mike Mayhew and two Bill Sienkiewicz sketches.
  2. If you see me walking around aimlessly, please say hi and point me where I need to go. I am the guy on the left.
  3. Two prizes are out... one still not at CGC quite yet (from Canada). I do admit that I miss the 48 hour stress. Thank you again to Andy and Shin!
  4. Felipe Massafera. Thank you to @A-DONIS for this one.
  5. Sean Young and Edward James Olmos from Fan Expo Boston (sadly, no Rutger Hauer). Thanks to @Kevlar
  6. PM me your address and let me know if you prefer Modern or Bronze.
  7. My Mystery Box #3 is now on the clock. It is available to someone in the bottom half who has completed all 10 rounds. The prize will be a choice of either a Modern or Bronze comic mystery mix. There are 90 participants that completed all 10 rounds, so the second 45 are eligible. Winner has been chosen by random number selection.
  8. I would not regrade that book. 9.6 is your ceiling with those corners. It is a fun book though... On release, I had my Dad drive me around to multiple convenience stores to grab a bunch of these books on release.
  9. I think I was close to that 3 years ago. If this is fun for you, you will definitely get better.
  10. Anyone coming to Baltimore CC next weekend... I would love to say hello to.
  11. For those who are wondering... are there enough prizes to get to me? (I have been there )...... My Mystery prize #3 will be randomly drawn (by @thirdgreenham or @sckao) from participants in the bottom half of the standings who completed all 10 rounds. Your choice...Bronze or Modern.
  12. I choose prize #46 The FINAL SCKAO Green Eggs Grading Contest Mystery Box