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  1. Thanks I might do that next week.
  2. Silver Surfer 1 CGC 6.0 Tomb of Dracula 10 CGC 6.0 case crack/top sticker missing Fantastic Four 50 CGC 6.0 - Tales of the Teen Titans 2 CGC 9.6 Y: The Last Man 1 CGC 9.6 Amazing Spider-Man 101 Amazing Spider-Man 194 Werewolf by Night 33 Maybe Amazing Spider-Man #15 CGC 4.5 not sure yet on this one though. Not sure I am willing to sell some of these for cash just yet but definitly willing to trade. I am also willing to add up to 200$ USD. There is currently a 7.5 on ebay (that i dont want cuz the back has alot of fox unfortunaly) fo
  3. After trying for over weeks I think this is probably gonna be the best option.
  4. I don't usually buy/sell/trade stuff on the boards but recently decided to try and trade for Silver Surfer 4. would like to mention I have bought books before from boardies without issue. I got a reply from someone interested within a day of posting. I then replied back and the person didn't respond for over a week. I saw the user online by checking there profile and decided to send a new message to them and ask if they were getting my message. Days go by and nothing, user still comes online. probably put me on ignore list. I will not mention the users name but I find this extr
  5. I thought this was the correct place to post this? Am I gonna get in trouble for posting trades in sales forum?
  6. He is a Disney character. Maybe he will show up in the MCU
  7. Something special about this page. First time I saw it I just froze.