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  1. The VA Comicon in Richmond is still scheduled for 30 May. The Leader will be there.
  2. The Leader attended the Top Shelf Comic Con in Hampton, Virginia in December 2019 and the Captain's Comic Expo in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina in February 2020. As usual he filed these photographic reports for your enjoyment. He awaits your comments.
  3. The Leader’s Report on his visits to the Fayetteville Comic Con 19-20 , the VA Comicon 26 October and the Williamsburg Nostalgia Fest 6-8 November. As always the Leader awaits your comments.
  4. The Leader will next see his favorite comic dealer Gene Carpenter at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Con in Maryland 12-13 September 2019.
  5. The Leader recently from his annual to the little town of Pittsburgh-Cranberry in Pennsylvania where he attended one of this favorite shows, Pulpfest. This show has many popular culture artifacts enjoyed by the Leader not found at regular comic shows. As usual the Leader awaits your comments.
  6. The Leader’s Report on the Virginia Comicon 13 July 2019. As usual he awaits your comments.
  7. I bought the first copy to read until it falls apart. I bought the second copy to read after that. I bought the third copy as an investment. When it has been out of print for a few years the price will go up as always.
  8. The release date of that book on has always been 27 August 2019. A few months ago I ordered 3 copies from my local comic book store.
  9. JImum12 will be with the Leader at the VA Comicon in Richmond 13 July as usual.
  10. The Leader attended the Tidewater Comic Con 18 May in Virginia Beach, VA , the Savannah Mega Con in Georgia 8 & 9 June and HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina 14 and 15 June 2019. See his photographic reports at the link below. As usual he awaits your comments.