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  1. Ebay ID: paok_85 Wins a Justice League #9 Origin in VG+ (4.5) from my no reserve auction for $38 2 months later he opens an INAD claim against me requesting $26 partial refund, stating that 2 pages were missing. No pages were missing from this book, I checked before listing.
  2. Says the id1ot who doesn't understand a simple idiom 🤔 Nice save btw, with the ol' classic "it was just a joke!" after one too many drew attention to your comments. I'm a Brit and I know when someone is being sarcastic Anyway I'll see myself out, you reminded me why I'm a lurker... Good day fine Sir
  3. You're so up yourself and don't like it when someone calls you out. Maybe get a life instead of adding someone to a blocklist because they list things you don't like? Just a thought pal Ps. Don't forget to pm me your eBay id so I can expand my blocklist
  4. Hey I wasn't sure for a sec there, but thanks for confirming it for me! I'm sure the dated gif will get you some much desired likes 👍 Anyone who makes fun of someone for trying to (unsuccessfully) make a living should be blocked for that reason alone...
  5. You sound like a giant bellend
  6. Wwbn 32 CGC 9.4 White $2600 through PayPal, shipped from UK via Intl fully tracked & recorded mail. Price is firm, non negotiable pm if interested My eBay feedback:
  7. Found a copy online
  8. To be honest I'm not unhappy if the books don't sell now because of this busy time of year, I'll bump the thread again in January and keep doing so until they find a good home